Emails always seem to be a simple thing to create, right? You just need to write a few words, add some link to your site and, send it out. Email services will let you come up with your own email by using their default designs. But, what would you do if you want to improve your emails and make them have some dynamic content that will enable them to remain consistent on other channels?

The answer is to use a template that is specially designed, and this is where the email templates come in. In the world of business, marketing is always an important thing and one of the strategies often used is the sending of customized emails. This can either be from the business to the consumer or from a business to another business entity, commonly known as B2B email marketing.

For that reason, therefore, let us explain more about Magento® email templates.

What is Email Marketing?

From what we’ve talked about above, you can conclude that email marketing is simply the use of emails to promote your business. This is usually done by customizing or personalizing a message and making it available for your potential consumers. This way, you will be increasing the chances of your business being noticed by a large number of people thus increasing the chances of getting more customers too.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

Emails always play a huge role in our lives, because they help us to get access to any website or platform and read some specific content.

When it comes to business, email marketing presents an excellent opportunity especially when you are trying to reach your potential consumers regardless of the audience. When you introduce the use of emails as one of your business marketing strategies, you will notice that it improves the visibility and reach of your business, thus giving you the ability to engage with the leads and convert them consistently.

Email marketing can also give you the freedom to customize your messages according to the actions of your customers.

You are able to categorize your target audience and see into it that the messages with the greatest impact reach the right leads in good time. Other advantages of using email marketing include the fact that it is a cost-effective method and is also among the easiest strategies to use when it comes to performance and the results you get.

Do You Need Email Marketing Templates?

An email template is basically an email that has already been written or designed and can be used to send emails for your business to both the potential and retained customers.

When working with an email template, all you need to do is change what is already there with the content of your choice, for instance, the details of your product, the logo of your business and also the signature.

If you use Magento as a platform for your eCommerce store, platform-oriented email templates will give you the following advantages:

Magento Email Templates Benefits


When it comes to promoting your business, it will take you some time to come up with your own design and write the content before you can finalize on it and send it out. Well, this process might take a lot of your time since there is also some testing that needs to be done after editing. But, if you go ahead and use email templates, you perform email preparation faster. This will allow you to think of other ways of improving your business.

Brand Consistency

When you use email templates for your marketing campaigns, people will be able to notice a particular design pattern in your emails. This will make them remember your business each time they see your emails. This helps you in maintaining brand awareness hence the need to always include your websites, channels, and logo in the content.

Enhances Communication

Of course, there will always be some competition when you join the world of business. This is why most people strive to come up with great marketing strategies, one of them being branding and keeping it consistent. This is what the consumers usually depends on regardless of if they are going to respond to the offer or not. They will always look for a trustworthy company. Additionally, you can also add some personal touch to the template you are using when personalizing your messages. This can make the customers understand you better.

Increases Your Revenue

When the communication improves, the relationship between the business and the customers also improves. This increases your chances to acquire more web traffic.

Common Mistakes in Email Templates

People always make mistakes in almost everything and using email templates is no exception. Below are some common mistakes one can make when using email templates.

Common Mistakes in Email Templates


Not everyone will open the emails on the computer, some will use tablets and others will even use their cell phones. This, therefore, means that people should be able to open emails across all the devices regardless of the email template design used. Whether you decide to create an email template from scratch or use something like bootstrap email template, make sure they are able to fit the screens perfectly for easy navigation. Anyway, why waste all that time trying to come up with a new design when you can simply use a responsive email template like bootstrap.

Twisted Logic in Content

Well, you can’t really get your message across when you keep on shifting the logic in your message. Remember to always keep it short and precise. This will give a more clear message then when you start telling a long story and end up confusing everyone.

Too Many Pictures Used

Using too many images in an email will make it quite bulky thus they will take much time to load on various devices. This is why most people usually disable the images option when using their mobile phones.

Unavailability of Unsubscribtion

This is a crucial point to note yet some people still miss it. Without the unsubscribe button, the consumers might go straight ahead and start marking your emails as SPAM. This might affect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build when it comes to deliverability. Make sure to always include this option in your email template.

No Call-To-Action

Don’t leave your customers hanging. Make sure you clearly indicate why they are receiving your emails. Remember to ensure that you have a call to action statement in your emails. This will also make a lot of people to engage with your business.

No A/B Testing

For you to get more customers, you need to come up with great content that will encourage them to click or open up the messages. The A/B test or email template testing will help to find out which option is the best to use. This way, you are guaranteed to get a good number of clicks.

Where to Find Great Email Templates

If you’ve already decided that you will be using email templates, you should consider taking a look at the sites below.


If you are looking to find great creative designs when it comes to templates, consider taking a look at this site. At an affordable price, you can always find nice designs that suit your needs. WEB4PRO has own email templates there, so you can check the portfolio and choose the one for your email marketing campaign.


Whether you want WordPress themes or web templates, this place is where you should be looking at. Even from the name itself, you can already tell it is a great place template. They offer nicely designed templates at a competitive price too.


This is also among the best places to purchase email templates from. If you are looking to find great Magento email templates, you can start here. They do offer responsive and customizable email templates.


Email marketing still remains the most effective methods of promoting your business. It is cost effective and can reach a wider target. It becomes, even more, better if you use email templates as this saves more time which can be used on other things. If you want to improve the visibility of your business, try using email marketing and remember to use the templates.
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