Drupal Performance Optimization

The fast website brings visitors. The more visitors, the more benefits you get. Make your Drupal based website run like clockwork and involve the interested audience. Boost your conversion with our Drupal performance tuning company!

Is your Drupal based website slow? Do you have any wishes about its speed? Then Drupal performance optimization will be the best solution in this case.

Page loading time is a very important marker that influences your business results. You should know that visitors’ limit of temptation lists no more than 2 seconds. It means the website should be loaded fast.

Let’s imagine that you are a user, and now you are going to find some products on the Internet. You are searching. Then you choose the one website in Top search results and follow the link. Nothing happens. You had been waiting for 5 seconds, but the page hasn’t been loaded yet. Are you irritated? Maybe, yes. The visitors of the slow websites feel the same. As a rule of thumb, they don’t want to wait and leave a page. But don’t worry, everyone can avoid this situation with Drupal performance optimization.

What Influences Drupal Performance?

There are different factors that contribute to Drupal website performance. Here are several of them which have a great impact on it:

  • The number of used modules. The more different modules you use, the more load on your website is. In most cases, it’s better to reduce the number of unnecessary modules.
  • Caching. Enabling page caching, block caching, and views block caching can drastically increase Drupal performance.
  • The size of code files. The clean code also helps to optimize website performance. At least, try to turn on JavaScript and CSS integration.
  • Optimized Images. They really have a sense. Too large images slow down the website, that’s why it’s quite important to keep them optimized.
  • Helpful modules. Different modules for Drupal performance optimization are also very useful in this process.

Our WEB4PRO Drupal performance tuning company can do all these things for you and save you valuable time. Drupal is enough complicated system that needs a good learning curve for performing the best optimization practices. Professional web developers will do Drupal 7 performance optimization on the highest level. As a result, you’ll get the fast website which attracts new visitors and returns your customers.

How to Check Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 Performance?

If you are not sure whether your website needs performance optimization, you can run the speed test and make the conclusion based on the results:

  • Check your website with GoogleSpeed Insights. You’ll see the level of your website performance at the current moment.
  • Try Website Grader and check website page loading speed.

Also, there are much more tools for checking the website speed. If you need to optimize your Drupal-based website, welcome to WEB4PRO.

Optimize Your Drupal Site with WEB4PRO

Definitely, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 performance optimization is a useful way to speed up your website, make it faster and reduce the page loading time. Our clients have already felt the difference and begun to involve more and more visitors.

Drupal performance optimization can become the key to brand awareness. Perhaps, it is a little part of the whole puzzle, which is necessary for your great success.

If you need to optimize your website, we’ll do it with great pleasure.

You’ll get:

  • an optimized website that runs like clockwork;
  • the extremely high page-load speed;
  • more satisfied visitors for your website.
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