Magento® is one of the hottest eCommerce platforms on the market, and it’s easy to see why. Magento has a dedicated community of developers and a wide range of easily accessible documentation. Add to that a host of features like pre-coded templates, payment platforms, and themes to fit every online store, and it’s no wonder that Magento has gained popularity so quickly.

But there’s a downside to having many options. How do you know which one is right for your shop? So, to cut through the confusion here’s a breakdown of the top 10 Magento 2 themes. We’ll explore the features and pricing of each, plus service and which is most suitable for different kinds of online store.

What Is the Magento 2 Theme?

Essentially, a theme is an online storefront. It’s the layout of the page, how the menus are arranged, the color scheme, and the general aesthetic presentation. This may seem small, but developers know that the theme can make all the difference when it comes to bounce rates, conversion rates, and overall site success.

For example, you want a professional theme and one that reflects your product or service. Different colors and layouts are suitable for different business. A site that selling tech products will want a clean layout with colors that make your products stand out, while a fashion site needs to have a bit more flash to engage the customers.

Finally, the best themes work well with SEO and are technologically advanced, fitting for all mobile devices and browsers. This means that you’ll be looking for Magento 2 responsive themes capable of adjusting layouts to fit different screen sizes. The good news is that Magento offers themes suitable for all business needs. Let’s have a look at those that top the market for 2018.

Top Magento 2 Themes 2018

Here is a brief review of the best themes on the market this year. We highlight key features, pricing, service, and the niche they work best for. To explore any theme more fully, simply click the link in the heading.

Ultimo Responsive Magento Theme

Ultimo Magento Themes Ultimo is an ideal theme for those that are starting off. It can be customized easily and is extremely user-friendly. This means that it’s suitable for any type of online store. Ultimo also comes with an advanced admin module. This makes it simple to customize product categories based on certain search parameters. Plus, Ultimo is SEO optimized out-of-the-box. It can be installed in a couple of minutes and comes with free updates.

Some Key Features of Ultimo:

  • Multi-Store Ready
  • Responsive, Customizable Layout
  • Unlimited Colors and Custom Subthemes
  • High-Quality Brand Logos
  • More than 50 Content Placeholders
  • 12-Column Fluid Grid System

Ultimo is available for $99. This includes future updates, quality control checking by Envato, and 6 months of Infortis support. An additional $31.50 will extend the support to 12 months.

Fastest Multipurpose Responsive Theme

Fastest Magento Theme

This theme is aptly named – it was designed to be the fastest-loading theme on the market. It also provides a wide range of customizable options, making it suitable for any type of business. Fastest is loaded with extra features that come free with the package. From social sharing to brand tools, it provides everything you need to tailor the site to your product.

Some Key Features of Fastest:

  • Brand pages featuring SEO optimization, layer navigation, and social networking
  • Brand search boxes and brand list widgets
  • Brand logos, banners, and descriptions
  • Custom Ajax carts
  • Simple blog extensions
  • Pop-up newsletters and promo panels

Fastest can be purchased for $99. The package comes with free features like Ajax Layered Navigation and the Codazon slideshow extension. It also comes with 6 months free support from Codazon, quality control from Envato, and future updates. An additional six months of support can be purchased for $31.50.

Unero Minimalist Magento 2 and 1 Theme

Unero Minimalistic Magento Theme

Unero is designed to eliminate the non-essentials so that the products will stand out. This makes it suitable for a wide range of different businesses, including decoration, furniture, fashion, and more. It also has features which support an omnichannel approach, allowing customers to locate physical shops or buy directly from the site. Its streamlined layout makes site navigation easy, boosting customer engagement and increasing conversion rates.

Some Key Features of Unero:

  • MGS Frontend Builder
  • Simple blog extensions
  • 360-degree image view
  • Advanced Reports
  • Ajax Fly Cart
  • Social login

Like Ultimo and Fastest, the Unero theme costs only $99 and comes with Envato quality checking, 6months of free service (through ArrowHiTech), and future updates. Also like the themes above, service can be extended to 12 months for only $31.50.

Bencher Responsive Magento 1 & 2 Theme

Bencher Responsive ThemeBencher is another excellent theme all-around, good for any type of online store. It is designed to be easy to customize and responsive to every screen size and resolution. This makes it great for both PC and mobile devices. Bencher makes an excellent starter theme for unique sites and products, as it can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Some Key Features of Bencher:

  • Custom social media integration
  • Top Menu and Extra Menu
  • Custom Hover for product image
  • Untimated Colors Power Admin
  • Ajax cart
  • Simple Blog Extensions

Bencher is one of the least expensive themes in this list, able to be purchased for only $84. This package also includes future update, Envato quality checking, and six months of support through Alotheme. This support can be extended to twelve months with a payment of $25.88.

Hermes Premium Responsive Magento 2 & 1 Theme

Hermes Premium Responsive Theme

The adaptable, intuitive design of Hermes Magento theme makes it simple to customize. It includes six basic designs which can then be adjusted as needed to suit your store. This makes it yet another theme that works well with any type of business. It also means that your theme can be tailored with a minimum of time and effort. Hermes also has Lazy Loading so that it responds quickly and with a minimum of lag time.

