Magento Speed Optimization

When building an online store, you often consider scalability and flexibility, but sometimes you forget about speed. As your eCommerce business grows, you might not notice that page loading speeds is decreasing. You’re likely focused on the overall design, your web presence, and customers’ satisfaction. But if you dive into the data and happen to see conversions, visitors, and other metrics decreasing, it could be a sign that you need to get Magento speed optimization services.

Do You Need to Improve Magento Speed?

Surprisingly, many people don’t consider their online store slow. When they determine that page loading is a problem, the question “why?” usually arises. Websites can load slowly if their owners have implemented non-compatible extensions in their online store or if they haven’t considered server requirements for the platform. This is when things can get difficult.

Other signs that your website is not running fast:

  • Your site takes more than three seconds to load. After 3 seconds, visitors navigate away from a website;
  • You don’t have a mobile version of your store. This inhibits customers and hinders their interaction with your store;
  • Your store has a low ranking position. Google takes page speed into account when ranking.

To check your page’s loading speed, run the Google Speed Insights test. You’ll see if you need to improve your website performance.

If you have checked your online store’s performance and are not sure how to optimize your website and why it’s necessary, please read over our general tips.

Benefits of Magento Optimization

Let’s consider why it’s important for store owners to optimize Magento. What are the benefits of improving website performance?

Magento Optimization Benefits

  • web pages will load smoothly, and visitors won’t have to wait;
  • it will improve customer loyalty, which may increase your store’s conversion rates;
  • all website parts will work perfectly, and all buttons, navigation, and other interactions will be preserved;
  • the high speed will affect your store’s ranking in search engine results;
  • your online store will run well on all devices.

We have already optimized many of our clients’ Magento-based websites, which has helped them grow their brands and increase their web presence. Improved website speeds bring them more customers. So if you are stuck on a certain problem or have tried everything you could and haven’t seen results, it’s time to ask for professional guidance in optimizing Magento. But before you do that, read over our list of the most common problems and their solutions.

Magento Optimization Steps

First of all, you should start from scratch and understand where your website speed level is now.

Magento Optimization Steps

Test Magento Speed

Website checks are a crucial part of maintaining a store. You need to have the data from previous performance tests to compare to the current situation. You can build your analysis around a speed test. This could be online or A/B testing.

You can use the following tools to check website speed:

Akamai’s research has shown that the eCommerce conversion rates depend on page loading speed. If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, customers navigate away from the store and website owners may see a drop in conversions.

Google Analytics will help you understand if conversion rates are high enough and how customers regard your store in general. Sometimes this isn’t enough to identify a page speed problem, but it can help identify places for improvement.

Choose Powerful Hosting

Having the right web hosting service is an excellent way to optimize page loading. It’s better to focus on hosting resources and quality because Magento 2 requires a lot of server resources (at least 2 GB RAM and a 20GB SSD). Websites should be hosted as close to your target audience as possible. For example, if you are selling coats in Berlin, try to have a powerful hosting in Europe.

When choosing a server, you should consider system packing and choose databases and technologies that are compatible with your store. The dedicated Server or Cloud hosting that meets Magento 2 requirements is generally a good choice for you, too.

Enable Page Caching

In previous Magento 1.x versions, the cache could only be controlled through extensions. Magento 2 enables full page caching, which allows you to cache web pages, so they load faster.

Optimize Images

You can optimize image sizes across all websites. This can be done using online tools, such as TinyPNG.

Optimize CSS and JS Files

The next thing that will help improve Magento speed is optimization of JS and CSS files. Take the time to merge them using the configuration tab in the Magento admin panel. There are some extensions available that help solves this issue, but they’re only available in the latest Magento 2.x versions. This may also require the help of a professional specialist.

As you can see, it’s vital to make Magento faster if you’d like to stay among the TOP eCommerce businesses and satisfy your customers’ needs. It’s a complicated process that requires a professional touch and attention to all details. If you need to improve Magento speed, we are always here to help.

How We Do Magento Page Speed Optimization

As for the lead-time of page speed, we check the general health of your online store. We usually choose a few tools and go through the test process. This will show you average speeds, page sizes, and the overall health of your online store. Some resources can only be checked for a specific geographic location. We also use Google speed tests, because they show the level of your site’s performance used when search engines rank your website.

As for admin panel settings or extensions for better page loads, we have substantial expertise in improving sites’ results. We’ll shorten page loading time, speed up database queries, and optimize server response time. Your website will work quickly and bring new benefits to your eCommerce business. We’ll be happy to provide you with our Magento speed optimization services and help you with the site’s performance.

You’ll get:

  • a fast and optimized website is the key to success;
  • latest Magento version along with the right extensions make your website faster;
  • as a result, all visitors will be satisfied with your online store’s performance.
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