Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Your Magento 2 Store

Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Your Magento 2 Store

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Any eCommerce business relies on high leads and visitors’ activity that buys products or chooses services you offer, increasing sales and generating more traffic to better the visibility of your site. That said, many wonders exactly how they can improve the conversion rate for the store. In the below guide, we’re going to detail exactly how you can do this. From improving user experience to improving customer engagement, we have the solutions that will help you to improve conversion rate.

How to Improve Conversion Rate in Magento® 2

Now, you can read all about the tools at your disposal which will aid you with conversion optimization.

Improve User Experience

One of the major things that you can do to improve your conversions is to enhance customer experience. To do so, you can improve your pages loading time. Sites that take a lot of time to load aggravate customers, so they’re less likely to return to your site. For this reason, improving your loading time will increase the number of people that come back to your site and your conversion rates.

You should also consider hiring a graphic designer to update your website’s design. Make it easy to use so that it would be more attention-grabbing and increase the awareness of your brand and store.

Elasticsearch As an Advanced Search Engine

This feature is exclusive to Magento 2’s Enterprise Edition. Elasticsearch improves your site’s conversion rates because it provides them with weighted search results, synonyms, etc. Move it after the last sentence and shorten this sentence by removing watery words. Remember, efficiency is the key to higher conversion rates.

Instant Checkout Feature

By using an Instant Checkout Feature, you can attract more people to by having their orders and checkouts processed as quickly as possible. Magento has a variety of checkout features; however, some eCommerce stores still do not offer the option of guest checkout.

Some customers just want to buy products and checkout as soon as possible without having to sign up for weekly emails and newsletters. Preventing them from being able to do this might lower your conversions rather than increase them.

User-Friendly Product Pages

User-friendly product pages are essential if you want your customers to keep coming back. User-friendly essentially means that anyone can use your pages with ease. They won’t be confused about which steps to take and which subcategories to click on. A part of this is your website’s design, but it’s also about how fast and responsive your web pages are.

Product Videos

You’ve probably already heard of product photos, but you might not know about product videos, which are equally as beneficial regarding conversion optimization.

Product videos can be anything from overviews to unboxing videos. The benefit of these videos is that they allow customers to see products in real time; thereby, having a positive effect on your sales. Magento 2 has a tool called Video Tab that will enable you to add these videos to your eCommerce site.


Product reviews are some of the essential features that customers look for when they select a product. It gives them the opportunity to have another person’s opinion on the quality of materials, on sizing, and be aware of the success of your purchase without a necessity to return it or exchange it on something else.

Return Policy

Return policies are a useful tool for companies and organizations alike. The majority of Magento stores offer people free returns for a period. Of course, you shouldn’t offer your clients a lifetime return because unfortunately, it would be taken to their unfair advantage. Define your return policies with your customers when they complete their orders.

Free Shipping and Other Bonuses

Free shipping is highly underrated. While the prices of your products matter, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t want to go online shopping because they don’t want to pay for shipping prices.

Many customers are willing to pay slightly higher prices for free shipping. By having this feature, your customers and clients will be more willing to buy items frequently; thereby, giving you one-up on your competitors.

Full Range of Delivery and Payment Methods

You can have all of the products in the world, but it doesn’t matter if your clients can’t pay for them. They aren’t going to open a new bank account or get a credit card to shop from a single store. Luckily, Magento offers a variety of payment methods: from credit cards to Paypal, Braintree or others your customers will be able to pay as they please.

Increase Customer Engagement

Social Media, Blog and Customers Interaction

You can increase customer engagement by sending them newsletters, hosting contests, and providing them with great deals. Another way to increase customer engagement is to ask them to review your products.

By increasing customer engagement, your chances of other people hearing about you will be improved. To get your customers engaged, however, you should produce products and content that they care about. You could also think about starting a blog and sending newsletters whenever a new post is released.

If you want to improve your conversion rate, there are some tools that you can use at your disposal. Here are short infographics of the tools we suggest you use:

Tips to Improve Conversion Rate in Your Magento 2 Store’s Infographics


If you’re interested in increasing your conversion rates, there are some steps you should take. In our above guide, we’ve detailed everything that you have to do to improve conversion rates in your Magento store. The best way to use these tips for your Magento store is to choose Magento 2 Extension Development and set up all necessary extensions to make your site more visible and engaging. Improve customer experience, and build a community around your brand and you’ll succeed.

Posted on: May 18, 2018


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