Today, we want to make an overview of the successful brand’s website and help you to find some useful business ideas for your online store.

Stormberg is a Norwegian company which was established in 1998. When the company has started its journey, there were only expensive clothing for outdoor activities on the market. Stormberg aimed to create high-quality outdoor clothing line at a reasonable price, and they made it happen.

Besides developing a great sport clothing line for a whole family, Stormberg became one of the most sustainable brands. According to the results of the Sustainable Brand Index in 2019, people in Norway awarded the brand for its social responsibility and commitment to the environment. 1% of each company’s turnover is used for various community projects and humanitarian issues.

Stormberg also follows an action plan to create an inclusive working environment. It means that the company has a broad diversity of employees, from university graduates to unskilled workers, former convicted criminals, and former drug addicts.

With all these facts in mind, you have a clear picture of what Stormberg as a brand is. The story and the positive impression of this brand inspired us to tell you more about it from an online perspective. That’s why we want to share a full review of the Stormberg website.

We’ll look into special characteristics and unique features that can help a business owner to make a good impression on a website visitor and gain clients their loyalty, making their experience user-friendly.

General Impression of the Stormberg Website

The website is available in three languages: Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish which is related to the fact that the company operates on the Scandinavian market. However, the store with various categories and products as well as useful features make it completely user-friendly.

When you enter the online store, first you see calm colors (green, white, deep blue) and soft-core design. It looks like these colors follow in the footsteps of the brand’s philosophy as sustainability, greening and origin of Norway culture is the core.

Let’s see and discuss the useful website features that can help the online business grow.

Functionality Analysis

The Stormberg site is running on Magento Commerce. The navigation is pretty convenient: the store has all necessary features such as related products, size guide, and reviews on the product page to make a purchase. Besides, you can place your order in one step. The store has a live chat, banner on the main page with all the discounts and offers, pop-ups and footer with all the main website’s categories.

Let’s look at the site features in detail.

Navigation by Features

If you want to look closer to the website pages, we recommend you to use automatic Google Translate to find all the sections of the website. Below you can follow our links along with the explanation for better understanding.


Home Page

The home page is the face of the entire store. You can take a look at Stormberg Home page to see the example.

As well as clean design, Stormberg has Trustpilot reviews and an official certificate of approval to create brand confidence. Google also takes into account reviews and certificates or other marks of excellence when ranking a site in search.

Below the main banner, there is information regarding delivery and returns with links to the detailed answers. The company explains each point in-depth and shows respect to customers providing all the information.

Stormberg Website Main Banner

Also, we want to highlight the block You recently looked at…(Du har nylig sett på). It is a great marketing feature to remind customers about their selection of clothing and increase the chance for a purchase.

Product and Category Pages

Each category has understandable navigation to different types of products. For example, let’s take a look at a Women Skirts (Skjørt og kjoler) category.

Women Skirts Category

When you enter any subcategory, you can see the Recommended for you (Anbefalt for deg) block. This gives the customer an overview of the most popular items in the store.


Also, on the category page, there is an Inspiration (Inspirasjon) block which has the description of clothing for different occasions.

Blog - Inspiration block

For example, you can read about the safety rules and how Stormberg design clothes for outdoor activities to protect kids from bad weather and provide them with harmless design and materials.

The blog shows the practical benefits of the brand’s products usage and shares advice for clients’ to fill out their needs.

Product Listing

When you enter one of the categories, you’ll appear at the category page with all products’ range. Stomberg has simple filtering options such as size, price, features, and color.

Clothes are made of recycled materials are marked with a green circle. It is important to include product information into the product card so a customer can see which colors are available, what the product price is, and compare some options to make a final choice for less time spent.

Product Listing Page

The availability of filters gives a customer to spend less time browsing the page and offers the simplicity of perception.

Product Page

If you enter a product page, you see the product-related information.

Example of the Stormberg’s Product Page

What grabbed our attention was the Size Guide. You simply get the instruction on how to measure your body to get the clothing fit perfectly. It is handily to use for a customer.

