DHL eCommerce: Full User Guide

DHL eCommerce: Full User Guide

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eCommerce is all about bringing users together with products and services in new and innovative ways. But this is only half of the process. After a customer buys, they then need to receive what they’ve paid for. This is where shipping solutions come in. And, though there are many options when it comes to shipping services, DHL eCommerce seamlessly integrates online shops with shipping solutions. But, it’s one of the shipping companies that has received a bit less attention over the last few decades, so this article is all about answering the question, “How does DHL eCommerce work?

In the following sections, we’ll explore pricing for DHL packages and some of the key features of DHL eCommerce. We’ll also look into how DHL can conveniently be integrated with Magento® to provide a full-service eCommerce solution. Read on how DHL shipping can benefit business owners for both international and domestic solutions.

What Is DHL eCommerce?

Odds are, if you’ve ever shipped before, you are familiar with UPS, FedEx, or other postal services as the US Postal Service. DHL is another shipping company, and it specializes in international delivery. It provides competitive prices on both international and domestic shipping, in addition to parcel tracking, efficient solutions with advanced logistics, and package security portal to portal. All aspects of shipping are covered: pickups, deliveries, and returns.

Over the last fifty years, DHL has grown to a point where it ships packages quickly and securely to over 220 territories and countries across the globe. Plus, it’s a premier solution for eCommerce shipping services.

Who Can Use DHL eCommerce Service?

Nearly anyone can use DHL eCommerce services. Merchants all across the world will find that DHL ships their packages reliably. Whether you ship internationally or domestically, DHL has you covered.

Different packages are offered for express delivery, overnight shipping, or standard services. One thing that should be remembered, though, is that it might not be suitable for smaller companies.

To use DHL for your online store, you must ship a minimum of one hundred parcels per day internationally or fifty parcels per day internationally. For high volume shippers, DHL may be perfect to keep the store running smoothly.

DHL eCommerce Package Description

DHL eCommerce packages offer services and options to fit all your business needs. It provides affordable prices for both international and domestic shipping.

DHL has a global fulfillment network with many features and levels of services. It employs an integrated network of locations for both drop off and pick up. This includes parcel care from start to finish, both for returns and deliveries.

The services are affordable, even for returns and shipping across borders. DHL also features fulfillment for B2C and B2B, with customs clearance services for B2C.

A great thing about working with DHL is that they offer numerous payment and delivery options. You can choose to pay through an E-wallet or COD. Plus, they feature a range of options for delivery, including overnight, express, and green options.

DHL is integrated with domestic delivery networks, and they run six days a week. This means that you’ll get your customers their products as quickly as possible.

To top it off, DHL features easy integration with other services. This includes portal-to-portal tracking updates both through SMS and email. DHL can be easily integrated with eCommerce platforms, major marketplaces, web portals, and API’s.

DHL eCommerce International

To determine price, you’ll have to decide which international shipping option you’d like to use, look into size and pricing, and then get a quote from a DHL professional. There are three main international shipping options: DHL Packet International, DHL Parcel International Standard, and DHL Parcel International Direct.DHL Packages Comparison

DHL Packet International is for smaller packages, less than 4.4lbs in weight and less than 35.4” for the summed width, height, and length of your package. But also it is possible to send large parcels up to 31.5 kg. Delivery runs between four and eight days for anywhere in the world, and the receiver is responsible for paying duty and taxes. One downside is that this option does not allow for shipment value protection.

DHL International Parcel Direct offers direct shipping for 210 countries. Packages must be less than 44 lbs in weight, and the summed girth and length must be less than 79”, or all summed width is 120/60/60 cm. The package will reach the receiver in between five and seven days, and the duty and taxes can be paid either by the shipper or the receiver.

DHL Parcel International Standard is suitable for even larger packages. Package weight must be less than 44 lbs for all countries except for Canada, in which case the package can weigh up to 66 lbs. Combined girth and length must be less than 118”. One thing to keep in mind is that the shipping times are different for Europe and the rest of the world. In Europe, the package will arrive at the receiver in four to seven days. Anywhere else, and the guaranteed shipping time is between eight and fourteen days. As with DHL Packet International, it falls to the receiver to pay the duty and taxes.

One benefit of integrating DHL with International eCommerce is the International DHL iCart feature. This comes standard with international services and helps to simplify shipping calculations. It factors in shipping costs, duties, taxes, and different currency to let your customers know the full cost. Also, for even more details regarding each package, you can refer to the DHL International page.

Domestic Shipping with DHL eCommerce

DHL has more options for domestic shipping than international. The company is partnered with local postal services, handling parcel sorting and pick up, and allowing the local services to handle final returns and delivery.

Some of the options include:

  • DHL SmartMail Parcel,
  • DHL SmartMail Parcel Plus,
  • DHL SmartMail Parcel Return.

You can also opt for DHL SmartMail Bound Printed Material and DHL SmartMail Flats.

