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Magento Migration Service

Why do I need Migrate Magento 1.x based store to the latest version? This is a hot topic among Magento store owners. Thousands of websites have already been migrated to this platform, and for a good reason. Magento 2 broadens horizons. Not only this, careful planning guarantee that your Magento-based store will have all the necessary functionality. Below, we will explain factors that you should consider before the actual migration.

Why is Magento 2 Migration Service Beneficial?

It is not a secret that Magento has extended support for all 1.x versions till June 2020. Besides, if you are delighted with your store on Magento 1.x, keep in mind that you have time to plan and get onto the details of the migration process. To avoid all problems that may occur, we will help you to make a detailed migration plan.

The upgrading service includes:

Magento 2 Migration Services Includes: Database migration, SEO data migration, Design creation, Extensions and custom code

Migration Process

The migration will be a smooth process for your store. We know that you might experience unawareness regarding how migration is performed.

First, you need to take into consideration is the size of your store. If you have a small store with customers database, out-of-the-box integrations, and some sections, it will be not difficult to migrate all the data step by step with data migration tool. However, if you have a large store with lots of products, categories, various attributes, and some customized features, you have to make sure that after the migration everything will work correctly, there will be no module conflicts, and so on.

For sure each component of migration requires its specific approach. If you trust the migration to the experienced developers, it will be a useful process with the successful result. Let’s move on to each part of data migration.

Database Migration

The Magento 2 Data Migration Tool was created to help migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We can move the data you choose:

  • Database;
  • Attributes;
  • Customers;
  • Products
  • Orders.

Sometimes, if you need to import data from custom extensions or custom attributes, it is possible to use special modules for migration. They could migrate data quicker than default tool, but it’s up to you which way to choose. Also, we can migrate Magento site to a new domain, if you need it.

SEO Data migration

We understand the importance of SEO optimization for your store. That is why we will migrate SEO product descriptions, or we will set up basic SEO features for your new Magento 2 store after migration.

Design Creation

It can be that you previously choose the theme for your Magento store, but we are ready to help you with a new theme implementation. Migration to Magento 2 is the perfect opportunity to redesign your store and add some modern features. If you have ideas or some issues to fix, our designer will provide you with a consultation and help you with a new concept for your site.

Building Custom Functionality

Every shop is unique. In some cases, migration of functionality or custom modules is difficult to perform. But our specialists are ready to find the ways how to migrate all the features and avoid module conflicts. Likewise, our developers are ready to provide you with custom module development and add other useful features to your store.

Migration to Magento 2 from Other Platforms

We have experience migrating stores to the latest versions of Magento 2 from a variety of other platforms. You can request the following migration services:

  • Drupal to Magento;
  • WooCommerce to Magento;
  • BigCommerce to Magento.

Have the data migrated from the most popular eCommerce platforms:

Magento 2 Migration Services

How We Provide Magento Migration Services

If you’re looking to migrate your website to Magento, here’s how it will go:

  • first, we will prepare an audit of your site;
  • then we will discuss what changes you want to make and what you want to preserve;
  • next, our team will give you a project estimate;
  • Then, our Magento experts will migrate customer data, modules, and databases to the new platform.

Our Magento developers have completed numerous projects over the past ten years (you can read about some of them on Clutch). We’re now focused on Magento migration and building new stores using this powerful system.

Want to Migrate Your Store to Magento 2?

Numerous online store owners have already improved their websites and are successfully following the latest eCommerce trends. Despite potential difficulties with migration, nothing about the whole progress is impossible, especially if your project is in safe hands. Drop us a line, and we can begin collaborating.

You’ll get:

  • an abundance of new eCommerce opportunities;
  • more power and features for your online store;
  • new opportunities for your business to grow profit and success.

Magento Theme Development and Customization Services

If you want to differentiate your website from the millions of others out there and create a flawless look for your online store, Magento 2 theme development is for you. Let’s build a unique design for your online store and express your brand’s style! First, you need to decide whether to set up a ready-to-use theme or develop a unique solution. If you decide to go with a special design for your store, you’ll want to compare all of your options. Below, we’ll explain the role of theme in the Magento system and the main differences between default themes and custom themes.

What Is Magento Theme?

A theme itself is a number of layouts that create the actual design for your pages. In Magento 2, the theme is a component of your store.

The Difference Between Default and Custom Themes

Magento 2 offers two default themes available: Luma, as a demo, and Blank. You can use the ready-made Luma and Blank themes to get a feel of how a Magento site works. However, to really stand out, you should create your own design.

As you know, Magento is flexible in terms of customization, so you can update your store’s design and features according to your specific needs. But customization calls for non-standard solutions and creativity, so if you want to do it properly and improve user experience, you need to get a Magento 2 custom theme.

There’s a difference between default and custom-made themes: you can modify themes based on your needs and required website features. Let’s take a look at advanced custom theme features.

What are the Features of Magento 2 Custom Theme?

Magento 2 Custom Theme Features

A custom theme should contain several essential features:

User-friendly design. Your design tells visitors about your brand. It should be clean and trendy so customers recognize you before they purchase your products or use your services.

