One of the most important decision points for Magento® store owners is whether to go for a Magento freelancer or Magento development agency. As the operator or managers of an eCommerce store, you completely understand that the decision can get confusing at times. In this article, we will provide you with a comparative analysis about which choice is the suitable option for you.

Difference Between Magento Development Agency and Magento Freelancer

The pros of Magento freelancers are that you will get the flexibility that you need in your firm. Freelancers usually prefer to work alone and charge a comparatively lower price. They are usually experts in a particular field and are able to use specialized knowledge or skill for completing the work. We would recommend choosing an experienced Magento developer if your project is on a small scale level.

The cons of hiring a freelancer include the fact that they cannot be master of everything! Hence, they lack diversity when it comes to managing your website. The low operation cost and flexibility comes with a price as well. Since freelancers prefer to work during their own time, they tend to be unreliable at times and communication with them is less formalized.

The core competency of Magento development agency is the fact that they work in a team. The team provides diversity and the set of skill sets that you need for effective project management. Communicating work with them is actually much more convenient and easier. In usual cases, Magento development agencies have a separate client servicing department to deal with your feedback and queries.

Definitely going for Magento development agency is the better choice to go for. The price differs, but you will see it as more of an investment when you hire an experienced Magento 2 developer from agencies rather than an unnecessary cost.

Questions to Consider Before Making a Choice

When it comes to making a choice, it is easier to make the final call when you have some set standards of distinction or specific criteria to compare with. A Magento developer guide can be useful in this aspect. Some of the common questions you need to consider before making the choice are as follows:

  • What value will a Magento development agency or freelancer add to my website?
  • What are the pros and cons of each option?
  • What is the cost associated with the certain decision?
  • Will the undertaken cost be actually useful to my business?

Do You Need One Magento Developer or a Team?

Yes, Magento has a user-friendly interface, but a lot of back-end work goes for that kind of interface and development. The burning question here is whether you should opt for a developer or a team? The table below will help you better assess the situation.

Criteria of distinctionAgencyFreelancer
Pricing Magento development cost of agencies is usually on the project basis. They charge around $8000 or more depending on the project size and type of work that should be done. The cost for freelancers is relatively cheaper and usually calculated on an hourly basis. The cost could start from $15 per hour to more depending on the experience of the freelancer.
Knowledge In agencies, there is a guarantee that you will find experienced Magento developers and a team with complementary skills. From country to country, the knowledge or level of expertise might vary for each freelancer.
Support The level of support is much more comprehensive for agencies. Constant communication and feedback is the key to building the right product. In fact, you will get the support of your store even after the development process will be finished. You may find a need in constant support and updates.With freelancers, it is difficult to provide constant feedback and get the work done on time specifically for complex projects.
Project Management Agencies are more prone to informing you on what stage of the project you are in. Project managers will help you with communication and timelines. Even if you hire a dedicated Magento developer, you will be provided with the updates during your collaboration.With freelancers, the communication channel will be optional. However, it is not a guarantee of constant communication and strict deadlines.
Additional ServicesWith migration, integration and customization support, it is always recommended that you choose an agency. Their team will have better knowledge and experience. Freelancers are known to be more reliable for performing standardized tasks rather than customized ones.

Where to Find Magento Developers?

Now that you understood that Magento developers can add a great deal of value to your business, here are tips about where to find a Magento developer.

Magento-Related Events

You will find a great networking opportunity in Magento related events and eCommerce conferences and seminars. Talking with professionals in the field will give you a better perspective.

Magento Certification Directory

Magento certification directory usually has the list of the skilled and experienced Magento developers. However, if you are looking for a full team, this is not the right place to search.

Research and Review Platforms

Review and research platforms such as Clutch,, Extract is the best way to find eligible Magento development and eCommerce agencies. You will find honest reviews and area of expertise there which will help to make a conscious decision.

Freelance platforms

Platforms such as oDesk, Elance and much more will provide you with the right service you need. All you need to do is sign up there and post your project requirement and details. You will find a list of freelancers willing to do that job.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can also be a good platform to look for eligible Magento developers.


In short, for the complex projects, it is wise to go for Magento development agency. They are proven to be more experienced, reliable and efficient compared to freelancers. However, for the small projects and an extremely tight budget you can go for freelancers.
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