In a fast-paced world, such as ours, it is important to develop solutions at a brisk pace. Similarly, when it comes to web-development, speed is a crucial metric for success. Developers all around the globe are always looking for utilities and solutions that can help them build websites quicker, more stable, and securer.

That is where Magento comes into play. Magento is an open-source platform that takes your favorite e-commerce business to new heights of success. Written and compiled using PHP, Magento is a powerhouse if you are looking to build websites in absolutely no time at all. But the bigger question is, if Magento is such a brilliant tool for the success of your business, how can you use it?

To answer this, you need to look for Magento developer skills in the developer you are thinking to hire. If you want to hire someone who can build you a professional eCommerce website using Magento, here are the top skills that you should look for.

Top Magento Developer Skills

Magento is powerful, but a sophisticated, e-commerce platform that makes easy for you, as a business owner, to operate your business. When looking for a developer to build you an e-commerce website on Magento, the first attribute you must look for is the ability to understand the dynamics of Version Control Software Applications. One of such applications is Git, using which, Magento developers can develop websites following a distributed chain of command.

Furthermore, crucial for a budding Magento developer is to spend time with the most in-demand IDEs that are currently being used in the industry. We don’t live in the age of Notepad, we live in an era of automation where time is vital, and IDEs play a crucial role in cutting downtime. As technical skills are essential and must to any developer, we will move straight to them.

Technical Skills

For a topnotch Magento web developer, it is necessary to have an understanding of the best practices in the field. A worthy inclusion in the Magento developer skills list is to be experienced at building websites, using not only Magento but know other frameworks and works with different platforms as well. Why? Because experience cannot be replaced by any means.

Knowledge of Programming Languages

As explained earlier, Magento is a platform, written entirely out of PHP; however, when a web developer has to get his hands dirty, he can always expect HTML, CSS, and Javascript to play a crucial role in the development of these sites.

Of course, an understanding of PHP is mandatory in case you are looking to Excel using Magento, and Modular Development, familiarization with MVC architecture, and knowledge of Object Oriented Programming are a definite must-have. Besides these web development languages, query languages are also quite useful for a Magento developer. Therefore, a good command over MySQL, mainly for when you have to interact with data, is crucial.

Additionally, knowledge and proficiency in XML are required to configure modules correctly, so if you are looking to hire a good Magento web developer, make sure he/she is an expert in XML.
Command over CSS Pre-processors, such as SaSS and Stylus, information about the working mechanics of Search Engines, and expertise in building responsive websites is what makes a brilliant Magento web developer.

For Frontend of the system, Javascript is only the first step, which is not always sufficient. To be good at developing websites using Magento, you should have expertise in PHP, Jquery, and Node.js. In fact, if a developer knows Grunt, Gulp, and Bootstrap, the better.

Magento Expert

Now it’s not always experience and expertise that stand someone out from the rest of the crowd as a topnotch Magento developer. Sometimes, all you need to look for in a certifiably good web developer is a “Certificate.”

Magento certified exam is the real test of a web developer’s nerves as a Magento developer because this is what labels them as a Magento web developer who is head and shoulders above the rest.

To ace this exam, a developer needs to have both – experience in the field and lexical knowledge of the platform. Being certified would put a candidate at a greater advantage.

Working with Themes, Modules, and Extensions

The best eCommerce developers don’t work with one platform, they combine different platforms and create a website that demonstrates greatness at every level.

Similarly, a good quality Magento developer knows the advantage and benefit of using different themes, modules, and extensions to add to his website using Magento.

eCommerce Integration

A bi-directional channel between a company’s eCommerce website and its inventory, it is crucial that a Magento web developer knows about E-commerce Integration. E-commerce integration saves loads of time by automating the entire workflow and eradicating the redundancy of data and processes.

Clean Development and Testing

With lots of people working on a single website, it becomes a question of maintaining the integrity of the system. Via clean development, that particular problem can be solved conveniently and comprehensively. In addition to that, testing the system using GitHub, can result in smoother website development, which is why it is totally needed for a good Magento web developer.

Personal Skills

Apart from being good at developing websites using Magento, you also need to look for particular personal skills to hire a Magento developer. These are:

Ability to Multitask

Being a web developer isn’t only about learning the most in-demand programming language, it’s about learning as many programming languages as you can to make yourself versatile and round out your profile.

Besides the programming languages, a web developer also needs to be good at effectively handling all the things given to him/her at once. This is because most business owners have varied requirements for their websites.


Solving problems is the first thing that best eCommerce developers learn to do. To solve problems with data, MySQL plays a key role, but don’t discount other tools that can help you do exactly that.


A good Magento web developer must know how to manage his time well. Since most web developers work on a tight schedule, it is imperative that they stay ahead of the curve by getting things done timely and effectively. Clients won’t come back for them if they can’t get things done in time, which makes time management a crucial element of the process.

Communication Skills

Communication is a two-way street. Not only is it essential for a Magento web developer to understand the requirements of the client, but it is also important for the developer to convey his point accurately. Most business owners aren’t technically equipped, as far as web development is concerned, which makes it the developer’s responsibility to voice an opinion if need be.


A definite inclusion in Magento developer skills list, because not all Magento developers are solo operators. If a developer is working as part of a team, it is imperative that he/she plays well with others to achieve the common goals of the organization.


Hiring a proficient Magento Web developer for your business isn’t a piece of cake, but by following the necessary guidelines and by looking for specific skills in the candidates, you can pick the perfect fit for the job and get a fantastic Magento-based eCommerce website. We at WEB4PRO have our Magento heroes that can help to bring your ideas to life easily, providing qualitative results. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.
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