Some Key Features of Hermes:

  • New Products Slider Extension
  • Smart Megamenu
  • Moo-Cloudzoom Product Image Zoom Extension
  • Categories Product Extension
  • Flexible styling, fonts, and colors
  • Ajax Layered Navigation

Hermes is the least expensive theme on this list, able to be purchased for only $55. The basic package includes six months of service by The_Blue_Sky, future updates, and Envato quality checking. The support can be extended to twelve months with no more than $15.

HippoSpa – SPA Store Magento Theme

Hippospa ThemeHippoSpa is a theme designed specifically for spa and wellness products. It combines eye-catching layouts with smooth performance and responsiveness. HippoSpa also specializes in SEO optimization, making it easy for customers to find your site. Add to that a clean content structure, two custom page designs, and extreme customizability, and you have a theme that can have your site up and look amazing in no time at all.

Some Key Features of HippoSpa:

  • Free assistance 24/7
  • SEO and Performance optimization
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • MegaMenu
  • Featured Products Theme Options

HippoSpa can be purchased for $179. Support is free, but other services will have to be bought individually. These include installation, which costs $49 and hosting, which costs $27. Additional options include the SEO boost for $99 and the 1-year SSL certificate for $10.

Pearl Responsive Theme

Pearl Magento 2 ThemePearl has been developed to be the ideal theme for fashion websites. The design focuses on elements that showcase your products in all their glory. Perfect spacing, parallax, sliders, modern lookbooks, the theme contains everything you need to engage customers with the image of the product. Pearl is also highly customizable, allowing you to create a unique appeal that reflects your brand.

Some Key Features of Pearl:

  • Plenty of frontend admin control options
  • Unlimited color options and Google fonts
  • Ajax Cart and Quick View
  • Flexible Header and Footer Options
  • Flexible Product Page Design
  • Google Analytics Advanced eCommerce Tag Manager

Pearl can be purchased for $499 and comes with three months of free service.

iShop Electronic Magento 2 Theme

Ishop Electronic Magento Theme

If you’re looking for a theme designed to support electronic and technological products, iShop is the perfect solution. It offers a clean layout and intuitive navigation, with features that showcase your products without crowding the page. iShop also offers full responsiveness, high performance, and extreme customizability. Its professional design helps to boost traffic and conversion rates for any online electronic store.

Some Key Features of iShop:

  • MegaMenu
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Social Options
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Carousel Product Listing and Configurable Swatches

The iShop theme costs $179 and comes with free 24/7 access to a pro support team. Installation runs an additional $49, and hosting is provided for $27. Optional services like SSL certificates and SEO boosts can be purchased along with the theme for additional fees.

Magetique – AMP-Ready Magento 2 Theme

Magetique Premium Magento ThemeMagetique requires a minimum of programming skills or CSS knowledge to make a top-notch site. It’s also very versatile. The basic theme includes five layouts designed to fit virtually any online store. On-screen elements, pages blocks, and pages themselves can be edited easily and with a minimum of challenge. Plus, it’s fully responsive, loads quickly, and is optimized for mobile devices. Magetique is an excellent starter theme and can be customized and tailored to precise specifications.

Some Key Features of Magetique:

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Parallax and Video Background
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • MegaMenu
  • Social Options
  • Advanced Theme Options

Magetique can be purchased for $179 and offers 24/7 free support. Installation and hosting are extra: $27 for hosting and $49 for installation. A 1-year SSL certificate can be purchased for $10 dollars, and SEO optimization will cost an additional $99.

Recuidi Healthy Food Store Magento Theme

Recuidi Food Theme

The prime theme of 2018 for online healthy food stores is Recuidi. It offers a wide selection of theme options that are perfectly suited to showcase food with gorgeous colors and aesthetic presentation. Recuidi uses many banners and live-search functionality, making it easy for customers to find products, recipes, and other offerings quickly and with minimum effort. If you’re ready to set up an online organic food store or expand your physical store with online options, Recuidi offers a simple and professional solution.

Some Key Features of Recuidi:

  • MegaMenu
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Products Filter
  • Social Options
  • Features Products
  • Parallax and Video Background

Recuidi can be purchased for $179 and comes with free 24/7 service. Just as with iShop and Magetique, installation for Recuidi costs $49 and hosting can be bought for $27. Also as with the other themes, SEO and other options can be purchased for an additional charge.


Of the wide range of Magento 2 eCommerce themes available, those on this list rank highest for functionality, features, and pricing. Consider appearance and performance when selecting your theme. It is important that the site looks professional and clean. One key consideration is that the theme reflects the product. It’s also essential to look for responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility so that your site will work with any mobile device. Finally, higher conversions will come if the theme can be SEO optimized and if it offers high-tech options that let customers navigate the site easily and intuitively. If you need any help with Magento Theme Development, we’ll be glad to provide you with the consultation and service.
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