Social media is necessary for any business that wants to perform its best, which is why so many eCommerce businesses are turning toward media for higher conversions. Instagram is one of the most prominent forms of social media, which might lead you to the question what the best Magento® Instagram free extension is.

Why is Social Media Presence Important for eCommerce?

More than a third of the world’s population is on social media. Using social media expands the reach of eCommerce businesses and owners. By using social media, you’re allowing more people to have access to your site than you would otherwise.

Not only this, but word-to-mouth is more effective on social media. When someone with hundreds of Instagram followers shares your products, you’re more likely to have people visit your site.

Anyone who’s signed up for Facebook has decided to provide the social media giant with their personal information. In doing so, they’ve helped to create one of the best marketing methods in the digital age.

By having access to this information, organizations can tailor the feed of individuals so that advertisements work for those are more likely to buy specific products. If you’re a person who enjoys reading about sports and who follows several pages on just that, you’re more likely to see extensions about sports.

This form of marketing is different than any that have appeared in the past. That’s because while ads have always been used and popular, the marketing techniques on your television or your computer did not use your personal information.

Because these marketing techniques didn’t have access to as much of your personal information, they didn’t have the resources to get information about their customers. Without social media, it’s much harder to get ahold of phone numbers, preferences, and addresses.

Choose Your Magento Instagram Free Extension

If you want to choose your Magento Instagram extension, you’ll have to know what you’re looking for. The section below will show you the following extensions:

  • Instagram Feed Plugin on Magento by POWr
  • Free Responsive Magento 2 Module by Magnetech
  • Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageComp
  • Instagram Feed Widget by Technology Mindz
  • Magento Instagram Extension by eGrove Systems

These extensions allow you to incorporate your Instagram feed into your eCommerce business. With it, your Instagram followers can see everything that your store is up to and your Instagram visitors can access your store easily.

Instagram Feed Plugin on Magento by POWr

This extension allows you to install your Instagram account right on your Magento store. Match your plugin’s colors to those of your site and to place your Instagram feed wherever you want on your eCommerce website. Installing your Instagram feed on your website increases your chances of ranking higher in search engines. It also provides your Instagram followers with access to your eCommerce website.

You can start using this extension by free and then extend additional features with a package price.

The best parts about using this advanced Magento Instagram extension can be found below:

  • Free
  • No coding
  • Mobile-friendly

Free Responsive Magento 2 Module by Magentech

This Magento extension uses a grid layout to showcase the images on your Instagram feed. The addon also features pop-up images and a single admin page to help you manage your feed.

This addon is compatible with many Internet browsers; including, Firefox 2+, Safari, Chrome, etc. It is absolutely free which will be as a benefit and great to try it out.

Since this Magento extension is entirely customizable, so you can cause it to perform as much as you need it to. With it, you can:

  • Set Instagram users
  • Access tokens
  • Support responsive layouts

Magento 2 Instagram Integration by MageComp

Instagram is a tool for anyone who enjoys sharing their images and videos with the world. By installing this addon, business owners can increase their visibility. Because of how many people use Instagram, pictures and videos from a given company will appear in the feeds of those that might be interested.

The basic community edition of this product is entirely free. That said, you can decide whether you want to upgrade your extension for the premium version for more money.

With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, you’re able to:

  • Share content with hashtags
  • Enable and disable extensions
  • Approve posts

Instagram Feed Widget by Technology Mindz

The major benefit of this tool is that you can install your content on every post or page. This allows owners complete control and flexibility over what appears on their websites. You can limit the number of items that are shown on your page. For anyone who might be worried about the speed of the pages, this doesn’t have too much of an effect on your load time.

The community edition of this Magento 2 extension is inexpensive (currently costs $34), which makes it appealing to many in the eCommerce field. Instagram Feed Widget uses, as the name suggests, a widget to link an Instagram feed to an eCommerce website.

The benefits of using this extension include:

  • Install content on every post or page
  • Complete control over websites
  • Limit the number of items on your page

Magento Instagram Extension by eGrove Systems

The interface of this extension is easy-to-use and very useful, which is one of the reasons why eCommerce business owners love it. Nowadays, business owners don’t want to have a website that needs to be reprogrammed and continuously retouched; instead, they want to ensure that they can use it whenever they need to. If you’re one of these people, consider installing the extension.

You can find this extension in several Magento versions. You can pay for six months worth of support and an initial installation fee.

Here’s a list of everything you can do with this extension:

  • Limit the number of photos shown on your site
  • Send emails or thoughts to customers
  • Connect easily with your customers


If you’re looking for more information about some of the best Magento Instagram free extensions, there’s no need to look any further. The sure way to improve your business results so is to use social media. Since so many people use these platforms, you’re exposing yourself to millions of people that you couldn’t have reached out to when you were alone. If you want to choose the most useful extensions or to customize the existing ones, we can help you with Magento 2 Extension Development.
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