WordPress Performance Optimization

If you want your site having the best performance and boost conversions. We are here to provide you with the best WordPress performance optimization practices. Read on what can help to improve your site performance or leave us your request.

WordPress is one of the most well-known platforms online. It provides users with a number of different functions, all of which help eCommerce business owners to improve anything from leads to conversions. Still, it is essential that you want your site run without any glitches with speed and performance. That’s where you can get our help.

Benefits of WordPress Performance Optimization

To decide whether you should, or want to, be using WordPress Performance Optimization, you’ll first want to know the various benefits of using this service. No matter what, though, this is an essential tool if you’re looking to speed up a WordPress site.

WordPress Speed Optimization Steps

One of the things that we are the most dedicated to here at WEB4PRO is your website’s speed optimization.

WordPress Speed Optimization Steps

Optimize Images

One of the best ways to know whether your WordPress site is working too slowly is to look at the speed in which your images are loading. If you notice that your images are loading too slow or they’re not loading at all, it may be time for you to give us a call.

You can also use online tools, like TinyPNG, to optimize your images and, therefore, your website, as much as possible.

Minify Javascript and CSS

Another thing that will help to optimize WordPress performance is optimizing JS and CSS files. You should do your best to ensure that your combine requests because when everything is the same place, you’ll notice that your general performance is improved.

By doing this, you’ll see a noticeable shift from the website you currently have to a site that is more likely to become one of the best eCommerce businesses out there.

Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources

In order to have a website that is completely optimized, you should make sure to reduce the number of render-blocking resources you have. This is something that we see often with those using CSS; wherein, rendering is blocked entirely on your WordPress website if you haven’t had your CSSOM created. 

Leverage Browser Caching

Leveraging your browser cache can determine how large images and other cached data should be stored on a web browser. If all of your images are set to load continuously, this will slow down your browser. Reducing the amount of time in which browsers are supposed to keep images drastically reduces the overall loading and performance of your website. You can use a plugin to reduce the load of the server and a website. It also allows using a copy of the page if a user visits it several times. This enables the faster performance of the pages.

Enable Compression

Compression is one of the essential tools you can use when looking at website performance. Compression of your files allows you to reduce the amount of space they take up and as such, the amount of time it takes for them to load. You can enable GZIP compression with a WP plugin or on Apache by editing your .htaccess file.

Reduce Server Response Time

Reducing server response time is another component of reducing page loading time, as well as general performance. The quicker your server responds to data, the more quickly your browser will respond to traffic.

Optimize Mobile Performance

When looking at data across different websites, it becomes clear that a large portion of traffic generated toward websites is done so through mobile devices and as such, you may want to optimize mobile experience. To improve performance, you’ll need to optimize your website for mobile devices.

How We Do WordPress Speed Optimization

All in all, the performance of your website has a direct impact on how many loyal customers you’ll obtain over time. For this reason, it’s vital that you optimize your web pages and your website in general.

At WEB4PRO, we take your website performance to heart. The first thing we’ll do is look over the overall health of your eCommerce site. We will also perform a number of tests on the website, which will tell us everything we need to know about your page sizes, image sizes, and more. We ensure that you get a fast website speed and performance; that’s why you can trust us to do all the work.

You’ll get:

  • an optimized website;
  • ongoing support if needed;
  • satisfied customers that keep coming back to your site.
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