All options guarantee delivery from three to eight days for standard ground travel and end-to-end tracking. SmartMail Parcel options also feature shipment protection and expedited solutions. Once you have chosen which option best fits your needs, contact a DHL representative to get a final estimate.

Pricing & Shipping Services

As you may expect, the options for shipping and pricing depend on many factors. An important consideration is whether you ship internationally or domestically.

DHL offers a variety of options for both, though you can expect to pay more for international shipping than for domestic. Other considerations include the size and weight of the package and the overall distance from portal to portal. DHL will insure packages up to $100 per parcel with options for further coverage.

DHL eCommerce Shipping Time

As mentioned above, standard shipping for domestic packages runs from three to eight business days. However, you can expedite the delivery for SmartMail Parcel options to make sure it’s received within two to five days. There is also an expedited max option which guarantees delivery in two to three days.

Naturally, international shipping will require a bit more time. However, DHL is still one of the fastest shippers for global delivery.

DHL Packet International guarantees to deliver in four to eight days.

DHL Parcel International Standard delivers in the same timeframe within Europe, however, for the rest of the world you’re looking at eight to fourteen days.

DHL International Parcel Direct guarantees your parcel to be delivered between three to ten days.

Remember that these are standard options. You can also opt for expedited solutions, including 24 hours and next day services. In some instances, the timing will be influenced by factors that are outside of DHL’s control.

DHL eCommerce Tracking

A helpful feature of DHL is eCommerce DHL tracking. Upon arranging pickup, you’ll receive a unique tracking number. DHL eCommerce distribution tracking is accomplished simply with Parcel Monitor.

Simply go to Parcel monitor and input your tracking number, and you’ll get real-time information on the location and status of your parcel. DHL eCommerce tracking, international or domestic, is simple and hassle-free.

You can also automate the process and have information sent directly to your email by activating the email update feature. This will give you updates whenever your package reaches a distribution center or changes transport methods.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

If you’re a high-volume shipper, you can save loads of time and energy by working with DHL. Plus, you streamline the process, using a reliable and trustworthy company to make sure your customers receive products as quickly as possible. No more worrying about storage, packing, drop off. Plus, working with many warehouses across the world ensures that products are centrally located for all customers, reducing the required shipping time.

So, you may wonder, where is the DHL distribution center? The short answer is that there are distribution centers in many countries across the globe. In America alone, there are two warehouses, one in Ohio and another in California. A third will be opened soon in New Jersey. This ensures that all shipping needs for DHL eCommerce USA are handled with the shortest transit times. Regional offices exist in Singapore and the United States, with the home office situated in Germany.

DHL fulfillment services assist with imports and handle orders and inventory. This reduces shipping lead time and costs. Additional services include storage, packaging, and processing of returns. All of these services are available for international and domestic shipping. This collection of services vastly improves your eCommerce services and streamlines operations.

DHL eCommerce for Magento

DHL has partnered exclusively with Magento to offer first-class eCommerce solutions. It has been named a premier partner, leading the way with both B2B and B2C platforms. This is a collaboration between a global leader in eCommerce and an industry leader in international shipping. DHL helps to improve customer experience and provide added value for online shoppers. The wide range of shipping options makes Magento products available to consumers in 220 countries and delivers goods with a wide range of shipping options.

It’s quick and straightforward to integrate DHL with your Magento shop. First, you’ll have to check the availability in your country. Next, open a business account with DHL and request API access. This will give you a DHL eCommerce login. Once your Magento platform is installed, you can enable DHL, and then with the extension, you can configure and use it.

You can simply enable DHL by going to Stores>Configuration.

DHL in Magento Admin: Stores>Configuration

Next, select Sales>Shipping Methods.

DHL in Magento Admin: Sales> Shipping Methods

After that, you can find the DHL section and enable it by setting “Enabled for Checkout” to yes.

DHL in Magento Admin: Enable for Checkout

In the Title part, write a name that will be used during checkout for this shipping method.

DHL in Magento Admin: Name of the Shipping Method

To calculate DHL shipping rate you can use the Gateway URL. However you might have an alternate URL from DHL, so you need to write it in this section.

DHL in Magento Admin: Gateway URL

Complete the UPS XML account information using DHL credentials:

  • Access ID
  • Password
  • Account Number

After that, you can add package description and handling fee by filling out all the required fields.

DHL in Magento Admin: Package Description and Handling Fee

Also, you can choose single or multiple shipping methods using Magento DHL module.DHL Shipping Module

As easy as that, you’ve connected your shop with a network that can deliver to consumers around the globe and make your customers loyal to your company and satisfied with your services.


Now you can see how easy it is to augment a Magento store with DHL eCommerce solutions. Thanks to this premier partnership, your customers will receive their packages more quickly and securely. Plus, you’ll save time and energy with DHL fulfillment and warehousing options. Outsourcing your storage, inventory, and packaging frees you up to grow the business while ensuring satisfied customers and streamlined operations. If you’d like to know more about working with DHL for your shipping needs, feel free to contact us.

Posted on: November 27, 2018


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