10 Great Magento Benefits for Your Website

10 Great Magento Benefits for Your Website

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Everyone who is going to launch the online business sooner or later faces the choice of engine for the online store. The variety of eCommerce platforms is quite huge, but today we’ll talk about the most popular eCommerce CMS, the leader of choice and great Magento® benefits.

Focus on eCommerce

Magento is a perfect solution for eCommerce. The opportunities of this powerful platform can satisfy virtually all online store owner wishes and requirements. Magento development is a good well-thought-out solution because you can get the most necessary features and functionalities right out-of-box. The product management is automated here. Such features, as stepped filtration, grouping into sets, last viewed and added products, modules of shipping, cart, payments, feedbacks, and recommendations are accessible by default.


The search engines play ball with Magento. That’s why it’s not very difficult to lead your website to Top search positions, using the right approach and SEO tools. Automatic settings create XLS website map, which is necessary for the search robots. It has a positive influence on the website traffic and sales.

Simplicity in Management

This CMS is quite complicated, but with a qualitative web development result, the website management won’t be hard. The admin panel is user-friendly and convenient. All its elements are organized clearly and logically. So, editing the website pages and content is pretty easy. It has a great chance to become your favorite way of spending leisure time.

Advanced Catalog Features

Magento is a flexible CMS that allows the website to be user-friendly and easily customized. Comparison, reviews, ratings, and multilevel navigation help the customers to find the product they are looking for very quickly. System catalog management includes:

  • approving, editing and removing product tags;
  • virtual products;
  • personalized products – uploading texts for monograms;
  • graphic image management with the opportunity of automated resize;
  • the opportunity of redirect for search results.

High Level of Security

Magento based websites are stable, secure, and high-speed. They are resistant to hacker attacks. And the greatest thing is that Magento has a massive community of web developers, who improve it day by day.

Ready Solutions

There are numerous free themes and modules for Magento that can help you to create a cool online store with minimum costs. And thanks to its extensibility, you can order any Magento custom solution, which suits exactly your goals and wishes.

High-Level Analytics and Reports

Magento has all the necessary tools for reporting and detailed analytics, which allows you to manage the website effectively based on the customers’ behavior:

  • RSS feed for new orders;
  • tax report;
  • report on the products in the cart, which were not bought;
  • report on the most viewed products;
  • report on feedbacks;
  • report on the best clients, who gathered more points by the number of orders;
  • report on discount coupons.

Great Marketing Tools

Magento will be your reliable partner in your effective marketing strategy. If you need something for boosting your sales, customer loyalty, and the number of clients, discounts, coupons, bestsellers, novelties and other promotional things will do their best for you.

Professional Support

Magento community is developed quite well. The best experts work on this powerful CMS, and it becomes more and more flexible. There you can get an answer to almost any question. Forums, databases, wiki-resources provide you with helpful knowledge.


Needless to say that the functionality of Magento 2 is rich and can be implemented easily to your preference. The last argument shows that top market leaders trust Magento and use it as a reliable platform for their websites. Nestle, Skype, Lenovo, Christian Louboutin, Huawei, Nike, Chopard and other famous brands have chosen Magento and reached success. Open new opportunities with Magento 2, if you are ready to be the next one! And we’ll do everything to help you with Magento 2 Extension Development to improve your store look and feel.

Posted on: August 09, 2016


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