Magento Product Video allows you to harness one of the most powerful features available on a website. A video can showcase products more effectively than pictures and text alone. Magento 2 video extensions offer a range of design options to customize the video content and thumbnails. It lets you build video galleries to display multiple videos on the same page. You can also customize each video gallery with sliders, grid panels, and thumb strips. This lets you pack loads of content onto a page while keeping it neat and clutter-free. Learn more about video content, options for Magento 2 store and how to work with it.

Why Is Video Content so Important for Sales?

The simple fact is that visitors to your site watch a video more than read a few lines of text. Plus, a few short minutes of video content can provide more information on your products than pages of text. Video content lets you showcase products from many angles.

By adding multimedia to a site, you can connect with more customers and dramatically boost conversion rates. Not only this, but most studies show that product or introductory video will likely to increase your sales. Check the related statistics below:


Video Usage in eCommerceBy including videos, you broaden the range of your site. Videos give you the option of offering recordings of events that showcase your products and services. Videos can also be used to provide tutorials, offering valuable content to your customers.

Videos are an excellent medium to offer consumer testimonials and user reviews. Customers will feel almost as if they are receiving live personal feedback. By using these multimedia features, you can build trust. And, trust is the single most important factor in promoting sales. Finally, multimedia content increases your search rankings, helping consumers to find your site more easily.

Magento 2 Video Types

There are some different ways to place the video on your site. You can insert video from the external sites or have self-hosted videos in your store. Let’s consider which type of video content is easier to add to your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 Embedded Videos

Magento video extension tools work with almost any format. MP4 video files are recommended first, as they are simple and extremely reliable. However, Magento works just as well with JPEG and PNG. MPEG, GIF, FMV, and SWF can be used as well, and this list is far from comprehensive.

Any of these formats can be uploaded from any device without a hassle. Plus, Magento works with nearly all platforms for video hosting. You can upload Vimeo and Youtube videos, plus videos from a wide range of other sources, with the click of a few buttons.

Magento 2 Youtube Video

Magento Youtube Product Video allows you to include video embeds quickly and easily. The process is simple. Enter the Google Developers console to copy the Data API from Youtube. Next, go into Magento Admin, Stores – Settings – Configuration.

Magento Admin. Stores SectionThen go into Magento catalog and enter the API key in the appropriate field from the product videos section.

Magento Admin. Configuration SectionThis gives you the credentials to use the video on your site and configures Magento for the video. Save and refresh to lock the credentials in.

Finally, enter the URL, add a description and title, and voila! The video has been embedded in the site.

Magento Admin. Product Joust Duffle Bag Section

Magento Admin. New Video SectionTo take care of presentation details, use the options automatically offered next to customize the thumbnail and orientation of your video.

In most cases, this will work with no other adjustments. However, you may want to check the frame rate of the original and the embed. You’ll get a higher quality video if the frame rates match. Keeping the resolution in mind is important. It’s best to use a 16:9 resolution with 1080p or 720p. MP4 videos often work best when they are encoded with H.264. Other file formats will work as well, but these will give the most immediate results and no hassles

Vimeo Videos and Other Video Hosting Platforms

To embed a Vimeo video, simply follow the same process as described above for Youtube videos. Regardless of the video source, Magento allows you to customize thumbnail images for all uploads and embeds. It also offers another powerful feature: several embeds can be loaded onto a single products page in a video gallery.

Video galleries can be designed with grid panel, strip panel, and slider options. Each of these designs can be customized. You can select from multiple scrolling options, transition times and durations, and panel background colors, among loads of other features. Other video hosts will work with Magento video extension, in the same way, making it a breeze to embed any video you like to your site.

Magento 2 Self-Hosted Videos

With Magento video tools, you can also embed self-hosted videos on your eCommerce site. However, since these videos often come in a range of resolutions and file formats, you will need to use a video converter to optimize them.

A video converter lets you adjust the format and settings of the video so that the embed works best with Magento. Remember that playing a video use bandwidths. Low bandwidth can reduce the video quality and presentation on your site. To keep it as high as possible, it may be necessary to lower the bitrate of your embed. It may also be necessary to make some compromises with regard to quality.

To use self-hosted videos, you’ll first need to find a quality video converter that supports your desired video format. According to TechRadar, the best free online video converter for 2018 is Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter. To obtain this, simply go to the Apowersoft site. Download a launcher plugin and install it onto your desktop. Once this is done, the video converter can be operated completely through your browser. Apowersoft accepts nearly all video file formats and is capable of providing almost any output formats. Plus, once the file is converted, it can be downloaded or uploaded to a site with no more than a few clicks.


If you want to increase customer engagement, raise your SEO score, and boost conversion rates, there’s nothing that beats multimedia. By adding videos, you can make your site more successful and bring it up in the rankings. Magento gives you unequaled freedom with video embeds. It lets you work with a wide variety of file formats. You can create professional video galleries to showcase your products simply. Magento 2 is the best option for enriching your site with multimedia features. If you need any help to set up some features to your store, please refer to our Magento Support services.
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