Responsiveness. Your responsive Magento theme should work seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

Cross-browser support. Your theme should offer cross-browser support for major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Additional UI features. Since you’re using a custom solution, you can include any specific sections you want or change the look of your store using brand colors. This adds an individual touch to your online store. This could even mean customizing color schemes or other sections of the ready-made theme or a theme built from scratch with a responsive design.

What Steps Does Magento Theme Customization Include?

This type of services consists of the following steps:

  • Design and Development;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Installation Service;
  • Integration Process.

Magento Themes We Build

We’ll be glad to develop the type of theme you require. It could be:

Magento 2 Theme Development Services IncludeWhy Use Magento Custom Theme?

Building a custom theme will help you implement a unique design for your store and preserve all necessary website features. There are two ways you can use to build a well-designed store: customization of the default theme or creating a new Magento theme from scratch.

Magento 2 Custom Theme Benefits

  • A unique design for your store;
  • Flexibility to make changes;
  • Excellent user experience.

Your eCommerce website should adhere to your company’s style. It also must have an interface that allows you to compete with the hundreds of thousands of other eCommerce websites out there. A custom solution gives you the features you need. In addition to providing an attractive, modern interface, Magento themes boost the overall performance of an eCommerce store. Customization has no limits. Once you have invested in custom development, you can always make improvements in the future, based on new trends.

Magento is the top platform for online shops and eCommerce sites. It’s uncommon to come across eCommerce stores not based on Magento that have the same quality layouts and user experience. Together, we can use Magento to add inspiration to your website. Your store will highlight your brand’s philosophy and uniqueness on each page.

How We Will Help

If you’re thinking about building a custom theme for Magento 2, let us do it for you. We’ll turn your ideas into reality. You’ll get the qualitative and professional services you need to implement your designs and ideas. Your theme will be 100% compatible with your Magento 2 online store. We are here do a custom theme development for your site, add the features you need, and change your store’s overall interface.

If you already have a default or custom theme implemented and you want to modify or change it, our specialists can help. Hire Magento theme developer from our team, and we will take control of the whole process to make it easier for you and save you time. If you need any help regarding Magento theme development, please let us know.

You’ll get:

  • a unique eCommerce solution that will highlight your brand’s style;
  • responsive design implemented in a Magento 2 custom theme;
  • ongoing help and support for any future tasks.

Magento Support

Developing a website is a great way to add a tool that represents your business. But without a team of Magento website support developers, it can be tricky to keep a site running well. Trust us with your project and we can provide the care you need.

What is Magento Website Support?

This is a service that we provide for your eCommerce store or Magento extensions. It could include any number of services, including getting answers to questions about your Magento site. We’ll explain what’s going on and solve any issues efficiently with our Magento support services.

Why You Need Magento Tech Support?

Any project demands qualitative support to work correctly. Sometimes issues can arise in the most unexpected places.

Magento is a powerful and flexible tool for your business, but it can be challenging to set up due to potential issues with documentation and technical aspects, which require professional attention.

When an online store is unavailable or doesn’t work properly, it affects the store’s brand negatively. Customer loyalty depends on the quality of services offered by an online store and the stability of the website. Your store needs constant supervision to stay running and perform optimally. Magento support services take the technical issues off your hands and let you focus on your business. When it comes to business, there’s nothing quite like saving time and energy.

Many website owners search for a team of experts ready to provide Magento tech support and supervise their project. Ongoing help with Magento store maintenance will help prevent unexpected issues with pages, extensions, and themes. Common problems are caused by high traffic, high server load, module conflicts, and security breaches. Our technical support will help you manage these issues.

Our Magento Support Package

We are ready to provide you with the following packages for your website maintenance.

Our team supports:

Magento Support Package Includes

Benefits of Magento Development Maintenance Support

When you decide to utilize Magento support services, you also receive the following benefits:

Professional help. Your online store will be supported by a Magento specialist who knows about all potential issues, even unexpected ones. The specialist will solve any problems quickly and effectively.

Timely results. All urgent tasks will be solved in a timely and professional manner, and any consultation or help will be provided as quickly as possible.

Website stability. During your store’s peak hours, your Magento expert will provide the best solutions to keep your site on track.

Technical audits. Reviewing store functionality gives you the chance to add and upgrade the modules you need for the best user experience.

Data security. Magento website maintenance will secure your online store from hacks.

Regular reports. You’ll get reports and analyses of website stability.

Our Magento Maintenance Services for You

Magento Support Services

We have already created and support many online stores based on Magento 2, so you can be sure of our quality and efficiency. We value each of our clients, and we promise to offer reliable Magento support for your project. We provide ongoing support to projects where we have long-term partnerships with clients.

If you have an online store based on Magento or Magento 2, let’s keep it going.

Still Unsure about Your Need in Magento Website Maintenance?

We are here to provide you with the following Magento 2 support services:

  • Conducting technical reviews and audits;
  • Consulting you on issues related to Magento;
  • Upgrading Magento versions and extensions;
  • Setting up core functionality and modules;
  • Solving security issues and fixing module conflicts;
  • Checking and maintaining your website for stability;
  • Preparing regular reports on your site’s health.

