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Magento POS Solutions

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If you have a physical or an eCommerce store, then you might have already heard of POS systems. That’s because POS is the perfect way for you to integrate and combine offline stores with your online eCommerce platform. With it, you can increase your sales, keep your customers content, and stay at the top of your game. Learn more about POS solutions for Magento® 2 below.

What Does POS System Mean?

POS stands for Point of Sale system. In short, a POS is a system that allows your customers or clients to carry out the payments you ask of them. As the name suggests, it’s the moment where your customer’s order turns into a point of sale.

There are two ways in which POS systems are carried on. With the first, you install the system on your computer, which also connects it to your server.

The second uses the cloud. It’s called Software-as-a-Service POS solutions, which can be a bit of a mouthful. You access the system through the web, and even if you lose the Internet, your system will be updated when you’re online.

Magento Retail POS Features

POS is a broad topic that touches on a variety of other subjects. Below, you can read more about having a Magento 2 point of sales store and decide whether it’s right for your business.

Omnichannel System

Using an omnichannel system is critical for any business owner and any of the eCommerce store. Studies have shown that nearly 90% of business owners agree that it’s entirely vital to use an omnichannel system. That said, only 8% of them believe that they understand and apply it thoroughly.

Since almost all business owners claim that they have invested in an omnichannel strategy or that they’re planning to in the future, you don’t want to be left out of the loop.


SaaS POS is exceptionally lightweight. You can take it on-the-go, which means you can add the module to your mobile devices like your iPad or your Tablet.

Even when you’re out from the workplace, you can make orders, or you can complete payment processes. On a POS Magento iPad, you can make managing your business all that much easier.

Customer Management

You can manage your customers more efficiently because you get data from inventory, purchase history from your customers, etc. In doing so, you’ll have more information to tailor to your customers’ needs. POS offers customers returns and backorders, as well as coupons and loyalty programs.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting will bring more traffic to your website; thereby, increasing your sales.
Because POS provides you with enough much information about your customers that you can then suggest them product bundles, as well as recommended items and products. This will allow you to increase your sales because when your customers see suggested items based on their purchasing history, they’re more likely to like these items and buy them.

System’s Reporting

You’re able to increase productivity with the POS system. This is because when your associates use the information that’s been collected, they can enter more details about sales with an on-screen prompt.

When you have an extensive inventory, you can use barcodes to update the inventory you have in stock. Your payments are processed quickly and more efficiently; thereby, securing customer data more safely and making it easy for them to buy.

Let’s explore which extensions or POS software exist in the market, and what are their features and benefits.

POS Extensions for Magento 2

While there are some POS solutions for Magento 2, there aren’t many POS extensions for Magento 2; it’s easy to tell which ones come out on top.

Now that you know a little bit about the various features associated with Magento retail POS, here are some top extensions that allow you to use it effectively for your online store.

Connect POS

ConnectPOS is compatible with M1 (1.8 and above) and M2 (2.1 and above). It helps capture in-store sales quickly and synchronizes all data in real time between POS and Magento. ConnectPOS is equipped with many strong features such as Refund, Exchange, Gift Cards, Reward Points, Multi-warehouse Inventory and 20 advanced reports to help merchants run and grow their businesses with fewer limitations.

ConnectPOS has different pricing plans, starting at $39 for a month and we provide free trial and demo.

Overall, this extension allows you to connect stores with physical locations to eCommerce stores through multi-store management.

POS Extension for Magento 2 by Magestore

This POS extension is one of those because it offers your customers some advantages that other stores do not. For one thing, you can have store credit. This is useful if you have a high volume of returns. You can even have custom discounts!

As well as that, sync all of your information as it processes to keep your system up-to-date and to have relevant information about your customers. Flexible payments allow your customers to place orders without credit cards; they can pay with Paypal, Stripe, etc.

Boost My Shop POS Extension

At its base, the Boost My Shop POS Extension costs around $300 for the 3-month community plan. For six months, you can expect to pay $378, $418 for a year, and $598 for three years. The enterprise edition will cost you $598 for three months, $677 for six months, $717 for one year, and $897 for three years.

The extension provides you with an interface so that you can update all of your systems from the same screen. Your store will also process sales more quickly through the use of product scanning, a short-cut list of products without barcodes, and a search-engine tool that suggests products as you type in a search bar.

Now, we will consider pros and cons of POS system for business.

Pros and Cons Magento POS System

Let’s start with the advantages of the POS system for Magento store owner.

  1. Versatile. You can use POS across all of your stores – online and offline control your inventory. This means that you know what is going on with sales, transactions, and stocks, and you can easily manage any surpluses or shortages of the products and distribute stocks across all the stores.
  2. Easy-to-use. If you have one system to manage multiple business tasks, your staff will be able to adapt and use it more efficiently than different programs for tracking orders and managing your sales and inventory.
  3. Environment-friendly. As a standard cash desk requires to print a receipt, the POS system is made to be innovative and environment-friendly. You can choose to send the receipt by email or even won’t provide it at all.

Cons of the POS system are the following:

  1. Costly. To implement a fully-fledged POS system you need tablets, purchase the software, and also give your workers time for understanding how the system works and train them. Usually, the POS system requires Apple products which aren’t the cheapest ones. Consider all the risks, and possible expenses.
  2. Short service life. Devices that are used for running a POS system require renovation or replacement. Besides physical harm, there could be cyberattacks or security breaches. That is why most devices need to be changed with a time which means additional costs.


POS systems are versatile. You can use them from pretty much anywhere, which means that you can also manage your store from anywhere. If you talk to any eCommerce business owner, he or she will rave about their Magento POS system. That’s why you should invest in it yourself and watch your business change for the better. If you are looking to implement POS for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will guide you with our best specialists in Magento 2 Extension Development.

Posted on: April 17, 2018


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