Amazon and eBay are two of the most significant sales platforms on the market. Magento® 2 Amazon integration helps Magento 2 website owners increase their online presence. Let’s talk more about Amazon and the other great platform – eBay.

Initially, Amazon began as a company that sold books; however, it has expanded far beyond that. Amazon aims to cut back on prices to bring more people to the online store. Amazon’s unique subscription service, Amazon Prime, which costs $99 for a year. Those who join Amazon Prime receive many benefits. From streaming movies to fast and free shipping, Prime has become Amazon’s signature feature.

eBay works a little like Amazon. Merchants sell their products in exchange for money. eBay offers items from any category. Customers can buy old cars, clothing, antiques, etc. through either a “buy it now” listing, or in an auction. Through Buy it Now, the item is bought immediately; meanwhile, the online auction allows customers to bid on the products they want.

It is useful to use eBay – or Magento 2 Amazon integration with Magento because, especially for smaller businesses, it increases exposure to a broader audience. Below, we suggest several great solutions that solve this task.

Magento Integration Services and Solutions

There are ways for you to integrate Amazon and eBay into your online business. By incorporating these platforms with Magento, you can display products, stock levels, etc. When you begin to sell your stock on Amazon, you can increase your reach. Here are some of the best products for integrating Magento 2 with Amazon or eBay.

Amazon Integration Solution for Magento 2

M2E Pro Magento 2 Extension

M2E’s integration has connected thousands of Magento users to eBay and Amazon. With it, you can customize your experience to make it your own. All of your listings are automatically updated through M2E whenever you adjust a listing on either site.

Discover Advantages

  • No listing fees or connection charges.
  • Manual service renewal. You won’t be charged if you didn’t cancel your subscription.
  • You don’t need investors!


There are three different packages with this solution: Startup, Business, and Enterprise.

Startup costs nothing if your sales are less than 10 thousand dollars per month. In the same package, you’ll have to pay either $34 if your revenue is more than 10 thousand or $68 if it’s around 20 thousand.

A business plan provides flexible pricing. If your monthly sales are around 40 thousand, then you have to pay $136. This package goes up to 100 thousand dollars for $340.

Enterprise package starts at $680 for a monthly allowance of 200 thousand dollars. When you exceed 400 thousand dollars of a monthly allowance, you’ll have to contact their customer service for a quote.

Magento Amazon Integration with Store Manager for Magento

This Magento 2 Amazon Integration extension allows you to export products from your store and sell them on Amazon. This tool is a one-time payment so that you won’t be surprised by any extra fees. You can also choose which products are sold on Amazon, or you can choose to have them all listen automatically.

Discover Advantages

  • Customizable
  • Saves you time
  • No recurring fees


This solution costs a one-time fee of $199; however, it is currently on sale for $119.

Magento 2 Amazon Extension – Connector for Magento 2

This connector allows you to connect to several accounts without the use of third-party services. You can display the statistics for all of the products you have listed, as well as customize how your extension works when you’re linked to Amazon.

Discover Advantages

  • Syncs orders and products automatically
  • No monthly fees
  • No third-parties required


This solution offers either a community or an enterprise edition; however, both have multiple options.

Community Edition

  • 3-months plan is the cheapest one and costs $389. You can also choose to add either an installation fee or online training for $189 each;
  • 6-month package is $99 more for $488 and offers the same additions;
  • 12-months or one year plan costs $538;
  • 3-year usage costs $778.

Enterprise Edition

  • starts from 3-months package which costs $778 and has the same options for installation fees or online training;
  • 6 months will cost you $877;
  • 12-month- or 1-year package price is $927;
  • 3-year subscription requires $1,167 to pay.

Amazon Pay – Pay With Amazon Magento2 Extension

We can’t leave without our attention a useful extension by Amazon Payments, Inc. This module will be pretty helpful if you want your customers to be able to pay with Amazon account information in your Magento 2 online store. Your website customers can easily check-out and check-in with their Amazon account without leaving your website.

Discover Advantages

  • No monthly fees and efforts to install;
  • Optimized for all modern devices;
  • Smooth and handy payment process for your customers.


Amazon Pay is free to use for both Community and Enterprise editions. It’s compatible with Magento 2.1 and 2.2 versions.

Magento 2 Ebay Integration Solutions

You already have a list of Magento Amazon integration extensions. Now let’s look at what products the market offers for those who choose eBay.

Codisto LINQ for Magento 2 Integration – eBay, Amazon

Codisto works with several platforms. It can link your eBay account to WooCommerce and Shopify; however, we’re most interested in how it connects to Magento 2. When you buy Codisto, you have a one-month free trial, and they have an entire team that can install it for you.
One of the best parts of this extension is that it’s optimized to work on mobile.

Discover Advantages

  • See you eBay orders in real-time
  • Categories automatically updated
  • Set up multiple shipping options


You can choose between either unlimited listings or orders. Both of these options range from $29 to $999 per month, depending on which plan suits your needs best.

eBay Connector for Magento 2

We’ve mentioned this add-on before in the article, but it is one of the most well-rounded extensions on the market. At just $200 regular-priced, you can save time by having your products automatically updated. You can adjust your settings so that it suits your store and the needs of your customers rather than providing you with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Discover advantages

  • Customizable
  • Saves you time
  • No recurring fees


This solution costs a one-time fee of $199; however, it is on sale for $119.

What’s Then?

Above, you can find plenty of suggestions so that you can update your products automatically onto your Amazon or eBay accounts.

If you’re running an online store, then there’s a lot of reasons as to why you should add a Magento 2 Amazon integration or eBay integration add-on to your site. For one thing, it increases your exposure around the world by making your store more available to a broader range of people. In doing so, you’ll be creating more revenue for yourself and your company.

Interested? If so, drop us a line. Our WEB4PRO team will consult you about the best integration solution for your particular case or any other possible Custom Magento Development solutions. We’ll be glad to implement it for your Magento 2 website.

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