Case Study: Magento and CRM Integration

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Now our Magento® team is working on a complex and interesting task: Magento and CRM integration. Integration with CRM influences users registration in the system and checkout process. We built a special architecture, in order to integrate these two systems. It allows us reaching the required result. Let’s start from scratch and figure out what the CRM is and why it’s so useful.

CRM and eCommerce

In plain words, CRM is a huge database where the data about products, customers, and orders are stored. It allows you to gather the all needed information from your offline shops, online stores, and apps in one place. It drastically simplifies the process of store management and interaction with your customers. So if you have the CRM, its integration with your one or more online stores will be a great solution.

How Magento and CRM Work Together

So, you have a CRM which is connected to your Magento based online store. The process of interaction between Magento and CRM is the following: the user logs in. If he doesn’t exist in Magento database, the data from CRM are extracted and sent to Magento. It’s a useful solution in case you need to transport the data about your customers from your CRM to Magento based online store.

As you can see, it’s a complicated process of working with data. It needs the deep exploration and a complex approach. There is a wide variety of CRM nowadays. In our case, we have a custom CRM. So the approach couldn’t be standing here. This case requires the unique solution and a special custom API development. API is a programming interface that allows you to manage the interaction between two projects.


Our task is resolved with the development of custom API that will be the link between CRM and Magento. As a result, it will allow the client to organize the transporting of data through this two systems and easily manage his online stores. If you need something similar and want to integrate Magento with some CRM, please contact us, and we’ll find the best solution providing you with our Custom Magento Development service.

Posted on: January 17, 2017


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