Magento 2 is one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market. What makes it so great? It’s customizable. You can ultimately choose how your online store will be run through Magento by buying extensions and add-ons.

Here, we’ve picked 5 Magento extensions that can be useful for each online store!

What Tasks Magento 2 Modules Solve

Magento plugins solve a variety of problems on eCommerce platforms. Today we’ll talk about the customers’ journey. For one thing, M2 modules can make it easier for customers during checkout. They can also separate your page into different sections; for example, clothing stores can have a section called “Shop by Brand.” You can have product bundles added, as well as shipping calculators.

Essentially, extensions are used to make the customer experience better. When your customers are happy, they’re more likely to come back to your store! Today let’s talk about Magento Marketplace extensions that earn special attention.

5 Great Extensions for Magento 2

Store Locator by Amasty

Rating: 4.8/5 stars


Store Locator is the perfect extension for any online store. Whether you’re running a small, medium, or large-sized business, your customers might want to find your location(s), which is why you should consider buying this extension.

Get technical support. At the very least, you have three months of free technical support. This is beneficial as you get used to using the extension, but it is especially useful if you’re going to install the extension on your own.

Display store location on your site. Store Locator connects Google Maps to your online store so that your customers can see where you are and how far away you are from them. You can also put information about each of your locations.

Organize your store locations. This extension allows you to assign specific brands and categories to your store locations so that your customers can see what each store has to offer.

Compatible with: Magento Community 2.1, 2.2; Enterprise 2.1, 2.2


There are two different packages available for this extension.

The first is for Magento 2 Community Edition with the price of the extension itself is $200, and which has a technical support option:

  • $129 for 12 months,
  • $79 for 6 months,
  • free for 3 months.

No matter which one you choose, you have the option of buying a $60 installation fee.

The second edition is the for Enterprise Edition. This package is $500 at its base and has a $60 installation fee that you can choose to buy. The technical support costs:

  • $219 for 12 months,
  • $149 for 6 months,
  • free for 3 months.

Check out Suite by IWD Agency

Rating: 5/5 stars


This extension puts everything on the same page. It’s customizable, so you can choose your layout and your colors to match that of your store. Overall, it makes your entire website function easier.

Enjoy user-friendly pages. Right when your customers go to checkout, they have the option of customizing their products. They don’t have to move backward or move through different tabs. It’s all on the same page!

Customize it. With this Magento 2 module, you have complete control over your website. That means you can edit your layout, the fields that appear during checkout, colors, and much more!

Work with advanced options. That is what will set you apart from other companies. Checkout Suite allows your customers to tell you when they need their product delivered for so that you can try your best to respect their needs. Not only this, but you can give them the option to gift wrap products with a special message to the recipient.

Compatible with: Magento Community 2.2, Enterprise 2.2


The version for Community Edition is free, and it comes with the option to have it installed for $85.

The Enterprise Edition base fee is $689 in comparison, with a $60 installation fee. You can choose to have customer service for:

  • $551 for 12 months
  • $413 for 6 months.

Product Bundled Discount by Krish TechnoLabs


The reason this product works is that it promotes your business through marketing. Some people scoff at it because they aren’t gaining as much money as they usually would, but this extension could be the thing that makes your customers keep coming back.

Increase sales. Everyone loves a deal. This extension allows you to provide your customers with more products at a discounted price! Instead of buying one or two items, they’ll buy bundles of products!

Save time. Customers will be able to buy your products with only one click!

Sell dead inventory. Every store owner knows that there are some products which do not sell out completely. There are always extras that hang around in your warehouse, and this can be annoying. Instead, you can offer the product for a bulk price, so customers are more inclined to buy those extra products.

Compatible with: Magento Community 2.1, Enterprise 2.1


Just like the previous two options, this extension has two packages.

The first is a Magento 2 Community Version, which costs $299, has the prospect of a $99 activation fee, and service agreement:

  • $180 for 9 months,
  • free for 6 months.

The next package is for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition for $600. The installation fee is the same, and it only comes with a free six-month service agreement.

Shop By Brand by Aheadworks


This Magento 2 brand extension allows you to create brand pages. That will enable merchants and customers to go to your site and look at specific brands you’re offering; subsequently making shopping time faster and easier. And it is one of the best Aheadworks Magento 2 extensions.

Increase your sales. When customers choose their brand, the extension also shows the products they might like based on their choice, which will gradually bring you more sales.

Get loyalty from brands. Brands appreciate being shown off. Using Shop by Brand will likely get you loyalty from brands because they’ll be represented more.

Provide a faster shopping experience. A lot of people hate shopping for hours on end. With this, they can click on the brand they want and add it to their cart.

Compatible with: Magento Community 2.1, Enterprise 2.1


The Community Edition is $79. It has a $55 option installation fee, as well as service agreements:

  • $149 for 12 months,
  • $99 for 6 months,
  • free for 3 months.

The Enterprise Edition Version comes for $349. The installation fee is the same, but the service agreements are:

  • $399 for 12 months,
  • free for six months.

SimiCart Mobile App Builder by SimiCart


Not everyone knows how to build the perfect mobile app for their site. That’s what makes SimiCart Mobile App Builder especially handy! Almost everyone has a smartphone, which is why you might want to make your company mobile-friendly!

Turn your website into an app. The app configures for your site.

Increase your sales. People are on their phones more and more. When they’re out at work or running errands, they can’t go onto their computer. By going mobile, you can sell items at any moment, from any smartphone.

Interact on social media. This extension will allow your customers to connect with you through social media like Facebook Connect and push notifications.

Compatible with: Magento Community 2.0, Community 2.1


There is only a community edition available, and it’s free for trial! Then you’ll need to buy the monthly subscription which starts at $49/month.


So, now you have a list of Magento 2 compatible extensions that will help you to improve your online store user experience and boost your sales. But it’s not all! There are a lot of great Magento 2 modules which you can find on Magento Marketplace. We’ll continue to familiarize you with best of them, and if you already know what to choose and need in assistance in setting them up and with Magento 2 Extension Development, we are ready to help you out. Just stay with us!
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