Magento Extension Development

You’ve probably heard that extensions are crucial for your online store. With Magento 2 extension development, you can dicrease the limitations of your eCommerce business. With various types of extensions or modules, you get more advanced custom features and are able to better manage your site.

Do I Need Magento Extension Development?

If you are just starting your eCommerce business, or if you are already a hero of online business, you might be wondering how to take your store to the next level.

A module can be a core for the following features:

  • databases;
  • database schemas;
  • store configuration settings;
  • object rendering;
  • action controllers;
  • data models;
  • and utility helpers.

A module can include any number of these seven features. That’s where Magento has a solution. Here is the basic functionality that you can get with Magento 2 module creation.

Magento 2 Extension Development Will Help You

Magento extension can include any feature that you need for store improvement. Magento is built using the module principle: there are core modules and additional modules. Modules differ depending on your store and customer preferences. Our Magento developers can add any functionality you specify. There can also be additional extensions or integrations, such as payment methods or delivery methods, which vary based on country and customer choice.

The thing is, there are thousands of extensions on the market. How can you know which one to choose?

Since we are a web development company, we believe that only verified extensions from reputable providers are worth using. The proper Magento extension will save you time and alleviate development work. As well as standard modules, we can provide you with Magento custom module development.

Where Can I Get Magento Addons?

You can find all extensions on the Magento Marketplace. This is a place where merchants can buy verified products and find new features for their stores. It’s also a great market for developers and system navigators to sell their web solutions. If you need an efficient and qualitative product, we would be happy to provide you with Magento module development or our best extensions listed on the Marketplace.

What Are the Extension Services Types?

Extensions Services Types

There are several types of services you can request, depending on your needs:


First, you can choose any out-of-the-box solution on the Magento Marketplace, and we will implement it in your store. As we mentioned above, you can find any module on the official website or ask us about our Magento’s extensions. Also, we can upgrade or uninstall the module.


The second option is for those who want a highly targeted solution: we can build you a Magento custom module. This means that the module will perfectly match your store. Take a look at the types of Magento modules we can create for you:

  • Customer Attributes Extension;
  • Product Attributes Extension;
  • Checkout Extensions;
  • Address Attributes Extensions;
  • Shipping Extensions;
  • Custom Payment Method Extension;
  • Custom Reports Extension;

and more others.

Fixes of the Modules Conflicts

This is used when you have several modules installed that doesn’t work correctly together. This could be because one or more extension files could replace the data in Magento core. It could happen with complex or custom Magento 2 modules. Interestingly, shipping and payment modules don’t replace the files; they just are just added and extend the infrastructure.

Professional help is needed when this happens. We have perfected several methods of resolving Magento 2 module conflicts. We know how to fix any problems you may be having.

We’ve already mentioned the necessity of the extensions, their types, and problems that developers can help you solve. Modules are an essential part of Magento 2. Every action on a site is performed with a module. We are also aware that quality and validated code standards play a huge role in running multiple extensions.

Need Help with Magento 2 Extension Development?

When you need an efficient solution to your problems, or you realize that you can’t figure out how to make a module in Magento 2 on your own, we’re happy to help.

Having more than 10 years of practical Magento development experience, we would love to bring your ideas to life and implement unique module-development solutions.

You’ll get:

  • a guide for your online store’s module;
  • help with setup or Magento module development;
  • properly-working modules.

Need an extension? – Send over the details, and we’ll take care of your project!

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