Size Guide

Below, there is a block of Similar Items (Aktuelle alternativer til deg) in case the particular item is out of stock; then a customer can find and buy related products.

Similar Items and Reviews Block

It is a great idea to include reviews and a block with tips for taking care of the product.

Checkout Page

When a customer adds a product to cart, they automatically get the popup of the cart with product details, the amount of money needed to get free shipping and the block Others also bought. Such type of the checkout page visualization without reloading doesn’t distract the user from the purchase and saves their time.
Cart Overview

One of the unique features inside the cart is the Notification block. It calculates how much you have in total until free delivery and notifies you.

Notification Block

This block helps to encourage a customer to increase their check, but save money due to free delivery, experiencing positive emotions.

Payment Methods

Stormberg store has 4 payment options:

  • Invoice
  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • PayPal

Available Payment Methods at Checkout

Payment by Invoice is a convenient payment option for customers who want to pay later.

Payment by Invoice

Stormberg has this option with 30 days of the deferred payment. For Sweden, it is a common practice to let customers pay by invoice, and even return products if they didn’t fit with 30 days of deferred payment. According to Statista, in 2018, 25% of Swedes preferred payment online by invoice.

As for VIPPS, it is a Norwegian mobile payment application which allows you to pay directly through a phone number. If a customer wants to pay for their online purchase, it is possible with one click. In means of convenience, VIPPS is great for the Scandinavian market, yet it is simple to use for both business and customers.

The store has all possible payment methods which let customers shop easily. The more payment options you have, the fewer doubts customer force before completing the purchase.

Let’s move to the mobile site version.


The mobile version of the site has simple navigation style despite many categories. The drop-down menu allows customers to find the exact product.

Stormberg Mobile Version - Home Page

The store has Scroll to the Top feature that allows a user to get back from the bottom of the page to its beginning. This feature will save time for a customer to browse the entire page and makes it convenient to avoid scrolling and minimize additional actions to explore the information.

In mobile version each category is accessible, and you can easily select any of them as buttons are big enough to tap on them.

The product page is also simple and easy-to-browse.

Product Page on Mobile DeviceYou have a convenient interface, it’s easy to look at the product with images slider. You can find exactly the same information as on the desktop version and still it is easy to read and learn it from your smartphone’s screen.

Product InformationThe same with other pages. Customer service page or blog page, it is easy-to-scroll and browses on mobile. Their mobile version of a website is a perfect example of simple and at the same time handy design.

After all, let’s summarize all the functionality insights:

  1. Unique design will represent your brand’s philosophy. The same you can see in Stormberg’s website: nature and calm color palette show their approach to sustainability.
  2. Blog and social responsibilities will show that the brand is dedicated to worldwide needs and problems. You can share what you do regarding charity, manufacturing or inclusive employment as Stormberg did.
  3. A website that has unique features can attract customers for additional purchases. Implementing a notification block with a sum needed for free delivery let Stormberg convince customers to buy more items, as well as Related Products, Others also bought blocks.
  4. Useful blocks with products help customers to find what they need and increase loyalty to your brand. Accessible Size Guide and Checkout let customers buy products conveniently and be confident about their choice. Also, by offering various payment methods will give customers the freedom to choose to pay no with a card or later with an invoice and buy without doubts.
  5. The mobile responsive app is crucial for most of the shoppers. Mobile version should have easily accessible main sections of the website. Stormberg shows a handy mobile version which is convenient to use even on the go.

Stormberg is a sustainable brand that has gained popularity in Scandinavian countries. It keeps taking leading positions as a socially responsible and affordable sports clothing company. Besides, they are going to launch a new design soon, as they mentioned in their blog post. We’ll be glad to update the article and consider new interesting features that are coming soon.


This article was pleasant to prepare as we work quite long with the online stores and know how challenging could be the process of choosing the solution for your online business. We hope that you enjoy our review as we enjoy the process of analyzing the store’s functionality. Soon, we will review other sites and provide you with more detailed and practical information to help you cope with running an online store.

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