In the decade since its launch, Magento® has become the leading eCommerce platform. The reason for its success is that Magento is flexible and user-friendly. It’s packed with features, highly customizable, and easy to both use and scale. It is an ideal platform for business owners who seek innovative ways to engage with their clients. Magento is effective for small business and large ones. Its scalability helps growing business to reach global proportions. Let’s have a look at some of the design elements to include in your Magento eCommerce design.

What to Design at Your Magento Store

The main key to a successful design is to understand your customers. What do they want? How can you best meet their needs? You also want your site to be user-friendly and engaging. Try to present users with products and services they will want or need. Include calls-to-action and opportunities for the customer to interact with the site.

Here are eight elements which will improve the success of any Magento eCommerce design:

1. Customer Name Field

One of the best ways to connect with people is to use their name. When someone uses our name, we become more open and more willing to engage. This also applies to the relationship between businesses and their customers. Many early designers overlook this element of eCommerce design.

Customers are more comfortable sharing their names than more sensitive information. You can gather names easily by using contact forms or pre-purchase opt-in forms. With a name, you can personalize the customer experience.

2. Related Products

One key to successful eCommerce design is to present your customers with related products. Previous searches can be used to personalize the customer experience. Related products are the most viewed elements on eCommerce websites. They draw attention and increase conversion rates.

Most people won’t want to spend much time searching. The goal is to make it easy for each customer to find things that they are interested in. Try to make your most in-demand products highly visible and place them on the homepage.

3. Product Collections

Product collections are lists of products focused on specific topics. They will dramatically increase sales for your Magento store. Product collections increase your search rankings. This means that prospective customers will be able to find your site more easily. They also let you showcase the best selling products or offer personalized product recommendations. Try to keep these collections updated. New products and deals will raise customer engagement and keep your customers coming back to the site.

4. Rating and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are excellent for building trust. The eCommerce website is like any business. It is a relationship between the owners and managers, and the customers. Cultivating this relationship means making the customer feel comfortable about their purchase.

People often use feedback and recommendations to inform their decisions. Ratings and reviews offer the customer confidence. They make your eCommerce website more trustworthy and more successful. You can gather reviews by requesting feedback in follow-up emails. An alternative is to offer bonuses or discounts to users that provide reviews.

5. Different Fill-Out Forms

Building a relationship also involves offering clients an opportunity to engage with the site and the business. You can do this by including fill-out forms in your design. Feedback forms will give your customer a voice while also gathering reviews.

Rating forms are also an excellent addition, as they are comfortable and quick for the customer. You can also use a form to gather customer contact details! With these details, you can personalize customer outreach and increase engagement. Remember that all information should be collected under GDPR law. Also, make sure to inform customers of the information you gather and how it will be used.

6. Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action buttons can funnel the site experience towards products your customers will like. The Magento 2 design guide offers several tips on how to include call-to-action buttons in your site. It is a designer’s guide to the development of Magento eCommerce web platforms. It explores many elements of design in detail. CTA’s can be tricky design elements, but they can exponentially increase conversions. More than 90% of those who visit your site will read CTA’s. It’s important that they are visible and that they speak to the target audience. With a well-crafted landing site, the CTA will be the last step between customer and conversion.

7. Wish Lists

Magento website design also makes it easy to create personalized wish lists. Browsing customers often see products that catch their interest but need time to consider before they buy. Later, they may find the product on a different site or forget about it altogether. With wish lists, you can maintain customer interest in your products. They also make it more likely that they will buy them from your site.

If you have gotten customer contact details, then you can send follow-up emails. Tactful reminders and notifications of deals or price changes can result in easy conversions. Remember that most of the site’s appeal will be visible. You can raise conversion rates even more by making your wish lists visually appealing.

8. Sharing Products

Product sharing is a powerful element for eCommerce platforms. It’s made easy with Magento store design. By sharing products, customers can receive encouragement from friends or help others to find your site. Many eCommerce platforms overlook this feature.

Yet it can raise interest, make your site more engaging, and increase conversion. Sharing can be made more accessible with URL shorteners. Eye-catching buttons are excellent for product sharing. They let customers share without having to copy and paste. You can also provide buttons that allow your customer to share products on social media.


The key to success in your Magento eCommerce design is to focus on customer preference and improve customer experience. The strategy is different for each eCommerce platform. Consider the customer’s needs and those of your business. This will help you to craft your ideal approach. Well-crafted website design will make customers more comfortable. It will offer your customers’ product lists with detailed information. It will also personalize the experience and let customers provide feedback. Improving your website design will increase sales and conversion rates. This makes your business more successful and helps it to grow. Improving your website design is not a one-step task, so if you need any guidance on Magento Theme Development to make your store style unique and to increase your brand awareness, our WEB4PRO team is ready to help.
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