Web development outsourcing is quite a popular approach among IT businesses and digital agencies. It is a good way to get more resources, manage the large work scope, and cut down the costs. Outsourcing turns out to be one of the best modern B2B practices. We can find a lot of web development firms and agencies. But what exactly can help us to make the right choice? Say, you are looking for a good Magento® development outsourcing company. Will it be more complicated to select the executors? Should you pay attention to some specific requirements?

The answer is yes! Let’s consider the key points you need to know to choose the professional Magento outsourcing company for your job.

As an experienced outsourcing web development team, we are aware of the clients’ main requirements to us. Moreover, we succeeded to cooperate with several large companies for 10 years. Keeping this information in mind, we managed to create the guide for entrepreneurs who decided to outsource their Magento projects. So, how to choose the best Magento development outsourcing company?

Create a Portrait of the Perfect Magento Outsourcing Company

It is not a joke. This step will help you to come up with your requirements for the company.

There are the things you should think about before starting your search:

Language. What language do the employees speak? It’s a crucial moment for starting communication with your future partner. Definitely, you need to understand people with which you are going to cooperate. For example, if your team speaks English, it’s a good idea to choose the partner among the English-speaking companies.

Time Zone. Another good idea is to determine the time zone you would like your partner’s office to be situated. The closer their time zone is, the better. For, example, we are in the +3 GMT time zone. Our clients are from America, Australia, Europe, UK. Our time difference is up to 12 hours. However, our team works with clients from different time zones.

Project Area. When you are going to outsource your Magento project, surely you should know the area it covers. For example, you want to hire Magento 2 developers. Not all Magento companies work with Magento 2. So you can narrow the choice down. Or, you want to implement some custom features that require the creative approach. It means you should focus on this factor while talking to candidates.

The Number of Developers. Knowing the number of Magento developers required for your project will help you to calculate your budget. Additionally, this allows you to find the companies which provide the wished number of development resources available right at the moment.

Developer’s Skill Set. The main thing you should focus on is the required skill set for Magento developers you are going to hire. We’ll not dig too much into the basic technical knowledge right now. But think about the level of web developers you would like to hire. The level could be Middle, Middle+, Senior, Magento Certified Developer. Sometimes Junior Magento developers can cope with some simple tasks. The specialists’ hourly rates depend on developers’ level. So we recommend you to come up with the wished skill set before starting cooperation. It allows avoiding unnecessary money spending.

Maximum Hourly Rate. Determine the maximum cost you are willing to pay for the project. It’s a good idea to calculate the budget. You could find the perfect company you’d like to cooperate with. However, their hourly rates may appear too high for you. Although if the company meets your requirements and provides the qualitative results, you may agree with their price.

When your portrait is ready, you can start your research. Just keep in mind the things you figured out before.

Search For Magento Development Outsourcing Company

Searching for Magento web development company is an obvious step. When you have the complete portrait of your ideal executor, it’s much easier to find the company. You should know where to search. These are the several ideas about the best places from which you can start.

Google. Okay, Google, let’s find the dream team for our project. Most of the companies have good websites. Of course, you’ll find some websites in the top search results. Don’t hurry. Visit the websites which appear farther from the top of Google’s search results. SEO is a large part of marketing strategy. However, you are looking for the web developers, right? The main things you should pay attention to are the company’s website quality and the information provided there. Try to feel whether their story sounds honest enough for you or not.

Another interesting moment you can focus on is the company’s virtual life. This is the way how it works. Check whether the company has social media profiles, Google+ profile, Google my Business account. Answer the following questions. Can you see their team on Instagram? Do they have a blog which proves their expertise? Does their office appear on Google maps? Do they show their experience on Quora, social networks, Medium? Do they have their products presented on Magento Connect or Magento Marketplace? If the answer is yes for most of these questions, you are on the right way. You should know the people with which you are going to work.

B2B research catalogs. It is one of the best ways to find a good Magento development company. Why? The catalogs allow setting filters. They save our time. Say, you are looking for the UK Magento development company. Tick this option, and then you’ll see the results only for the UK. Filtration by minimum project budget, company size, and the other options is also available. Also, companies’ profiles go through the multilevel verification process. The same happens to the reviews posted there by the clients. Take a look at famous B2B research catalogs, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, TopAgency, CrunchBase, Glassdoor. You can find a broad choice of opportunities there.

Commerce Hero. Commerce Hero is a platform for connecting web development specialists in eCommerce. There we can find Magento developers’ and companies’ profiles. This platform also allows each member to add the portfolio and post the articles. So look through the profiles and connect with your heroes.

Magento Partners. If you are looking for a B2B partner that must also be the official Magento partner, you must get there. Go to Magento partners directory and see all you need to know about your possible partners.

Linkedin. It’s a social network for professionals. It connects people and helps them to build business relationships. On Linkedin, you can find companies, the job of your dream, and a lot of professional people from different knowledge areas. Linkedin is a right place for networking and setting business relationships. You can get in touch with companies’ CEO, directors, and managers directly there.

Meetups and Conferences. No doubts that one of the best ways to find the partner is attending Magento conferences, expos, and meetups. At these events, people share the experience and communicate. They try to know each other better. If it works for you, consider these events like adventures and future opportunities.

Make the Final Choice: Pay Attention to Detail

Finally, you have the portrait of your ideal Magento development company, you planned your budget, and you have the several options you found. It’s time to make the final choice. So, you start communication with companies. We have some extra points you can focus on before choosing the best company. Check them out:

Code Standards. Everybody says their work is qualitative. What do they mean exactly? How can we evaluate the quality of a web developer’s work? There are three parts of good results that should work together: clean code, creative approach, and adhering to deadlines. The company should follow official code standards to perform the best result. Their code should be easy-to-modify. You can ask for developers’ code examples on Github.

Business Processes. An effective process is an essential tool for fruitful cooperation. Don’t hesitate to request the detail description of management processes. It’s good if the company has some kind of business proposal or even a PlayBook. They should tell about the project management model they follow. Are they ready to adjust to your processes? Are their processes convenient for you? Try to pay attention to this moment.

Magento Developers. Of course, you started this everything in order to find professional Magento developers. Good reliable companies have Magento certified developers on their team. Magento Certificate proves that the web developer passed official Magento exam. It shows developers’ expertise in Magento products. Also, take a look at CVs which the company offers. Compare the skill set with your wished one. Personal interview with the candidates will help you to make a final decision.

Portfolio and reviews. The works prove the team’s skills and expertise. A professional portfolio should consist of complicated, beautiful, and modern websites. Another extra safety measure is checking the clients’ reviews on sources like Clutch, Linkedin, Facebook, Google. You’ll see the clients’ true stories there. Before these reviews are posted, the client provides the personal details. It’s a complicated verification process. There are no chances to trick the system.

Guarantees. The guarantees will help you to stay confident and secured. Ask what guarantees the company can provide you with. Do they sign NDA or some other contract in black and white? It’s good if the company guarantees the substitute if their developer leaves the project. We, for example, provide a free trial for each our web developer. It helps our clients understand whether our people are able to cope with their job.


Finally, compare your choice with your portrait of the ideal executor. Are they similar? Do you like to speak with people you’ve chosen? Are they good enough for you? If you found what you were looking for, congratulations! But if you are still thinking, welcome to WEB4PRO. We’ll be glad to meet you, and we’ll be more than happy to be a part of your outsourcing success story providing you with our Dedicated Team.
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