How to Optimize eCommerce Shopping Cart

How to Optimize eCommerce Shopping Cart

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Although every online business owner will need to have a shopping cart, there are many who enter this field and ask themselves “what is a shopping cart in eCommerce?” and “how does it differ from each other?

In short, an eCommerce shopping cart is one of the most important features of your online store. No customer appreciates spending time on your site, only to have a shopping cart that doesn’t perform well. Below we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about shopping carts in eCommerce to ensure that your store has the best one and that ends up with sales.

Ways to Optimize Your Cart in eCommerce

If you want your customers to have the best experience possible, it’s vital that your cart is optimized. Once you’ve made it, your site will experience an increase in conversations and leads.

A good shopping cart has the following traits:

  • Large product image resolution when adding it to cart; product name and availability status;
  • An indication of product quantity and colors with the ability of editing and removing them;
  • After using a promo code, there should be a pop up with additional sales and promotions;
  • Related products should be placed on the same page with eCommerce cart;
  • Additional ordering options: contact us and get credit;
  • “Place the order” button and total order price;

And last but not least, a perfect eCommerce shopping cart should be responsive and has an auto-recovery feature. That means if a customer returns to the website, the items that were placed before remain there.

Common Mistakes in Shopping Cart Design and Development

If you follow previous rules this will help you to deliver the best buying experience. However, one the path of creating the best shopping cart some mistakes may occur. Here is the list of the most common ones:

  • Unavailability of the alternative ordering options: credit and order in one click;
  • Feebly-marked CTA-element of the page over the high common visual noise;
  • Lack of recommendations and related products.

How to Design eCommerce Shopping Cart

To have the best shopping cart, you need to have the perfect design for your store’s brand identity and for the convenience of your customers.

Design Product Blocks in Shopping Cart

Product blocks provide your customers with a summary of the products they’re buying. These blocks will detail or describe your products so that when they’re checking out, your customers know exactly what’s in their cart. This gives them an opportunity to double-check their cart. You need to visualize product block to give customer clear understanding of the product.

Optimize Your Product Page

There are a few things that you can do to optimize your product page. For one thing, adding a picture is essential for your product page. When you’re using a picture in your shopping cart, you should try to include a large thumbnail image.

You should also have a product description that’s easy to understand. For each product, you should only have the necessary information so that your descriptions aren’t too complicated. You can include product names, prices, shipping information, and the quantity of the specific product you’re buying.

Every part of your product page should be simple to use. We already spoke a little about your product descriptions, but there’s much more to efficiency than that. Your entire checkout needs to be responsive to ensure that your customers are receiving the fastest service.

One-Click Order Checkout

Using this feature in your online store ensures that your customers are getting the most efficient service possible. When they have the option to order products with one click, their entire shopping experience can be quickened.

The more convenient your store is for customers, the more likely it is that they’ll return to your store.

Shopping Cart Checklist

  1.  Include an order summary. This will ensure that your customers have a clear picture of what they’re buying.
  2.  Include a simple checkout design. When your checkout design is easy for customers to use, they’ll be more likely to come back to your store.
  3.  Add a live-chat. When you create a website that’s client-oriented, they’ll feel appreciated and they’ll be more likely to tell other people about your business. Adding a live chat ensures that if anyone struggles with your site or check out services, they’ll be able to contact you for help. As such, you won’t have customers who cancel their purchase when they’re struggling with their order. With a live chat, you’ll be able to help them through any problems to ensure that they can continue with their purchase.
  4.  Create a mobile-friendly checkout. More and more people are turning toward their phones and mobile devices because, quite simply, human beings are always on the “go”. Having a checkout that enables people to buy items at any time will increase your chances of having people buy products from you.
  5.  Exclude too many fields. When your clients or customers have too many fields to fill out during their checkout, they’re less likely to come back to your store. This is because we live in an age; wherein, individuals are more concerned with their cybersecurity. If you ask them to provide you with too much information about themselves, they might hesitate or they might turn toward another site entirely. It should also be noted that when people shop online, they’re looking to have the ultimate shopping experience.

When shopping carts are built properly, business owners are more likely to increase leads and conversions within their sites.


Your eCommerce shopping cart is the final impressional your customers have of your store. This also means that it’s your last opportunity to provide them with a service that will either convince them to come back to your store or turn toward another. If you want to provide a seamless checkout for your customers, you’ll have to optimize your cart completely. You’ll also have to provide them with a simple design that follows the overall look of your website. Use the same font for your checkout page as you do for the rest of your site. If you have any questions about your shopping cart, contact us today!

Posted on: December 13, 2018


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