5 Advantages of Magento Mobile Site in M-Commerce Era

5 Advantages of Magento Mobile Site in M-Commerce Era

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There’s no doubt that mobile sites are being used more and more often. To accommodate for the shift, eCommerce sites are becoming mobile-friendly. This allows them to increase their reach and generate more sales than ever before. Below, we’re going to discuss the benefits of the Magento® mobile site. But first, we should understand what is the mobile commerce and why having a mobile site is necessary for any eCommerce business.

What is M-Commerce?

When we talk about M-Commerce, we’re thinking of shopping with mobile phones. Since nearly everyone carries phones in their pockets, using this tool will allow eCommerce merchants to expand their reach.

M-Commerce is thought to be the next trend in online shopping and it can be done through the use of tablets, cell phones, laptops, and any other mobile devices. Since Europe uses micro-browsers, the country uses it more than the United States even does.

Now, why is M-Commerce so popular? Customers enjoy the convenience of using mobile sites rather than having to displace themselves to buy items at the store. Of course, it is much more convenient to order anything from your phone rather than trying to reach the computer at home or work, because people always have their phones on the go.

One more point for the mobile shopping is that you can reach your customers via social network and than attract to your site. In this case, your efforts will be rewarded twice more. Customers may find your company on Instagram, for example, and then they can download the app or having a fast mobile version of your site and start order items.

The Growth of Mobile Shopping

There’s a growing number of people who avoid the shopping process in real life, but who enjoy shopping online. That’s because shopping online takes less effort for the shopper and it often provides more diversity regarding services and products.

Mobiles are used notoriously across the planet. Out of everyone who has a smartphone, more than half of these people pick up their phone within the first few minutes of their morning. Not only this, but smartphone apps make up for nearly 90% of mobile media while websites account for the rest of mobile media use. According to Statcounter, mobile usage market share is 53% comparing to 43% of desktop usage, and only 4% of the tablet worldwide. There are some more benefits of mobile-oriented sites and one of them is payment protection.

Advantages of Mobile Payments

There are two reasons why customers enjoy using mobile payments: convenience and safety. Since you can carry your money with your phone, you don’t have to worry about losing your cash; as such, mobile payments reduce the risk of you being the victim of theft. Also, since your credit card information is stored in the Cloud, and security standards are held, it is the safest way to keep your money. Mobile payment doesn’t store your credit card information so the possibility of this information being hacked is also reduced. Let’s move on to the stats and see much of advantage from the mobile-oriented business.

Mobile Commerce Statistics

AppJetty confirms that M-Commerce has already generated 132.69 billion dollars in sales this year. Not only this, but the site points out that there are 7.7 Billion mobile connections and 4.7 Billion mobile subscribers. By using M-Commerce, you can significantly expand your reach.

We see that the growth of mobile commerce is stable and will continue to bring profit to businesses. Now, what about Magento sites? Are merchants ready for changes? Did they start to follow the mobile commerce trend? Next, we will talk about the benefits of Magento mobile experience and which features exist to optimize your store for mobile devices.

5 Advantages of Magento Mobile Optimization

Magento has made significant strides in Magento mobile development. Because of this, there are also advantages that come with using Magento for M-Commerce.

Magento 2 Mobile Experience

No matter what, it’s important that your customers’ experiences are the best possible. When they visit your site, they need to leave feeling like they’ve made a good decision with their purchases; after all, that’s how they’ll keep coming back for more.

Omnichannel Experience

Magento allows you to optimize an omnichannel experience to ensure your customers are satisfied. You can use Magento to keep track of the inventory of your physical store and in your warehouse with the same dashboard. This ensures you won’t have the same item ordered twice and that you won’t sell more than you have in stock.

You can also connect multiple social media sites to your store with Magento extensions. If you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube profile, you can link them all back to your store. When you do this, you can expand your reach and have your followers buy the products they want with more ease. Rather than looking you up on Google, they can click on a link and be brought right to you.

POS Mobile Version

The point of sale system (POS) is the moment when a customer buys a product from your company. It manages the transactions of your business and ensures that all of your sales go smoothly.

The major benefit of having a POS system is that all of your inventory is located in the same place. You can see both inventory and sales from the same dashboard, which makes it much easier to control.

Mobile API

Magento 2 has introduced a number of APIs to improve your store’s functionality, features, and designs.

Admin Panel

Magento 2’s admin panel is a major step up compared to Magento 1. Originally, users and merchants found it hard to create their sites without developers. That’s because customizing sites required more coding on their end than Magento 2. Now, you can use Magento mobile admin panel to customize your site and is easier, overall, for any backend users.

Mobile Marketing Features

Magento 2 has some of the best features that you can ask for if you have a mobile-adapted site.

  • You can target your customers depending on the age, gender, history, and location to provide them with offers that might interest them.
  • You can make every shopping visit unique by customizing and segmenting every experience.
  • Set your promotions with certain limitations or conditions. That means offers can be set with timeframes to provide your customers with a sense of urgency; thereby, causing them to buy more quickly and increase your conversions.
  • By setting up personalized categories, any website can be more convenient. If you have a clothing store, you can separate clothing into different categories and have subcategories to follow those.
  • Merchants have the opportunity to customize their site on their own with Magento 2 because they have a drag-and-drop option that allows them to place items where they want.
  • Magento 2 customizing emails ensures that every customer gets a newsletter that’s tailored for them. If you know that this person enjoys shopping, you can provide him or her with a discount. Since your customer is inclined to shop, this discount will likely get them to come to your store again.

These were the main features to use in the mobile version of the Magento store. Functionality is extendable due to the system’s flexibility. That is why everything depends on your primary goals. You can choose between mobile optimization, app creation or you will go with PWA version of your site. In any case, going mobile will be great for your business growth.


M-Commerce is necessary for any business because it allows customers to shop from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. That means whenever they think of an item they can buy, they can do so right away without having to wait to get home. Since some sites aren’t compatible with mobile devices, creating a mobile version or application ensures that you can make more sales and increase your exposure.

Posted on: September 04, 2018


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