Stutterheim created a new sense to melancholy and now uses it as an authentic brand definition. Not only that, the history of this brand and their success is incredible and inspiring.

We had a chance to communicate with Peter Bergkrantz, CEO of Stutterheim. We want to share his thoughts regarding the growth and development of a fashion brand online. But first, let’s start with the brand’s background.

Stutterheim is a Swedish fashion brand offering functional and beautiful rainwear famous for the highest quality, hand-made crafted products, timeless design, and melancholic yet beautiful personality.

The company was founded in 2010, and from that time, they are massively extended worldwide. The story of their creation was unusual, and with a stroke of genius: founder of the brand, Alexander Stutterheim, found his grandfather raincoat in a barn on a rainy day. Soon, he came up to the thought that there was no proper rainwear that he could find in Sweden for such occasion. That’s where it all has begun.

Over the years, the Stutterheim mission was and remains the same: Make people look good in bad weather.

From that time, the brand grew offline and online as well. Many collaborations with famous brands, featured celebrities’ looks, new stores worldwide, a user-friendly website, all of it is combined in a mature and extraordinary-looking brand with a rich history and special mood.

Now, let’s move on to the interview with our guest, Peter Bergkrantz, CEO of Stutterheim. Started in 2016, as Global Sales Director, he brought his vast experience of sales and leadership in the fashion industry to elevating the Stutterheim brand to new heights of success.

Peter shares practical insights from his experience regarding the direction for business strategy, revealing issues that companies are challenged in the eCommerce field. Also, he gives recommendations on how to set priorities and build a successful business strategy for young and growing retail brands.

WEB4PRO: Peter, you have broad experience working with different retail brands for many years. What inspires and motivates you and your team the most working at Stutterheim?

Peter: To see and follow how we develop the brand globally, especially in our digital sales channel.

WEB4PRO: From your perspective as the CEO of a famous fashion brand, what is your recipe for its success?

Peter: Stay true to your original idea of how the brand should be. In all aspects as product range, communication, and so on.

WEB4PRO: Product design, creation, and fitting is a long-term process. On what does your team put the focus when working on your products at Stutterheim?

Peter: Make sure it’s on-brand. Its got to be within our frame of look, quality, and colors.

WEB4PRO: How do you gain customers’ trust for the Stutterheim brand?

Peter: You do as you say. If you state you do premium rainwear, it’s got to be that – right?

WEB4PRO: What are the priorities which young and growing retail brands should set? What are your three main recommendations for them?

Peter: My first recommendation will be the following: don’t do all things at once, set your goals, and all but go for set milestones on the way.

Secondly, listen to your fans, your community, your customers.

And last, but not least, make sure to have a steady eye watching your inventory levels:-)

WEB4PRO: The last question is related to the future of eCommerce. What do you think will be trending in the eCommerce industry in the next few years?

Peter: Wow, big question! I hope there will be general actions among eCom companies taken against these massive return levels with stuff being shipped back and forth across the world. I see this as a big problem for the environment, and it’s for sure, not sustainable.

WEB4PRO: Totally agree with you. Environmental problems which are caused by products’ waste is a massive problem.

Due to climate change, people started to think about lean consumption. We also see companies that have the intention of using natural resources sustainably. They are looking for ways to decrease manufacturing waste and also building a sustainable business strategy. We agree that it is important to keep our planet up and running, and want to contribute to the growth of sustainable brands all over the world. That’s the part of our mission statement and business strategy.

In the end, we want to give massive thanks to Peter for his time and willingness to share valuable insights. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about eCommerce with such an experienced person that is truly passionate about his company and work. If you want to learn more about this brand, you can visit the Stutterheim official website or check our article about Stuterheim’s online store.


We hope that this interview with practical insights on brand growth and development from Peter Bergkrantz, helped you to get an overview of the eCommerce trends on the market and let you use some of these insights for your business.
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