Magento Development

Powerful online store with infinite possibilities and rich functionality, new opportunities that bring more visitors, more customers, and more profits – everything is possible with Magento eCommerce development. Let’s take your business to a new level!

Take Advantage!

When you decide to create a commercial website, you’ll have to plan everything correctly in order to reach your business goals. Perhaps, you’ll think about the best CMS for your project and different aspects, such as design, hosting, UI/UX and other opportunities you need. If you are looking for the eCommerce solution and have a complicated project, we advise you to choose Magento. It’s a top leader in eCommerce used by many famous brands all over the world. We are the experts on Magento eCommerce website development, ready to take care of your project and make it secure and stable, following the latest trends of usability.

Magento Web Store Development Benefits

If you choose Magento as the base of your online shop, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • ability to create different attributes for your products;
  • ability to configure the product (choose its size, color and other properties by a customer);
  • product filters by set attributes;
  • support of different monetary currencies;
  • ability to set up tax rates;
  • multilingual online store;
  • management of payment and shipping methods;
  • multilevel pricing;
  • ability to create several websites on one platform;
  • high website performance and usability.

Also, there is a large number of good modules compatible with Magento which allow us to extend the functionality of the online shop and provide the best custom solutions of Magento online store development.

Magento Web Shop Development Process

Magento store development includes several steps:

  • installation of Magento platform and getting “out of box” functionality;
  • theme installation and setup of default modules;
  • providing you an access to all functions;
  • custom themes and Magento module development, if you want to have a unique style.

Our Certified Magento developers have already successfully completed numerous project on Magento web store development, and the clients continue to take advantage of their modern online stores.

If you need an expert opinion on Magento eCommerce store development or some assistance, we’ll be glad to have a talk with you and build a great website for your success.

How we can help you on Magento eCommerce development

We are open to partnership and provide our customers with the solution according to their certain needs. Whether you want to get your own online store exactly for your business goals, or you need the additional power, such as dedicated web development and project management team for working on the large project for your clients, we’ll be useful for you in any case.

WEB4PRO has been successfully working with American, Australian, and European teams for more than five years. We know what the teamwork is, and how to provide each member of the team with the most comfort working conditions and productive communication.

The next thing we can offer is the upgrade of your existing Magento online store. Any web solution needs to keep up with the times. The trends are changeable, and a user becomes more exacting to the usability and functionality of the website. It should be easy to manage and at the same time, have a beautiful and modern look. It’s safe to say that the speed of page loading must be very high on desktop and mobile.

If you see that some custom solutions, like Magento extensions, redesign, mobile version, or just updating your store will help you to achieve the better results, please, welcome to WEB4PRO.

Choose Magento web development, and you’ll get:

    • flexible modern eCommerce solution;
    • a powerful base for your online shop;
    • a possibility of integration with other services.

Just drop us a line, and we’ll discuss your great ideas for getting the best results.

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