Drupal Migration Services

Content management systems (CMS) have evolved a lot in the last decade. With over 1 million websites, Drupal has become the primary choice of eCommerce owners. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Drupal has become the leading CMS platform for its amazing flexibility and scalability.

Why Is Drupal Migration Service Beneficial?

To understand the need for migrating to Drupal, understand the benefits first. There are some features that were unavailable on the previous versions of Drupal. Let’s look at some of the key features of the latest version of Drupal.

Caching. Earlier versions of Drupal were designed to have the whole page cached. But Drupal 8 is cached according to the components. So, the migration is way easier and it will become easier on the next upgrade.
Object-Oriented Structure. Drupal 8 is developed with object-oriented programming. It is more robust and the code follows a structured path. Reusing the code in Drupal is now easier than ever.

Editing. Editing on Drupal was revolutionized on Drupal 7. But in Drupal 8, the editing became more convenient as there is no need to use any specialized modules.

Scalability. If there is one factor that has made Drupal 8 awesome, that would be the scalability. Scaling a website from a single page to an infinite number of pages is a piece of cake.

Better Language Support. Multilingual operations were troublesome in Drupal for the longest time. But Drupal 8 doesn’t need any code modifications to support multiple languages. The management module supports it all!

There are other benefits to Drupal 8 migration such as reset API, configuration management and better mobile support. Now, let’s get into how we can help you migrate to Drupal regardless of your current platform.

Migration Process

Every aspect of your current CMS is possible to migrate. We use top of the line migration tools. We ensure that your data is secured during the migration process.

The upgrading service includes:

Drupal Migration Service Includes

Drupal Database Migration

You can migrate your entire database to Drupal, regardless of the previous platform. Crucial data like your customer array, the attributes, product information, etc. are possible to migrate to Drupal.
Drupal database migration also enables you to move your extended database through specialized modules. One of the key reasons why Drupal is very popular among developers is the scalability it offers.

SEO Data Migration

If you are familiar with site migrations, chances are you’ve heard the rumor. Site migration affects your traffic. But that myth is brutally busted with our SEO data migration. It’s a process that allows you to keep your website’s visibility intact.

Our Drupal migration services include all necessary attributes of your previous CMS SEO strategy. We can upgrade the SEO features as well if necessary. We understand your primary goal is to increase the visibility of your site. Hence, you chose to migrate to Drupal. We can outline a steady growth strategy together thanks to our SEO data migration.

Design of Drupal Migrated Website

Drupal is an ideal platform to manage your CMS effortlessly. Outrageous flexibility on Drupal is the reason why a lot of businesses are switching with help from Drupal migration services. Updating the current site design is another.

If you are somewhat happy with the design of your current CMS, we can migrate the design to Drupal. The modularity allows Drupal migration services to update the design without compromising quality or visibility. However, we also can provide you with a new design that will perfectly match your new website.

Drupal Custom Migration

No matter what the platform is, each individual website is going to be different. Many business owners like to integrate custom functions that are unique to them. Migrating to Drupal might affect the functionality of those custom features. But fear not. Our Drupal experts are able to make any necessary adjustments while migrating your old CMS to Drupal. One of the biggest perks of acquiring our Drupal migration services is you get to keep your custom functionalities. We can even implement your new ideas to your website to make it more effective.

Migration to Drupal From Other Platforms

If your site is already on Drupal, you are ahead of the competition. But as time goes by, Drupal upgrades their system for better functionality. If you are still using Drupal 6 or Drupal 7, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to Drupal 8.

Drupal Migration Services

Our Drupal migration services are tailored to match your specific needs. Whether you are upgrading from a previous version of Drupal or a different CMS, we can migrate your entire digital presence for the better without any data breach or visibility loss.

How We Provide Drupal Migration Services

Our Drupal migration services start with a thorough review of your current website. Our web engineers go through every detail to ensure maximum efficiency. Then:

  • We figure out the performance bottlenecks;
  • We discuss with you what you want;
  • Our experts will provide you with a detailed breakdown of an estimated cost;
  • Finally, the Drupal migration process begins to.

Want to Migrate to Drupal?

Drupal has become the leading CMS and the first choice of business owners. With state of the art features and functions, Drupal should be your first choice too. A modular approach towards migration has made it possible to migrate to Drupal with zero downtime. Embrace the potential new opportunities in eCommerce with Drupal.
There are countless companies out there providing Drupal migration services. But it’s your decision to migrate to Drupal. You should be the one to select the service that suits you. Consider your options and desired results, and we’ll provide you with a team and the solution.

You’ll get:

  • full implementation of your great ideas;
  • renewed website;
  • new opportunities for scaling your business and increase profit.
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