When it comes to Magento 2 experience, owners of Magento 2 stores really loving the convenience it provides. However, we have also found users forcing the performance issues of stores. Basically, there are plenty of ways to fully utilize the amenities Magento 2 store can provide.

In this article, we will talk about some of the Magento performance optimization tips so that you can use it to increase the efficiency of your overall business model.

How to Manage Store in Magento 2

When it comes to increasing profitability of a business, understand that efficiency is the key. We realize that it can be difficult at times to manage Magento 2 store especially if you are unaware of the utility of all its features.

First, let’s talk about some of the technical aspects. Modern servers along with latest PHP are a must in order to manage a store in Magento 2. Please pay attention whether the Apache/Nginx version is the one that you need. When you are looking for hosting, you must look for clarification if that supports Magento or not. It makes the task of optimizing much easier. If you do not have budget constraints, we would recommend you to go with a dedicated hosting solution. Cloud hosting is usually used if you are on a budget but it does serve the purpose to a certain extent.

Performance optimized template or conversion optimized template are some of the buzzwords that you will hear when you are affiliated with an eCommerce platform. Although do keep in mind that taking a high-performance template does not jeopardize with Magento 2 performance.

Updating Magento core and extensions are important. Before the update, we would strongly suggest that you keep a backup of all your important data.

Magento 2 Performance Toolkit

You would be pleasantly surprised to know the attributes you can utilize to improve performance. Magento 2 toolkit provides for a better experience for the website in terms of both front-end and back-end performance.

There is an inbuilt performance toolkit in Magento 2 but it is also compatible with Magento 1 version. Basically, based on the profile that you choose you will have your data generated in that way. For benchmarking the backend performance, NewRelic can be a useful tool. For modification purposes, we would recommend Gatling or JMeter.

For the frontend performance, speed is of the essence. For Magento 2 performance boost, you need to ensure that your page loads fast and all the relevant information can be easily accessed by the customers. For a speedy performance of your website, go to the Magento dashboard to minimize and merge the CSS and JavaScript of your website.

Magento Product Management Tool

Magento product management tools basically facilitate merchants to automate various manual functions. In this paragraph, we will talk about some of the great features that you utilize to boost the overall performance of your site.

Multistore Selection

For an international eCommerce platform, you can clearly understand that having provision for multiple stores is always a plus point. We would recommend that you will have multiple stores in each country where you operate.

Magento 2 has out-of-the-box multistore feature, and you can run multiple websites easily. Everything is controlled from the admin panel. For the installation, you need a developer help. But you can also choose to create separate product descriptions and target.

Implement Bulk Import Option

When it comes to multiple product ranges, bulk import option is a boon to the Magento store owners. We would highly recommend implementing the bulk import option in your website. With some affordable extensions, you can easily import product data together in a CSV file. However, we would suggest that you clearly understand the formatting basics first before implanting this option.

Advanced Inventory Management

Magento offers the provision to create an advanced inventory management. If your product is unavailable most of the time, it becomes difficult to retain the customers. If a product is unavailable at the moment, showing a time frame of when the customer can order it again can be useful at times. You can also use POS system and work effectively on both physical and online store, and track all your inventories.

Product Management

Product management means showing the right features of the product to the customers. Communicating the relevant information of the product is important. Make sure you update the product descriptions from time to time with the changing trends and customer needs. Usually, the product management tool shows all the products in the form of a table. It provides quite less provision in terms of modification features. You can go for an extended product grid that will help you categorize the data based on your own choice and edit the data with easy drag and drop options. This will help to better navigation on your site and overall look and feel, so customers would go to the certain sections and won’t search for a desired product for too long.

Mobile Experience Option

Adding a mobile version is now a must for eCommerce platforms. A large portion of online purchases is done through smartphones and tablets. Hence, creating a mobile app or making a mobile version of your website is extremely important. A normal web version of the site would take a considerable amount of time to load. You will need to speed up the timing for loading the page on mobile. You can do that through reducing page size through GZIP or simply creating an app suited for Magento 2 store.

Improve Magento 2 Performance for Success

In order to improve Magento 2 performance, one of the most useful tools is gZip compression. Customers are the one who would help you sustain your online business. eCommerce store owners would realize how difficult it can become to retain customers. User-friendly web page and fast process are two of the most important criteria for successful customer gain and retention. Other than that image optimization and creating a good visual appeal is equally important for successful marketing and sales.

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