Each year, Magento sees around $50 billion in overall business. It is clear that Magento’s popularity is due to it being a reliable business platform. Now it’s possible to go a step further and become a Magento Associate Partner. Let’s take a closer look at how to become a Magento Partner.

What Is a Magento Partner Program?

Magento Partners are businesses that become a part of Magento’s ecosystem of technologies and network companies. The Magento Partner Program is mutually beneficial. It lets you and Magento align your business resources and goals. Finding other Magento partners is easy, just go to the Magento Find a Partner page to browse the Magento Partner directory.

What Are the Types of Magento Partnership?

You can enter into two types of partnerships with Magento: Solutions Partners and Technology Partners. Each type has its own conventions and benefits. But surely they have got some differences in requirements.

Magento Solution Partner

Magento Solution Partners are associates who can develop solutions for clients using the Magento platform. Over 250 000 brands make use of the Magento platform. However, not all clients have the development expertise to make full use of its potential. That’s where a Magento Business Solution Partner can help.

Over 300 consulting companies that are Magento Solution Partners are succeeding with solutions for their clients. A Magento 2 Solution Partner gets access to product training and enablement in marketing and sales. They also get access to valuable resources to help drive growth in their companies. Magento has created four partnership levels to assist Solution Partners according to their scope and requirements.

What are The Types of Solution Partners?

Business Partners: Companies that either just started their Magento partnership or specialize in implementing Magento Community Edition.

Professional Partners: Experts who serve to emerge mid-size brands. They implement Magento Enterprise Edition regularly in their solutions and stay current with all Magento innovations. Magento serves as one of their key offerings.

Enterprise Partners: Performing the full-service offerings, they specialize in more significant Magento solutions. Enterprise specialists have proven their commerce development capabilities and vested commitment to Magento solutions. They are also keen on vertical expertise.

Global Elite Partners: Companies specialize in full-service project integration. By demonstrating high levels of excellence in the world of eCommerce, they can manage highly sophisticated solutions for top-tier clients.

How to Become Magento Solution Partner

If you would like to know how to become a Magento Solution Partner, merely contact Magento, and they will get you started on the application process. Once the application process is completed, you will be notified by Magento, and you can be in a community.

Magento Technology Partner

Who Are Extension Builder Partner?

An Extension Builder Partner is a 3rd-party company that builds extensions for the Magento platform. These extensions enhance Magento’s capabilities. It can also enable integration with other products.

What Are the Types of Extension Builder Partners?

There are two of them: General Partners and Select Partners. Both partner types revel most of the program benefits. However, Select Partners do enjoy bigger discounts on Magento Training. They also get prioritized extension quality processing. This helps to ensure their upgraded extensions go live on the Magento Marketplace as soon as possible.

How to Become Magento Technology Partner?

All potential Magento Technology Partners need to have a Magento extension that is already built. You should pass a review done by a Magento team, and have the Magento developer account. An extension is not essential for companies that specialize in performance and hosting. Simply contact Magento, and they will take you through the entire process.

Top Benefits of Becoming Magento Official Partners

A Magento partnership is a commitment to mutual growth and benefit. It allows you to access the largest eCommerce ecosystem in the world. The Magento community is vast. You can network with a huge community which is a doorway to a wealth of resources.

Magento offers you many valuable tools and services that are designed to help grow your company. These range from excellent discounts on development tools to regular access to informative workshops.

Remember that Magento also benefits to your success. So, they will do their utmost to help your business grow as big as it can.

The Pitfalls of Magento Partner Program

As with all programs of this nature, there are always hurdles to overcome. In the case of Magento, they are very few. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. However, let’s look at them so you can get the complete picture of the Magento Partner Program.

Your Company Revenue and Fees

Magento does charge a fee to join the Partner Program. This is dependent on the size of your company or the revenue that your company receives.

The annual fee to join the Magento Solution Partner Program is $5 000 for Registered and Professional Partners. The fee for Enterprise Partners is $10 000. This fee gives you all the value that comes from being affiliated with this vast community. You also receive individual tech support, marketing opportunities, and a free Enterprise production and development license

There are two ways to join the Magento Technology Partner program. One option is to participate as an Xcelerate Tech Partner. This option only requires an annual fee based on your revenue and partner level.

Magento Partner Fees

The other Magento Technology Partner option is to become an Xcelerate Extension Builder. This requires an annual program fee and a 30% revenue share. Select Partners pay $10 000, and Premier Partners pay $20 000.

Pause in Receiving Enquiries Till April 2018

At present, the Magento Solution Partner Program is not accepting any new applications. The application process is due to reopen in April 2018. The applications of companies that have already applied will receive a status update soon.

Want to Become a Partner?

Magento has gone beyond merely providing an eCommerce platform. It has taken to make partnerships with their customers so that everyone benefits. We are also planning to become an official Magento Partner. We think it’s a good goal for any professional Magento agency. But as while we are planning how to become a Magento Partner, you are always welcome to request our help with Magento 2 Development. This fact will never change, will we become Magento partners or not. Solving clients problems and building smart Magento 2 solutions is the most priority for us.

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