5 Best Magento 2 Cloud Backup Extensions and CDN Solutions

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The only thing more important than running an excellent online store on eCommerce leader Magento® 2 is having robust data protection measures in place. Let’s take a look at a few cloud backup extensions and CDN solutions for Magento 2 to see why your business needs them.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is a way of preventing data loss. It is a method used to store a copy of your data in a virtual storage facility. This strategy uses the power of cloud technology to keep a backup of your data on your service provider’s servers. This measure does not prevent you from continuing on-premise backups too. In the event of any unfortunate data loss like hardware failure, damage or cyber-attacks, there is still a safe copy stored in the cloud. Your service provider’s servers are kept in totally secure locations with all kinds of loss protection measures in place. A good safety measure of backing up your data is using the qualitative Magento 2 modules for your online store. Let’s talk about the market leaders.

5 Best Magento Backup and Restore Extensions for 2.x Version

S3 Cloud Backup by Schogini Systems P Ltd


Losing precious business data for any reason is enough to bring a company to its knees. The best safety measure to protect your data is to arm yourself with a cloud backup solution. This Magento cloud backup extension is one such solution. It gives you tools to send database and media file backups to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage. It automatically sets up your site in maintenance mode while backing up your complete shop database in a stable working state. In case of a data loss, you only need to reinstall Magento 2, copy your backup files and perform a rollback. That’s it.

3 Main Advantages

  • S3 Cloud Backup enables you to create a backup copy of your entire shop database to Amazon S3 Cloud. You do not need any other separate plug-ins, extensions or apps.
  • You can store all the bucket credentials for your S3 backup in one file.
  • Your shop’s media, database and code backup only needs one command to be sent to your S3 bucket.


S3 Cloud Backup is available in the Community edition for $247.

Backup to Dropbox by Mageside


Backup to DropBox helps keep data loss to an absolute minimum. It maintains regular backups of your store information and helps cut recovery time in the event of a disaster. That means you can get back to business as soon as possible. The Magento Backup to Dropbox module lets you select the frequency and time of your backups. Then you can schedule it to run during off-peak times or as you see fit. A copy of your data is created and stored in Dropbox (free Dropbox account is required).

3 Main Advantages

  • Your data is completely safe on Dropbox’s servers. Your backups will be kept across multiple servers on the Dropbox network. All your data is always accessible and always protected.
  • You don’t need to be a technical programmer to use this module. It only requires some simple installs and configures. The configuration mainly consists of selecting what features you do and do not want.
  • The backing up process does not require an IT administrator. Once you set the backup frequency, the process will begin and end without any human assistance.


Backup to Dropbox is available in the Community edition for $69, that includes a 3-month support service agreement.

There are additional 6 and 12-month support services available for $40 and $50 extra, respectively.

Magento 2 Database Backup


The beauty of this Magento database backup extension is that your backup can be stored in the cloud of your choice. The process happens in the background. That means your site is never down while your data is being backed up.

3 Main Advantages

  • You decide where you want to store your backup. This place can be your email, internal or external servers or external cloud services.
  • There is support for several different languages.
  • Once you define your backup settings, your Magento automatic backup will be carried out. Your site availability will be unaffected.


The starting price of this extension is $99 for 90 months. This package includes three months of free support and a 30-day money back guarantee.
Other pricing options are $149 for 180 months and $100 for 360 days.

When it comes to website performance, CDN solutions (or content delivery networks) help improve the speed of your website by storing your data on a cloud server. They harness the power of cloud technology to do this. Let’s look at the following two useful solutions developed for use with Magento 2.

Fastly CDN by Fastly Inc


Fastly CDN is designed to improve your users’ store experience. It gives you faster page load times. It can remove old content automatically to ensure your customer always the most updated information. Another great feature is that Fastly uses Origin Shield to regulate traffic spikes.

3 Main Advantages

  • Your customers’ user experience will be fast, pleasant and dependable thanks to innovative features like personalized content, cacheable ESI blocks, and location-based redirection.
  • Your customers will always be viewing the most recent version of information because Fastly CDN updates content instantly.
  • All your store’s content is instantly updated, according to stock availability and other factors.


Fastly CDN is available in the Enterprise and Community editions. Both editions are entirely free for download.

Cloudinary Image & Video Management by Cloudinary


Cloudinary enables you to manipulate images and videos to optimize them for your store. You can have these files delivered in the most efficient format and resolution for whatever device you are using.

3 Main Advantages

You can load all media files through multiple CDNs. You can even switch between CDNs to ensure you’re using the best performing network at that time.
These media files are dynamically tracked to give you invaluable insights regarding performance, bandwidth usage, and error monitoring.
Integrating into your store is effortless. The install process is painless. Migrating your media library to Cloudinary takes only a tiny bit of coding.


Cloudinary Image & Video Management is available in the Community edition. It is entirely free for download.

If you are looking for other useful extensions that are necessary for any kind of Magento 2 store, you can check them below.


The great thing about Magento 2 is its ability to support such innovative and productive extensions. If you have chosen the cloud backup extension which could help your store or you want to set up other extensions, please don’t hesitate to contact our WEB4PRO team and we will provide you with the best Magento 2 Extension Development services.

Posted on: December 19, 2017


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