Drupal Support

No problems and no lost time, no gone visitors and no stress. With our support, your website will always feel good and put you in a positive frame of mind. Don’t worry about technical issues and changes. Our WEB4PRO Drupal support team will take care of them.

Everybody knows that the website is a complex dynamic system. In order to meet high competition requirements, you need a new approach. The website should be interactive, user-friendly and modern.

You can get all these features using powerful Drupal CMS, which has a lot of useful functionalities, free modules, and themes. It is an open source tool, which can be used by everyone who works with web solutions. But time moves on, and any project should be improved and upgraded. Drupal maintenance services can help you in this case, and it will always keep your project in tune with the times.

What Is Drupal Tech Support?

This is a service that we can provide for your site on Drupal. It includes various services from answering your questions about your Drupal site to solving a full range of issues that may occur inside or affect general website look and feel. With it, we’ll explain what is happening with your website, and solve any issues with our Drupal support services.

When You Need Drupal Site Maintenance?

When you want to adjust some modules and themes, make changes in a project, or you have new ideas and want to implement them, sometimes it’s necessary to have more experience. Drupal support and maintenance will successfully cope with this task, and you’ll enjoy the result without any additional efforts.

It could be useful in the following cases:

  • when you need to extend the existing functionality on your website;
  • if something goes wrong on the site and needs to be sorted out;
  • when your server can’t resist the load, so it needs some works;
  • if you need to apply some changes to the current theme;
  • when it’s necessary to set up and turn on/off some features and modules;
  • if you need help on website management;
  • while you want to track the marketing rates and are going to integrate the website with Analytics or other third-party marketing services;
  • when your website is infected and needs treatment;
  • if you have some questions on the website improvements;
  • if you want to get reports on the website stability and security.

Also, our clients who ordered the web development of their projects at our company, definitely, can count on Drupal site maintenance by our WEB4PRO team.

Our Drupal Support Package

We are pleased to provide you with our support packages for your site maintenance. We support:

  • Drupal 7.x
  • Drupal 8.x
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Drupal Ubercart

It’s the right decision to trust your website based on Drupal to the experts and not to spend the valuable time. We have already developed a number of websites based on modern Drupal 8 CMS and now continue to support these projects.

Benefits of Drupal Support Services for Your Site

Competent support.  Your website will be supported by a Drupal developer who knows about all the potential issues and also unexpected ones. The specialist will detect and solve any problem that occurs quickly and professionally.

Technical Audits. Reviewing website functionality allows you to upgrade your site and modules and improve user experience.

Stable Security. Drupal has a core, contributed modules, themes, libraries, and other parts included in site based on this CMS. If you have clean code and stable fixing of issues by the reliable team of developers, you won’t have any gaps in security. Also, you’ll enhance functionality along with site performance.

Saving Money & Time. If you get frequent updates and website maintenance, you’ll save time and money as you won’t get any unexpected errors in your site’s functionality.

Regular Reports. While we control your site performance, you’ll get all the reports and analysis of balanced work.

Our Drupal Support Services for You

Drupal Support Services

There is nothing more valuable than a strong partnership and work with the team you can trust. Your website is your business, so it should be in safe hands. We understand this and always do our best to provide our clients with the high quality of Drupal maintenance services and treat their websites with more care. There is nothing impossible if we do all things together.

We are open to communication with you and are ready to answer any question related to Drupal. Please, feel free to contact our team of web developers and trust them your project. They will do all the work for you and give a hand when something is not clear.

Do you need Drupal site maintenance? – Please, welcome. We are here to do our best for you.

You’ll get:

  • stability and security;
  • continuous help and care;
  • solutions to all your web issues.

Drupal Optimization Services

The fast website brings visitors. The more visitors, the more benefits you get. Make your Drupal based website run like clockwork and involve the interested audience. Boost your conversion with our Drupal performance tuning company!

Is your Drupal based website slow? Do you have any wishes about its speed? Then Drupal performance optimization will be the best solution in this case.

Page loading time is a very important marker that influences your business results. You should know that visitors’ limit of temptation lists no more than 2 seconds. It means the website should be loaded fast.

Let’s imagine that you are a user, and now you are going to find some products on the Internet. You are searching. Then you choose the one website in Top search results and follow the link. Nothing happens. You had been waiting for 5 seconds, but the page hasn’t been loaded yet. Are you irritated? Maybe, yes. The visitors of the slow websites feel the same. As a rule of thumb, they don’t want to wait and leave a page. But don’t worry, everyone can avoid this situation with Drupal performance optimization.

What Influences Drupal Performance?

There are different factors that contribute to Drupal website performance. Here are several of them which have a great impact on it:

  • The number of used modules. The more different modules you use, the more load on your website is. In most cases, it’s better to reduce the number of unnecessary modules.
  • Caching. Enabling page caching, block caching, and views block caching can drastically increase Drupal performance.
  • The size of code files. The clean code also helps to optimize website performance. At least, try to turn on JavaScript and CSS integration.
  • Optimized Images. They really have a sense. Too large images slow down the website, that’s why it’s quite important to keep them optimized.
  • Helpful modules. Different modules for Drupal performance optimization are also very useful in this process.

