Magento® 2 is a one-stop-shop to create the store of your dreams. You can use Magento 2 key features to sell more products with your eCommerce store. These Magento 2 features will help you generate leads and conversions so that your store performs its best. For a detailed guide about the best features to sell products, read below!

Magento 2 Feature List to Sell Products

Now we can get into Magento 2 best features. These will help you to sell more products so that you create the best store possible.

Magento Content Management

Magento 2 allows you to manage your content with ease and precision. When you begin an eCommerce store, you’ll always be at a slight disadvantage. That’s because potential customers aren’t able to feel or see the product with their own eyes; as such, you should make sure your products inform your customers about why do they need them and what are the advantages of these products for buyers, and you should make sure that they sell themselves.

You can easily do this with Magento 2 because you can optimize your products and edit them however you see fit. Merchants can create detailed product descriptions; thereby, improving your overall SEO and ranking higher on Google.

Magento Omnichannel

Simply put, your customers are more likely to stay with you if you run an Omnichannel store. That’s because they have more variety and control over their orders. When you allow your customers to shop online and pick up their orders in the store, they’re likely to buy 30-40 percent more!

Having an Omnichannel eCommerce business allows you to stay in the competition. That’s because IDC believes that around 50% of retailers will see a profit increase of 30%. This is because, at this time, companies are expecting to have higher revenue.

You can decide to grow your business by creating more flexible orders and by turning your partners into centers of distribution. With this method, you’re able to run your business(es) from the same dashboard.

Magento 2 is built around the idea of being an Omnichannel platform. With Magento 2, merchants are able to create services that work for laptops, mobile devices, and tablets alike.

Instant Purchase Checkout

By using Instant Purchase Checkout, you can ensure that your customers are able to buy their products quickly and efficiently. Your potential customers likely enjoy the ease of shopping online compared to shopping in a store.

When you use Instant Purchase Checkout in your store, potential customers have less time to debate whether they should buy something; instead, they can click right away to purchase the items in their carts.

Magento 2 Featured Product

Using featured products on a website is a great way to make your eCommerce business to look sleek and efficient. You can show your most popular products on the front page so that they’re more likely to be sold. You can also decide to showcase your least popular products so that they get more exposure.

Featured products show specific items to your customers so if they’re interested, they can click right away and add them to a cart. This can be done right from the front page and your feature can be formatted however you need.

Whether you want to have your feature products appear in a grid or in a slider, Magento 2 has everything you need to get started!

Newsletter Management

Newsletters allow you to keep your customers up-to-date with your business. By using Magento 2’s various Newsletter management features, you can remind customers about your store, which may entice them to buy from you.

Here is what you can do with newsletters:

  • the best way to start your newsletters is to have people subscribe to your emails,
  • sending emails to your customers and schedule them, weekly, biweekly, or monthly;
  • remind customers about their abandoned carts,
  • showcase your top products and others that might not be popular, but with the right email structure and buttons with links to the store, they will go out of stock in minutes.

When you compare product in Magento 2, you’ll find that companies with newsletters tend to sell more because it increases exposure to customers.


Magento 2 provides you with the opportunity to give promotions to your customers. At the end of the day, everyone loves a discount or sale, and this is one of the best ways to attract people to your business.

You can use various Magento 2 features to offer your customers various discounts and coupons. You can create pricing rules to set promotions or create coupons for specific stores, customer segments, time periods, products, and categories. Merchants can manage all of these coupons from Magento 2’s omnichannel platform and can even receive reports based on these coupons.

In Enterprise edition you can personalize shopping experience with targeting your customers into groups and offering them various discounts, shipping options (i.e. free shipping, fixed amount, etc). Set automated reminders and combine the power of email marketing and offers.


This is one of the most overlooked aspects of eCommerce. Your clients depend on getting their products in on time, and they want to do so without having to pay extra.

eCommerce stores are more likely to sell when they price items slightly higher with free shipping compared to providing them with lower product prices and higher shipping costs. That’s why Magento 2 offers merchants a number of shipping options for their stores.

With Magento, you can use the following shipping methods and features.
UPS. Merchants can open an account with UPS to ensure that international orders are placed on time and arrive when they’re expected.

USPS. USPS is an independent U.S. agency that allows eCommerce business owners to ship packages across the United States.

Royal Mail. This is the perfect mailing service for merchants in the United Kingdom because you can ship packages worldwide from your own home.

DHL. This company is based in Germany and is perfect for companies that need international shipping from their business.

FedEx. FedEx can deliver packages from 9 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Sunday. Magento 2 allows you to incorporate this into your store.

International shipping. International shipping is useful for anyone who wants to expand their reach because products and services can be shipped to anyone.

Free shipping. Many customers are willing to pay more for a product if the overall order has free shipping, which makes it ideal for stores that want to increase sales.

Free shipping labels. Shipping labels allow customers to track their shipments, which is a very in-demand feature. Customers want to know how far away their products are so that they can ensure that someone is home to receive the package when it’s supposed to arrive.


Are you an eCommerce merchant? Are you wondering how you can make your store its best? If so, you’re likely considering Magento 2 to sell more products in your store. We’ve created this guide; to help you determine whether this platform and its various benefits are right for you. If you’ve already chosen Magento as a platform for your eCommerce business, and you need help with Magento 2 Development, our Magento heroes are ready to provide you with their experience and creativity.
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