Cyber Monday Week 4: The Final Stretch

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Congratulations to everybody! We have already learned how to outrun the opponents and now have a final point in our plan. This week we are going to finish Cyber Monday preparation. What do you think we should do at the end? Maybe, the best thing we can is to check everything, refresh our marketing campaigns and let them go! So, let’s see what task are waiting for us this week.

Task 1. Update Homepage and Category Page Signage

Add cool images and posters. Our brain processes image 60k times faster than text. So, make the conclusions, friends. You can create amazing holiday designs for your landing pages, but also, don’t forget about the newsletter. By the way, we have many beautiful email templates. You can check them here.

Built out Cyber Monday banners. Use such graphics, as popups, hero images, a countdown, GIFs, promo videos, and other visual things.

Use professional tools. How to create great graphic? Use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ask for designer’s help or do it yourself using templates found online or Canva.

Task 2. Schedule and Check Everything

Check your grammar. It’s important to write correctly and check the content for grammatical mistakes. There are many online services that can help you to do this. For example, Grammarly helps to correct your English. Hemingway editor will check your texts for readability. WriteCheck will check your texts for grammatical mistakes and plagiarism.

But also we have a good rule: ask someone to look through your texts. It’s better when two or more people check the grammar.

Put all your promotions and content to one place. It’s necessary because this way you’ll keep everything within reach.

Check your automation. Ensure that you’ve correctly set up all your marketing campaigns, automation emails, segmentation, and templates are ready to go, you’ve optimized your landing pages for desktop and mobiles. If you have a store based on Magento®, you can use our Abandoned Cart extension for your follow-up campaigns.

Here is the good advice on email marketing: send test email campaigns to all emails clients. Make sure that your emails look good at any email client. Also, check your campaigns for the spam words. Try to avoid them, especially in an email subject.

Task 3. Prepare for Activation and Generate Anticipation on Sunday

Make sure that you are ready for activation on Cyber Monday. We recommend you to contact your web hosting provider and make sure that everything is okay. Also, keep the reliable team, which will be responsible for orders, responses for requests, providing technical and customers support.

Launch the day-before social posting. This way you’ll announce your Cyber Monday campaign and surround it with the anticipation.


Push the button! We are ready to meet Cyber Monday and get the victory! Don't forget to think about winter holiday campaign. It's also pretty useful.

Posted on: November 21, 2016


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