The best hosting for Magento 2 is the one that meets Magento 2 technical requirements, that is reliable, stable, and secure. You’ll find the excellent hosting providers for Magento 2 in the lists below.

If you’d like to install Magento 2 on your computer, then you need to have the right host. Websites and services like Magento 2 are hosted on servers so that they can function properly.

Magento 2 Hosting Requirements

There are just three primary technical requirements for Magento 2.

  • SSD – 20GB;
  • RAM – 2GB;
  • Magento optimized hosting.

Magento 2 Technical Requirements

Magento 2.1 Hosting Requirements

Magento 2.1 has system requirements that are needed to run the application, as well as web versions. With it, users will also be able to connect with Paypal to pay for orders and items. In Magento 2.1, you’ll need Apache 2.2 as a web server (or better). The system requirements are the following: MySQL 5.6; PHP 5.6.5-5.6.x, 7.02, 7.04, 7.0.6 – 7.0.x and one of the supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari and required PHP extensions installed.

Magento 2.2 Hosting Requirements

Magento 2.2 needs Linux x86-64 as an operating system. It also requires that you have Composer, which will allow you to work within the system’s code. Other system requirements include MySQL 5.6, 5.7; PHP 7.02, 7.04, 7.0.6 – 7.0.x, 7.1.x. Like the 2.1 version, you’ll need Apache 2.2 or better as the web server!

And one more important note: you should have the SSH access to the server to be able to make changes and run commands using the command line. Also, you’ll need to have the necessary PHP extensions installed.

You can find the full list of requirements for Magento 2.1 and Magento 2.2 on Magento official website.

Types of Best Hosting for Magento 2 Available

Magento 2 Shared Hosting

A lot of web hosting sites have shared hosting. Essentially, shared hosting means that on a single server, the service provider provides its services for several different websites. Linux has a shared hosting platform that you can use. But keep in mind that any shared hosting is appropriate for the sites with the low and medium-sized traffic. It is the most affordable solution but not always suitable for Magento 2.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS, unlike shared hosting, runs its version of a website. With a virtual private server, more control is put into the user’s hands. You’ll be able to change settings and configurations, as well as run any updates that run on your OS. VPS resists high traffic load, and it will be a good option if your online store is on Magento 2.

Dedicated Server

As its name suggests, a dedicated server will only serve one organization. If you run an online store, then it will just help your site. This hosting is the exact opposite of the aforementioned shared hosting. It also costs much more.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a lot like other kinds of hosting; only, the servers run in a cloud. A cloud is a form of online backup which saves data through a network. The network is available through a virtual server that relies on many other physical servers; it doesn’t matter as much if a physical server crashes that creates improved reliability.

The List of the Best Magento Hosting Providers

Cloudways Magento Hosting


If you’re looking for the perfect managed cloud hosting at the right price, you can choose Cloudways where pricing plans start from merely $10. With the Pay-As-You-Go model, you only have to pay for the services you use.


One of the leading managed Magento Hosting platforms with different cloud infrastructures including Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Engine, Digital Ocean, Kyup, Vultr, and Linode. It is exclusively designed to get rid of technicalities and gives customers the ultimate peace of mind. Equipped with advanced technologies and a cache mechanism for matchless Magento 2 performance.

Offering all the advanced technologies. All you have to do is start with just simple steps: Select your app, choose your desired cloud infrastructure, and simply launch your website without any technical complexities. You even get free SSL certificate and ability to scale the server resources according to your needs.

It is one of the top and trusted managed hosting providers, build for convenience. Their Magento 2 hosting solution completely meets all technical requirements and includes 24/7 security support. If you want a stable, safe, and efficient hosting, Cloudways is a good choice.

Specification of technologies:

Nginx and Apache as web servers, PHP-FPM, MySQL/MariaDB, Cloudways Full Page Cache for Magento 1.x, Varnish for Magento 2.x and Memcached/Redis as optional.

Amazon S3 – Magento 2 Cloud Hosting


Amazon S3 will only charge you for the services you use. You can calculate how much it would cost you to run your Magento site on Amazon S3 by using their AWS Monthly Calculator. The prices will vary depending on how much data and storage you use.


This system is especially useful because Magento 2 requires a lot of memory to be able to run efficiently. Amazon S3 allows you to store any amount of data from any device! The site claims to have 99.99% durability, and it promises to keep all of your information secure.

Specification of technologies:

Amazon S3 has versions for Java, .Net, Python, PHP, Node, and Ruby.

Zero lag – Magento 2 Dedicated Hosting

Country: USA


To get the right pricing, you need to request a quote from the company.


The service is designed to focus on the user that’s using Zerolag rather than the company that’s being created from it. Zerolag allows you to customize your experience so that your site is unique.

Byet Hosting

Country: USA


With Byte hosting, you have the option of choosing from several different plans. They provide dedicated servers with a full server control that are suitable for Magento 2. The price of the dedicated server is $150 per month.


Byet hosts over one million websites on their servers. The company has been running for more than a decade and claims to offer free support. There are many benefits to using Byet, including nightly backups, server monitoring, and engineering and migration support.

Rackspace – Magento Managed Environment


If we talk about the Cloud Solution for those who prefer to manage everything on your own, you can choose the managed infrastructure option. There’s also the managed operations bundle, which has the same services as the previous option; except, it includes monitoring.

Like Amazon’s cloud service, other server pricings will depend on what you use. You can request a free quote to know the exact price of the solution you need.


Rackspace has been named the #1 managed cloud company, and it has been up and running since 1999. With Rackspace, you can request a free quote, it’s incredibly secure, and you always have access to their technical and expert support.

A2 Hosting – Magento 2 VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Shared Hosting

Country: USA and Australia


Prices for VPS start at just under $33 per month and you can choose the option of managed and unmanaged hosting and 75GB of storage. Cloud hosting for Magento 2 will cost you from nearly $60 per month, and Dedicated Server price starts from $100 per month.


A2 Hosting uses what they call “turbo” servers, meaning their servers run quicker than others. They provide VPS, Dedicated Server, and Cloud Hosting. They also use Guru as their crew support, and you can get your money back at any time.

Nexcess – Magento Optimized Hosting

Country: USA, UK, Australia

The price starts from $20 per month for a year for shared Magento optimized hosting. There will be thirty accounts and nine additional stores. But if you choose a Dedicated server, it will cost you $540 and more.


Nexcess allows you to choose the package that suits your needs and the needs of your customers. The servers are stable and offer options for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. It provides Magento optimized hosting solutions: Enterprise servers and Dedicated servers.

Things you should consider when choosing Magento 2 hosting:

  • Magento 2 technical requirements. If you’re trying to run Magento 2 on a system that doesn’t fit its needs, you’ll find yourself out of luck very quickly.
  • SSH access to the server should be provided.
  • The traffic load of your website (the number of visits monthly) should be taken into account. The more visitors you have on your website, the more powerful and fast hosting you need.
  • Service provider reputation. The hosting provider should be a reliable partner (refer to the partner directory above). If you don’t choose a reliable host, you can find yourself with problems in your system’s security, as well as glitches and bugs.

Magento 2 is heavy enough; it’s better to choose from the following options: Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, or Cloud Hosting. And that would be great if the hosting is Magento optimized.


We hope that you have chosen the right hosting and your store is running smoothly. But if you need advice for the excellent hosting or any other support with Magento 2 Development, we can solve your request! Just drop us a line, and we will start to work together.
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