The world is changing due to improvement in technology, which has dramatically eased payment processing for the online clothing store. Many customers can now buy online from clothing store websites — the reason why your online store is critical. It’s the only point where customers relinquish their credit card to pay for the acquired goods and services.

It’s prudent to be entirely in charge of your check out page to increase sales for your business. Other than popularly known PayPal, there are several online payment methods. Unlike long ago when you used to shop manually, with a single click nowadays, you can buy the attire you want online without having to travel. Here are general payment processing recommendations for any eCommerce online clothing store.

General Recommendations for eCommerce Online Clothing Store

Online clothing store should be able to take its clients through significant processes such as payment options, hosting, marketing tools, reports, and designs. It would help if you began by examining how much you can sell.

Customization is another vital tool for eCommerce online clothing store. To increase the level of customization offer attractive templates because clients prefer the great user experience along with trendy design. The site speed is also usable for UX.

And last, but not least are various payment gateways available for your customers’ convenience. To implement them successfully, you need to follow certain security standards, compatibility with the platform you use and payment methods related to the country where you sell goods. Below you can read about the most essential payment methods for the next years and security standards to make your customers’ payments safe and prove the trustworthiness of your business.

eCommerce Security Features in 2019

Any online clothing store requires reliable security features. Without trusted security features cause payment fraud and hacking of your online clothing store. Apart from financial fraud, you risk exposing your customers’ data. However, using credible security features will build trust within your clients and reduce any payment fraud. Here are examples of trusted security features that you can use to improve the confidence of customers on your website.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is an important security feature which protects sensitive information from being transferred via online clothing stores. It also boosts the ranking of your online clothing store due to Google added SSL certificates. It is hard to determine the original SSL certificate, but there are online comparison tools which can help you get the right certificate for your need.

Business Validation SSL enables your visitors to check Company’s business name and verification of your business number. While Extended Validation SSL certificate is equipped with Green Bar, which has your verified company name, the right SSL certificate doesn’t and has never failed. Get the right SSL certificate and avoid fake ones.

Two-Factor Authentication

Weak passwords predispose your online clothing store to the highest risk of hacking. In Two-Factor authentication, you combine two of the three possible factors. These potential factors are; what the user knows (e.g., a PIN code), what the user has (e.g., a credit card) and what the user is (e.g., a fingerprint). So online clothing store uses the Two-Factor authentication (what the user has and what the user knows) to transact online.

The second authentication occurs when you link your account with your mobile phone or USB fob. When you combine it with password and username, you get a robust layer of security. Two-Factor authentication makes it hard for scammers to access your online clothing store.

Firewall Usage

Firewall is used to protect the traffic that goes throughout your network. Firewall thoroughly examines the traffic to block any unauthorized access to online data from the organization. Other than protection Firewall has additional features which can neutralize any scammer’s ability to use stolen personal details to hack your online clothing store.

A firewall has the power to sieve internet transmissions to allow the only traffic that belongs to the organization. Firewall is an outstanding security feature which has significantly evolved to curb hacking.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Any online clothing store requires privacy because of the sensitivity of the data at hand. So the rights and privacy of any site must be respected. If any personal information is collected, it’s only supposed to be used for the intended purpose. You should never be afraid to enter personal data in a reliable site.

Cookies are data files placed on your device when you are surfing. They cannot affect your device because they are standard across all sites. The purpose of the cookies is to provide information to the bearer of the website making it efficient. They also help monitor the number of people who visit your site. With cookies, you define traffic flow which helps make vital decisions in your business.

Various Payment Methods

Online clothing stores were the fastest to embrace new online methods of payment. With the latest technology, money is transferred automatically to your client’s bank account without delay unlike long ago. Here are various payment features used by different clothing stores.

Payment with Checks

The process begins when you provide checking account details such as routing numbers to a business. With the particulars, the attendant pulls out funds from your bank account electronically. You can provide these details by typing it online. You can also write your check on paper, scan it and have it converted into electronic checks. Some companies have check reading machines to process your payment.

You proceed to upload the check information for processing. The amount reflects later in the service provider’s account within a day or two. You use the same procedure for a mailed check. Remember to give back the check.

Online Clothing Stores That Accept Checks Online

The following online stores allow you to pay directly from your account electronically. You begin by placing your order online and then send a paper check to the company for processing. Once all the requirement have been approved, your attire is shipped to you. Here is a list of the clothing stores that accept online checks in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America.

The process is simple. A customer can perform paying with a check by simply choosing PayPal payment.

Abercrombie & Fitch Checkout: Check Payment Through PayPal

He or she will be redirected to their user account. PayPal allows the user to link check account to the PayPal. This is the most widespread payment gateway for the online store. However, a customer can pay by scanning the check and sending it directly via email or use another payment gateway to link check account to it.

How to Facilitate PayPal Payment

Shopping online is quick and hustle free. It’s secure from unauthorized users. Almost everybody can send and receive money through a PayPal account if you have an email account.

Step 1. Once you open the site type in the search pack to get a list of matching attires from the retailers.

Step 2. After selecting the attire, add it to the card and choose PayPal as your payment mode. To confirm whether the site is secure ensure that it starts with “https.”

Step 3. Finally, log in your account and choose to pay from your credit card or bank account linked to your PayPal account. When you complete the process, you receive a receipt in your email that you can print for the future reference.

Online Clothing Stores That Accept PayPal

Here are examples of the online clothing store that you can link, order and pay via PayPal.

Payment with Credit Card

There are lots of online clothing stores which accept credit card. The process of credit card payment for the customer looks the following: If you are shopping for sneakers, for instance, key in “add cart” in your shopping cart. Select the type of attire you want to buy and click check out button; after that review your cart to rest assured that you added the right shape, size, and colors of your choice.

Nike Product Options Before the Checkout

To complete the payment enter your shipping address.

Filling out Shipping Information at Checkout

Enter the credit card information; security code, number and the date of expiry.

Payment Information for the Credit Card

To finalize the purchase process enter the billing address for your credit card. The transaction can’t go through unless you enter the correct billing address. As you can see, the payment process should be simple and smooth. That will lead the customer to place the order and stay satisfied with the store.

Now, most of the stores have a debit/credit card payment option. Also, check payment and PayPal payment are the most common payment methods for any kind of online store.


Payment processing is relatively a straightforward process, but you should understand which payment process best suits your business. You should pause enough to weigh your options well before you decide on the payment mode. The payment solutions available range from PayPal, credit card, ‘checks to self-hosted payment pages. Some solutions are preferred for their flexibility or ease of integration. It all lies within your jurisdiction to choose the payment solution for your online clothing store.
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