Magento 2 Marketing Features: How to Attract Potential Customers

Magento 2 Marketing Features: How to Attract Potential Customers

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Anyone who has an eCommerce company knows how important it is to invest in marketing; that said, it can be difficult to know where to start. In our below guide, we’ll discuss our top Magento® 2 marketing features. By using these tips, you can attract more potential customers and generate more conversions in the process.

General Magento 2 Marketing Features

Before we get to know how to implement marketing strategies effectively, let’s first discuss which marketing features are available in Magento.

Marketing Tools

Magento has plenty of marketing tools to offer; including:

  • Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
  • Pricing Rules Feature
  • Coupons and Other Discounts
  • Landing Page for Categories
  • Items Promotional Tool
  • Product Management
  • Newsletter Management

For more information about these Magento marketing tools, read below.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Many are turning toward up-selling and cross-selling to generate more potential clients. Basically, eCommerce owners use up-selling to promote items that are similar and more expensive. Cross-selling, on the other hand, suggests related items that can complement or complete a set in your cart. By doing this, business owners can get potential customers to add items to their carts and to spend more.

Pricing Rules

Magento eCommerce business owners use pricing rules to attract potential customers. They offer smaller prices on items that are bought in bulk. That means instead of paying $3 per item; a customer might buy the same product at $2 or $2,50 if a certain number of items are bought. This will also help to increase your sales and to pay your customer’s attention to specific products.

Coupons and Other Discounts

Everyone loves a good discount. That’s why merchants know that the way to attract new customers is to provide them with a discount or coupon. Using coupons and discounts during a specific period will give potential customers a sense of urgency, and they’ll be more likely to buy your products.

Landing Pages for Categories

Landing pages allow merchants to use customizable URLs, search engine optimization, etc. This feature targets potential customers so when they search for specific topics, sales, and your landing pages are more likely to appear.

Most merchants include “On Sale” sections, where items at discounted prices are displayed. This is where people who want to save money will go first, and using these pages is one of the most useful tools you can use. They expand your reach and generate conversions.

Items Promotional Tool

Promoting items will be quite useful for anyone who needs to attract customers. Item promotion uses images and search engine optimization to ensure that the products you want to be shown are displayed on the specific page.

This is a useful method of marketing because you can:

  • customize coupons;
  • use long-lasting shopping carts;
  • quantity discounts.

Working With Products

One of the best things to do when you’re trying to generate more customers is to work with your products. By managing your products properly, they’ll be easy to access. This attracts people more than anything else because your customers don’t want to search for products endlessly; they want to find your products so they can check out quickly.

Newsletter Management

This Magento multi-level marketing tool is known for reminding customers of their existing carts and which products they might be interested in. You can use newsletters to let your potential customers know about what’s new in your store and about which sales you have coming up. Simply reminding people about your presence will ensure that you generate more conversions for your store.

New Features of Marketing in Magento Community Edition

Now that you know about the basic Magento 2 marketing features, we can move onto Magento functionality and its benefits for your store.

Admin Panel Features

First, we’re going to discuss Magento admin panel features that you can use for your business demand.

CMS System

The acronym CMS stands for the enhanced content management system. With the new features in this category, Magento allows merchants to built their content pages easily. These pages are built with WYSIWYG that helps eCommerce owners to do the following:

  • add content;
  • insert menus and page hierarchy;
  • control who publishes content.

Automated Email Reminders

This is one of the most effective ways to deal with customers who have left their carts empty. Merchants know that the abandoned items interest the potential customer. That is why they should consider the ways how to remind customers about the remaining products and also suggest other items. Automated email reminders can be compared to the little follow-up that tells them to buy a product. For anyone who’s looking for Magento marketing features, this might be one of your safer bets.

Shopping Assistance

Assisted shopping is a bonus for anyone in the eCommerce world. Shopping assistance involves real-life people who aid customers in their shopping adventures. It can be controlled right from the admin panel, which makes it lightweight and manageable for anyone.

Customized Product Settings

You want to ensure that every product attracts a certain kind of client; because of this, merchants are learning the importance of customized product settings. This allows complete control from the merchant and for the recipient.

Private Sales Event

Private sales are like the name suggests: they’re sales which are specifically held for a selected group of people at a certain time. Invitations are usually sent personally which is the most popular trend in eCommerce this year. It provides potential customers with a sense of belonging; thereby, encouraging them to buy from this vendor.

Full Page Caching

Cache involves the personal information of customers and potential customers. When pages have access to full-page caches, they’re able to target pages toward specific individuals. Caching allows merchants to know about which products are most searched for and which are working best for the site; thereby, allowing them to focus on the ones that are most valuable.

Advanced Roles

Magento 2 allows eCommerce owners to create several sites from the same administration page. Advanced roles also allow administrators to view all actions that have been taken from these sites; giving complete control to merchants.

Better Security

We live in a society that stresses internet security more than ever before. With so many people saving their credit card and baking information on the web, many customers are happy to know that Magento 2 is proven to be a completely safe way to shop online.

Reward Points

Reward points are used for customers and potential clients around the world. Usually, these reward programs will offer customers some discounts or presents instead of points they gained when they buy certain products. This is an excellent way to attract customers to your store.

Attribute Management

Attribute management essentially helps merchants describe the characteristics of their products. The attributes of your products are values that describe your products. An example of this is the word “color” or “size.”

Customer Credit

You can provide customer credit in a variety of ways: you can decide to accept donations and provide potential customers with credit in exchange. This is a great method for anyone who wants to maintain their inventories while attracting more people. Customer credit is awarded to the customer(s) in question at checkout to make their cart(s) less expensive.


Marketing is known for being one of the best ways to attract clients to your business. Still, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re trying to improve your marketing techniques. That’s why we’ve written the above guide, which shows you the best marketing techniques in the field and how to attract potential customers.

Posted on: July 17, 2018


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