Artificial Intelligence in Magento 2

Artificial Intelligence in Magento 2

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Artificial intelligence has brought a new dimension of productivity to eCommerce. Magento® 2 takes full advantage of this technology. They have led the eCommerce industry into the future. Certain features can’t be automated. But Magento 2 has struck the right balance in this regard. Magento uses Artificial Intelligence in all the right places to boost functionality.

Features of Artificial Intelligence in Magento

Here are some ways in which Artificial Intelligence has enhanced the way Magento 2 works.

AI Context Search Solution

Traditional searching in an online store has always operated on a keyword-matching basis. It relies on matching keywords to information tags attached to product descriptions. This is effective enough. But it still means that exact keywords have to be used. Also, there will always be products that get included because they share a keyword. But, they do not have any contextual relationship.

Artificial intelligence solves this problem. It adds the element of “context” to all searches. AI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand the meaning of keywords. It uses this information to show the most relevant results. AI-based searches always yield more accurate results for your customers.

Gathering Target Audience

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to teach itself the buying patterns of customers. It analyses what products get browsed versus demographics versus historical data.

AI combines these factors, including others, to create predictive models. These models show you what customers respond to. Magento 2 uses them to figure out who their target base is so that marketing efforts can be more focused. Using AI, less energy gets wasted because you can target the people most likely to buy your products.

Magento 2 extensions help gather the information they need to learn customers’ shopping patterns. These extensions are a crucial investment for any Magento 2 online store. Using them eliminates the possibility of human bias or error.

Magento’s Security Standards

Security in eCommerce is of utmost importance. AI and Magento 2 help keep your online store safe against fraud. This is thanks to the fraud detection and prevention tools built into Magento. Combining these tools with AI can help solve business problems more quickly and in a cheaper way. Queues of manual transactions can now get processed using AI.

AI processes learn the necessary steps and then perform these actions. The fraud prevention and security measures in Magento will work better. Using AI as the programming model for fraud prevention cause results in a smarter and faster “brain”. Thus, it is less open to human fallacy and interference.

Artificial Intelligence in Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 extensions can add AI capabilities to your online store. Here are a few types of these extensions.


Chatbots are virtual conversational partners. They allow for real-world language conversations between customers and the store. Thanks to AI, the chatbot can interpret certain conversation parts as commands. It understands the context of your conversation and can seamlessly carry out commands. Orders can be placed right there in the chat window. There’s no need for a separate checkout process. It’s a faster purchasing experience, and that’s what customers want.

One example is Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2 that gives a business the options to serve customers via the Facebook chat feature. Another example is the Chatbot by Webkul. It also connects Magento 2 online stores to customers via Facebook Chat. It enables customers to bookmark any product via their preferred chat app. They will also receive instant alerts for products.


Modules offer amazing extra features to your existing online store. Mollie is a module that creates a more streamlined payment solution. It provides reliable security which your customers will love. It integrates all major payment methods and gives a simple refund process.

The Magento 2 Product Slider module shows suggested similar items to customers. It lets them easily find what they are looking for in one place. The Personalized products module shows predicted suggestions for what the customer wants. It also suggests complimentary items. These are items that would pair well with what the customer is searching for. This module also gives suggestions about what combinations other customers have bought.

How Artificial Intelligence Affect Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is only at its most effective when used as a tool. It cannot be used to replace actual marketers. Instead, it should be used as an aid to marketers in creating excellent marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence works well for automating tasks and analyzing data. But the human creative element is necessary and that is the job of the marketer.

One of the pillars of effective marketing is personalization. You should aim to create a scenario that is relevant to the audience. Then you are more likely to convert them into paying customers. Good personalization uses AI to understand the mind of the customer. It does not suggest products simply because they already bought it before. Artificial intelligence helps you put different personalized experiences together for each potential customer.


The growth of artificial intelligence in Magento 2 has been phenomenal. Artificial intelligence is changing the face of online business at an incredible pace. With online stores being so popular, the customer has a variety of choices in where they buy from. Magento 2 has embraced artificial intelligence. Adding AI to your Magento 2 online store is a sure way to increase website traffic and sales. If you want any consultation regarding adding customized features to make you store outstanding or have other questions regarding Custom Magento Development for your store, please, drop us a line!

Posted on: March 15, 2018


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