Magento Migration

Why do I need Migrate Magento 1.x based store to the latest version? This is a hot topic among Magento store owners. Thousands of websites have already been migrated to this platform, and for a good reason. Magento 2 broadens horizons. Not only this, careful planning guarantee that your Magento-based store will have all the necessary functionality. Below, we will explain factors that you should consider before the actual migration.

Why is Magento 2 Migration Service Beneficial?

It is not a secret that Magento has extended support for all 1.x versions till June 2020. Besides, if you are delighted with your store on Magento 1.x, keep in mind that you have time to plan and get onto the details of the migration process. To avoid all problems that may occur, we will help you to make a detailed migration plan. The upgrading service includes:

Magento 2 Migration Services Includes: Database migration, SEO data migration, Design creation, Extensions and custom code

Migration Process

The migration will be a smooth process for your store. We know that you might experience unawareness regarding how migration is performed. First, you need to take into consideration is the size of your store. If you have a small store with customers database, out-of-the-box integrations, and some sections, it will be not difficult to migrate all the data step by step with data migration tool. However, if you have a large store with lots of products, categories, various attributes, and some customized features, you have to make sure that after the migration everything will work correctly, there will be no module conflicts, and so on. For sure each component of migration requires its specific approach. If you trust the migration to the experienced developers, it will be a useful process with the successful result. Let’s move on to each part of data migration.

Database Migration

The Magento 2 Data Migration Tool was created to help migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We can move the data you choose:

  • Database;
  • Attributes;
  • Customers;
  • Products
  • Orders.

Sometimes, if you need to import data from custom extensions or custom attributes, it is possible to use special modules for migration. They could migrate data quicker than default tool, but it’s up to you which way to choose. Also, we can migrate Magento site to a new domain, if you need it.

SEO Data migration

We understand the importance of SEO optimization for your store. That is why we will migrate SEO product descriptions, or we will set up basic SEO features for your new Magento 2 store after migration.

Design Creation

It can be that you previously choose the theme for your Magento store, but we are ready to help you with a new theme implementation. Migration to Magento 2 is the perfect opportunity to redesign your store and add some modern features. If you have ideas or some issues to fix, our designer will provide you with a consultation and help you with a new concept for your site.

Building Custom Functionality

Every shop is unique. In some cases, migration of functionality or custom modules is difficult to perform. But our specialists are ready to find the ways how to migrate all the features and avoid module conflicts. Likewise, our developers are ready to provide you with custom module development and add other useful features to your store.

Migration to Magento 2 from Other Platforms

We have experience migrating stores to the latest versions of Magento 2 from a variety of other platforms. You can request the following migration services:

  • Drupal to Magento;
  • WooCommerce to Magento;
  • BigCommerce to Magento.

Have the data migrated from the most popular eCommerce platforms:

Magento 2 Migration Services

How We Provide Magento Migration Services

If you’re looking to migrate your website to Magento, here’s how it will go:

  • first, we will prepare an audit of your site;
  • then we will discuss what changes you want to make and what you want to preserve;
  • next, our team will give you a project estimate;
  • Then, our Magento experts will migrate customer data, modules, and databases to the new platform.

Our Magento developers have completed numerous projects over the past ten years (you can read about some of them on Clutch). We’re now focused on Magento migration and building new stores using this powerful system.

Want to Migrate Your Store to Magento 2?

Numerous online store owners have already improved their websites and are successfully following the latest eCommerce trends. Despite potential difficulties with migration, nothing about the whole progress is impossible, especially if your project is in safe hands. Drop us a line, and we can begin collaborating.

You’ll get:

  • an abundance of new eCommerce opportunities;
  • more power and features for your online store;
  • new opportunities for your business to grow profit and success.
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Have you found everything you needed? If not, then go to the other section and familiarise yourself with our other services. We hope you’ll get all necessary information. If you have some questions, contact us, we’ll be glad to answer them.