Cyber Monday Week 3: Outrunning Opponents

outrunning opponents

Today we finally came to the two most important weeks of Cyber Monday preparation plan. We already warmed up, had a workout and created targeted content, and now it’s time to run out the opponents. Days 14 – 20 of November we are going to do everything to win our competitors and attract more people to our promotional campaign. Let’s get it started!

Task 1. Give a Preview of Your Promotion

Here we should do something unexpectable. For example, discount the things we have never discounted, or announce some products we have never shown before.

Use the email you collected and promote your campaign before the Cyber Monday. Do you remember what we were talking about? When the Cyber Monday comes, everybody begins the promotional campaign. So it’s hard to predict the right time for a newsletter. If your customers are ready for shopping, you have more chances to attract most of them on Cyber Monday.

Create teaser campaign that shows your products, which will be on sale, the discounts and bonuses you are going to give on Cyber Monday. And don’t forget about the social media. Pre-Cyber Monday promotional campaign on social networks is also a good idea.

Run the flash sale before the Cyber Monday. Why do you need this? – First of all, you increase the chances to sell more products, and finally, you see and reward your most loyal customers. As a result, you’ll be a step ahead of your rivals.

The goal of this task is to increase the interest to your promotional campaign, online store, and your brand in general. You have to agree that everyone likes to get presents and other pleasant things. The customers also do. They like something special. So, why not to make them happy and grow their loyalty?

Task 2. Update Your Retargeting Campaign

Add holiday-themed creative. First of all, we recommend you to update your retargeting ads and make them holiday-themed. This way you increase your chances to get more orders and turn on the positive emotions of the customers.

Adjust your budget to accommodate the increase in website holiday traffic. Yes, the traffic of your website will be much higher on holidays. And your server should be ready for this. Also, don’t forget to count the budget for shipping, packing of products and the other cost. We did it a week ago. The average growth in traffic from October to December can be up to 32%.

Imagine that you have 3000 visitors a month (current traffic).
Let’s count the possible increased traffic from November to December:

Possible Traffic = Current Traffic + Current Traffic*32%
Possible Traffic: 3000 + 3000*32% = 3960 visitors.

You can use this formula and count your possible holiday traffic.

Incorporate social to your retargeting campaign. Social media can become your main channel of promotion. People spend much free time there and like to shop online. On average, conversion rate can increase by 73% if you use social media like an additional channel of promotion.

Now we are working on the “white paper” on Cyber Monday and preparation for any holiday in the online stores. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we promise to send it to you when it is ready. 

Task 3. Update Your Abandoned Cart Emails

Build your abandoned cart campaign. It’s very important. Do you know that reminding emails of this kind are helpful in returning the customers to the online store? They really work and grow your sales. To learn more about them, you can read our article on how to use automated emails. If you have Magento® based online store, our free Abandoned Cart extension can help you return more customers to your store.

Make your abandoned cart emails holiday-themed. This way you’ll bring the positive emotions to your customers and cheer up their mood. Also, you remind them about the necessity to place an order, because the holidays will come soon, and they should hurry up. Moreover, your offer is limited 🙂

Consider the limited time discounts and promo codes in your first Cyber Monday email. And make sure that all your coupons and unique promo codes are generated and work correctly.

Task 4. Shadow Your Opponents

This is the most interesting part of the Week-3 preparation. Now you should take on a role of Sherlock and spy in order to gather as much information about your competitors as possible. Learn more about how to explore the competitors and act like Sherlock.



These are the things you can do first of all:

Sign up to the opponents’ newsletter. And look what email marketing approaches they use and think about how the way you can do better.

Follow your competitors on Social Media. Look through their profiles, consider their targeted audience, and decide what you can do differently.

View your competitors’ product and landing pages, and website in general. Highlight the products that are on sale in their store, the prices they have. Then come up with your own bestsellers, discounts, and special offers.

Search your competitors in Google. See where they fall in search results, what keywords they use. Then try to overcome them. Google Keyword Planner can help you to come up with the best keywords for your campaign. Create your account there and start to optimize your website. You can also read more about this in our article on how to make keyword research.

After you do this, put all the gathered data to a sheet and create the full picture of your competitor’s portrait. Write down your ideas and use them on Cyber Monday campaign. We have already created this sheet for you, so you can copy it and use.

Click on the image below, and you’ll get the access to the sheet.

Week 3 - Outrunning the opponents

Now we have mostly everything to start our Cyber Monday campaign. It’s only one step to launching it and getting the victory. Collect all your data and plan to act on World Cyber Monday. Let’s meet in one week and complete our preparation.

Productive week to you!

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