Magento 2 Improvements: Meet the Future

Magento 2 improvements

The future is coming. An online store becomes more and more powerful. Today we’ll look at one of the best eCommerce platforms, loved all over the world, and it’s a welcome version. Ladies and gentlemen meet Magento® 2, the open-source, innovative, and modern solution! What are the leading Magento 2 improvements, which we face while using and testing it? Let’s look at the benefits of Magento 2!

Top 5 Magento 2 Improvements

Innovative Architecture

The file structure is entirely different from the previous version. Now everything is placed right under the construction of the app. Every module has its own Views directory, which gives you the access to elements and files of any specific module.

What does it mean for you? – It allows the qualitative Magento 2 modules to be compatible with each other and core. It decreases the chance of problems and errors on the website because of the new module installation. This fact allows an administrator to upgrade the online store with minimum risk.

The new structure is a giant step forward. There is no other technology on the market now like this one. So, it happens again: Magento 2 is a market leader like Magento several years ago.

Simplified Web Development Process

With the release of Magento 2.0, the platform becomes more flexible and powerful. Magento framework is improved. Module base code makes the process of website customization more straightforward and convenient. Frontend development becomes more comfortable with Blank Theme. It provides the web developers with a stripped down version of the theme. So they need to add some features and customize their project.

Blank Theme among Magento 2 advantages

One of the best Magento 2 improvements is that web development process became open. The community uses GitHub as a public development platform. So you’ll get the qualitative support from the developers if you have any issues or need a piece of advice while moving to Magento 2.

Easier Website Management and Update

Magento 2 user experience is excellent. That’s why any experienced user of Magento will be pleased with a new look of the admin panel. Backend UI now is much more comfortable and user-friendly. Users can see the statistic of each store view with the help of the Scope Filter.

A useful feature of Magento 2 is an approach to a menus system. It is grouped into two primary functions: eCommerce and System. That’s why all your menus are organized logically, more user-friendly, and you can see them in a Flat menu type. An updating process also became much easier. Now you can use Composer software to get updates directly.

Website Performance Improvements

One of the significant Magento 2 improvements is that website performance based on Magento 2 increased by 40%. The reason for such significant changes is an improvement of indexers, implementation of the own testing system, that allows creating test environments and test code changes. Also, Varnish caching technology helps to reduce the server load time. All these factors lead to the speed of growth. By the way, the high website performance can increase the conversion rate of your online store. Learn more about page loading speed and conversion.

But also it requires more server resources than Magento. The system requirements are:

  • PHP 5.6
  • MySQL 5.6

Magento 2 is a new release of Magento with changed architecture, better speed, and more user-friendly management process.

Shopping Cart with Ajax

A handy feature is related to a shopping cart and checkout process. In Magento 2, adding products to the cart feature is implemented with Ajax technology, so this process goes without the page reloading. One of new Magento benefits is that you can edit the cart data in a drop-down block. Also, both Magento Community and Enterprise Editions support a lot of popular payment methods and the needed ones can be added with a use of modules.


If we talk about the cons of Magento 2, the main of them is that this platform is too fresh and needs some additional changes and rework. For example, multilingual capability doesn’t work well in practice and needs improvements. The system contains some errors, but developers work on Magento 2 improvements day by day. We believe in the future, most of the issues will be fixed. If you are ready to step forward and face the future of eCommerce, choose this leading platform and get all Magento 2 advantages. Our WEB4PRO team is glad to help you with our Magento 2 Development services.
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