Prepare for Cyber Monday Week 1: Warm-Up

Cyber Monday Warm-Up

We continue to prepare for Cyber Monday, and our first week starts with the warm-up. We have already know that Cyber Monday is a real competition, and we should be ready for this. If you missed our previous article, you can look at our plan for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday will be in 3 weeks. So we should go a bit quicker, and do all the following assignments for several days:

Task 1. Set Up Your Holiday Analytics

Set up your analytics right. In this case, Google Analytics will be a useful tool for you. We mean that you should set your goals in Google Analytics correctly, decide what parameters are the most important for you to track. They could be the number of orders, website visitors, the sources of traffic, demographic, and others. Here you can find the ultimate Google’s guide on how to set goals.

Take the previous year statistics. It is very important because you have some data for analysis from the last year and can make up your mind on what thing worked and what actions need improvement. Also, it’s necessary to have some starting point, in order to evaluate the future results and track the efficiency.

Consider multi-channel tracking and analytics. As far as we know, we should use all the channels we can in order to broaden our audience. That’s why tracking traffic and conversion from social networks, email marketing campaigns, advertisements, and landing pages via Google Analytics is a great idea.

Task 2. Evaluate Your Inventory

Check your inventory stock. It is necessary in order to be sure you can accommodate to increase in sales. The inventory includes costs for shipping, packing of products, staff salary, website support, etc.

Prioritize the product promotion. We should decide where we’ll promote our products, and what channels and products should be at the top of our promotional campaign.

Now we are working on the “white paper” on Cyber Monday and preparation for any holiday in the online stores. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we promise to send it to you when it is ready. 

Task 3. Prepare Your Website

Don’t hide the main categories. When we talk about holidays on the website, we should show the holiday categories first of all.

Optimize your website for mobile. Now 80% users come to the websites via mobile devices and want to shop online from any part of the world. Don’t lose such a large audience. If you want to know whether your website is mobile friendly, you can check it with Google test, using Google SpeedInsights. It will show the points you have for the mobile version. If the row of points is red, you need to improve something.

Task 4. Create Promotional Calendar

Map your promotional points. Create your plan of promotion: what campaigns, actions, and posts you will launch and what day. Then create a table and fill it with your plan. You can also use the calendar (for example, Google calendar or iCalendar), which is the most comfortable for you, and map there your points. This way you’ll forget nothing.

We prepared the sheet for you, where you can do all the action considered above. Click on the image below and get the access to it. You can copy this sheet and fill it with your values.

promotional table

Maintain the database of coupon codes. We should be sure that all of them are in the right place. So try to predict any scenario and test each of them.


That’s enough for the warm-up. Do all these tasks, and you’ll see the things you have now and what you can improve. The next time we are going to create mega-popular content! Keep going and see you in two days!
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