Magento Speed Up

Power, fast speed, high stability – these are three items that bring more customers to your website. No more slow page loading and lost visitors. Let’s optimize your online store and make it run like clockwork!

Why You Need Magento Page Speed Optimization

Here are some facts that prove the importance of page loading speed:

  • if the page is loaded more than 3 seconds, the visitor goes away;
  • 70% of users prefer sometimes shop via mobile device so that the speed of website loading on mobiles contributes to the customers’ loyalty and influences their behavior;
  • page loading drastically affects the conversion of the online store;
  • Google takes into account the speed of page loading when ranking the websites. The faster websites on the desktop and mobile devices get the higher positions in search results.

If we take into consideration all facts above, we can make the conclusion that Magento website speed optimization is not only good step, but even necessary one. If you want your sales to go sky high, the website must be prepared and optimized.

Magento Site Speed Optimization Benefits

It’s safe to say that Magento speed up process provides its owner with a number of benefits:

all website pages are loaded quickly, and the visitors don’t have to wait;
it grows the loyalty of your customers that contributes to increasing the conversion of your online store;
each website feature works efficiently and performs the targeted action;
high speed influences your store position in search results, and they become better;
your online store runs like clockwork on desktops and mobiles.

We have already optimized numerous websites based on Magento, and our clients began to broaden their brand on the Internet without making any specific additional actions. They had their websites speeded up and started to involve more customers. That’s why if you have some problems with your Magento website performance, we can improve it and optimize Magento speed. We’ll shorten page loading time, speed up database queries, and optimize server response time. Your website will work quickly and provide you with new business benefits.

Magento Performance Tuning

The process of optimizing Magento to peak performance includes several milestones:

  • first, we do Magento performance audit. Here we use the special services that show the speed of your website loading. Also, we base on Google’s speed test in order to know the level of your website performance;
  • then we make a list of required changes for the online store. Here we include code changes, optimization of images, implementing additional extensions, and setting up Magento functionalities;
  • after that our professional team of web developers uses expert Magento optimization techniques for reaching the best possible results;
  • and finally, we check the website speed, and you enjoy your fast website.

So, as you can see, speed optimization in Magento is a rather complicated process that requires professional approach and attention to many details. In this case, every little bit can help.
If you need some help with Magento speed optimization, we are always in touch.

Let’s optimize Magento performance and take advantage of it:

  • optimized website that runs like clockwork;
  • the extremely high page-load speed;
  • more satisfied visitors for your online store.

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