Our WEB4PRO Drupal performance tuning company can do all these things for you and save you valuable time. Drupal is enough complicated system that needs a good learning curve for performing the best optimization practices. Professional web developers will do Drupal 7 performance optimization on the highest level. As a result, you’ll get the fast website which attracts new visitors and returns your customers.

How to Check Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Performance?

If you are not sure whether your website needs performance optimization, you can run the speed test and make the conclusion based on the results:

  • Check your website with GoogleSpeed Insights. You’ll see the level of your website performance at the current moment.
  • Try Website Grader and check website page loading speed.

Also, there are much more tools for checking the website speed. If you need to optimize your Drupal-based website, welcome to WEB4PRO.

Optimize Your Drupal Site with WEB4PRO

Definitely, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 performance optimization is a useful way to speed up your website, make it faster and reduce the page loading time. Our clients have already felt the difference and begun to involve more and more visitors.

Drupal performance optimization can become the key to brand awareness. Perhaps, it is a little part of the whole puzzle, which is necessary for your great success.

If you need to optimize your website, we’ll do it with great pleasure.

You’ll get:

  • an optimized website that runs like clockwork;
  • the extremely high page-load speed;
  • more satisfied visitors for your website.

Drupal Module Development

Drupal is an extremely flexible and open-source CMS, which can be used to create and customize website for any type of business. It’s module-based, which means that it is extended by selecting and combining individual modules. One of the distinguishing features of Drupal is that it offers both default modules and the capacity to create custom modules tailored to the functionality you require. Get a powerful custom Drupal module and enjoy the benefits.

The benefit of Drupal is that it can be designed exactly to your specifications. That being said, Drupal module development can be challenging. It requires a strong knowledge of coding and experience in creating modules specifically for Drupal.

However, custom modules will be more beneficial for providing the functionality you need for your site. That is why it’s essential to have a skilled development team to develop the modules and multifunctional tools for your store.

What Does Drupal 8 Module Development Include?

Drupal Module Development Services Include

Drupal modules now have the most necessary features and functionalities included stock.

As for Drupal 8 modules, each module can be created solely for your site, specifically crafted to include the desired functionality. Plus, module updates are much simpler for Drupal 8, meaning minimal maintenance and less downtime for your site.

Let’s look into some processes of getting a custom Drupal module for your store.

Drupal Module Installation

The first step in module installation is to find the module you’d like to use. If you have an established site, creating a backup before the new setup is an important step when using an untried contributed module. By testing the backup thoroughly before beginning installation, we ensure that you have a clear baseline.

After we will do the research of modules together and you make a final selection, the next step is the installation. In Drupal 8, the process of importation is linked to enabling, so there’s one less step to installation compared with Drupal 7. We handle working with both versions so that you will get needed modules that perform right.

Finally, the “Operations” heading on the far right offers some options that will be important in the next step: configuration. Module configuration is not required for every module, and it will only be an option once the module has been enabled.

The “Extend” page is another place where you can see if each enabled module has permissions associated with it or an option to configure. This page will also include a direct link to the option.

After saving the “Configuration,” the installation is complete. We will test each module after installation to make sure that the site continues to run smoothly.

Custom Drupal Module Development

Each module can be developed as per the customer’s ideas and needs.

  1. The most basic aspects of functionality can be accomplished with core modules. These come stock with the CMS.
  2. Next, you have contributed modules, which have been created custom by previous users when crafting websites.
  3. Finally, developers can create entirely new modules to address unique functions. These can be used for any purpose – SEO, tracking, eCommerce.

Drupal Module Update

The first step requires to look into any module-specific instructions.

Next, prior to the update, we’ll back up your files and database. This ensures that your update won’t damage the site beyond repair if it doesn’t go right.

Then, the site will be put into maintenance mode. This will be done from the “Administration” page.

The whole process of module update needs some time and a bit of knowledge, but we’ll ensure it is done right. Drupal 7 or 8, this can be done with fewer resources and effort from your side, so you can focus on your business instead of managing this process.

Drupal 7 Module Development

Drupal 7 offers loads of contributed modules that have been developed for previous sites. These have been created by developers worldwide throughout the active life of the CMS. In addition, new versions of the modules are released regularly to keep up with security needs and updates.

Even with this backlog of contributed models, there are still some functions that require custom development.

If your store requires Drupal 7 modules update or customization, we can cope with these tasks.

Choose Our Drupal Developer or Team for the Project

Our team Drupal developer is experienced and knowledgeable, capable of offering web solutions for any of your website needs. We provide unique solutions for the additional website features, and qualitative products to broaden your opportunities. Whether you want to add functionality or craft an entirely new site, we’re prepared to offer premium web solutions.

Our Drupal team has large experience in Drupal module development. Here is how we provide our customers with custom web solutions:

Drupal Module Development Workflow

Whether you’re having a Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 based website, if you’d like a hand getting your site into beautiful working order with, feel free to give us a call. We offer free consultations and we can get your site where you want it to be without a wasted moment.

You’ll get:

  • qualitative products that broaden your opportunities;
  • necessary additional features for your website;
  • a unique solution that meets your specific needs.