You should be prepared for everything that could happen to your website. We take all of your ideas and realize them. If any aspect of Magento is unclear to you and you need help setting it up or troubleshooting, we are always here to help.

We can provide Magento store maintenance, and we can guarantee that your store will be up-to-date and secure. Moreover, your store will also have all the additional features, extensions, and design features you need. You can contact us via the Magento support contact form below. We’ll respond as soon as possible and do our best to meet your business goals.

Your project is in safe hands with WEB4PRO.

You’ll get:

  • proactive and flexible support for your needs;
  • website stability and high security;
  • unobtrusive help with noticeable results.

Custom Magento Development

Let’s bring your ideas to life! Custom Magento development can help you take your business to the next level and make it unique! If your Magento store needs a simple solution or has complex functional requirements, our WEB4PRO certified Magento experts help you.

Why Do You Need Magento 2 Custom Development?

When you run a website and are using it to meet business goals, you want to be constantly improving it. All businesses grow and evolve, and at the certain point business owners often decide to create and implement unique designs and capabilities for their sites.

We know that you have plenty of ideas for your project and want to implement them. However, standard Magento 2 modules and themes are sometimes not enough. But with the right team, anything is possible. An experienced team of web developers can successfully cope with any task you set them.

If you want to spend as little time as possible on getting the results you need, it’s a smart idea to have a team of specialists that will help. We’d be happy to offer our skills and knowledge, as well as our care and respect, to your project and business. First, let us tell you a little more about how Magento customization can work for you.

If you have a Magento eCommerce solution, and “out of the box” functionality limits your goals, we can perform custom Magento theme design according to your needs. We can implement the specific modules that you need, and additional customized settings and integrations will provide your online store with modern features and capabilities.

What Are Magento Customization Services?

Magento 2 Customization Types

Many aspects of your website can be customized, and we’d like to familiarize you with the main ones:

Creating a Custom Magento 2 Theme

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a unique design for your eCommerce store, a new Magento 2 theme can help to improve your website user experience. We’ll develop the theme according to your design and desired features. It will be 100% compatible with default Magento 2. Your website interface will be user-friendly and interactive and will meet your specific requirements.

Building a Custom Magento 2 Module

Another useful thing to consider is Magento extension customization. When the default Magento 2 functionality is not enough for your needs, you can extend it with custom solutions. Magento modules let you perform third-party integrations, implement custom settings, and create new rules for behavior between Magento components.

Our WEB4PRO team members are experienced in Magento 2 development and they’re prepared to create modules of any complexity. This is no small feat since custom modules can conflict. That’s why it’s important to have professionals help out who can perform module configuration properly. Magento 2 extensions that are set up and developed correctly will work efficiently and allow you to add new, modern features to your online shop.

Customizing Magento 2 Shopping Carts

Nowadays, customers expect more usability from online stores, especially when it comes to buying products. Your shopping cart should be easy to use since it’s one of the essential elements of your online store. Nothing should make it difficult for clients to complete purchases. Magento customization of shopping carts will help your store earn client loyalty. Just take a look at the data from this Statista report.

Here are the reasons why people abandon their carts:

54% – Shipping costs
35% – Unaware of shipping costs
21% – Long registration and purchasing processes
16% – Site is difficult to navigate

What does this mean for you? Well, lots of shoppers abandon their carts because online stores lack a friendly user experience. Make sure your website visitors have a convenient, easy-to-use shopping cart; make sure they know about shipping costs ahead of time, and add more flexibility to the purchasing process. In a nutshell, focus on customizing Magento 2 shopping carts. By doing this, you can reduce abandoned cart rates and get more sales.

Making Product Customization in Magento 2

Another new trend in eCommerce you should know about is product customization in Magento. It works like this: Let’s say there are a lot of products in your store, and users can choose specific features for each one. Customers can build their own designs by choosing sizes, colors, and other product elements. This works exceptionally well for stores that sell furniture, jewelry, or clothes. But there’s no need to limit it to those kinds of stores. Give your customers more flexibility and freedom.

Our Magento eCommerce Customization Services

So, are you thinking you should adjust Magento to meet your needs? And you’re thinking that custom Magento development would help, right? That’s what we’re here for. We are ready to create the following elements for Magento 2 eCommerce site.

Magento eCommerce Customization services includes: Navigation Menu - Category Page - Product Page - Stock Status - Admin Grid Filter - Layered Navigation; Checkout - Payment Methods - Shipping Methods Reports - Order; Login - Registration Form.

The WEB4PRO team is experienced in Magento 2 custom development. The flexibility of Magento 2 allows web developers to build fantastic web solutions that make businesses successful. Request something special, and we’ll make it a reality.

Have any ideas? We can bring them to life and customize Magento 2 site just for you. So, got any customization requests? Let us know. Just drop us a line and we can begin writing our success story together! We are prepared to help you with your online store and make it as great as possible.

You’ll get:

  • all your great ideas incorporated into one project;
  • your requirements met and your wishes brought to life;
  • a unique eCommerce solution that will make you more successful.

Magento Speed Optimization Services

When building an online store, you often consider scalability and flexibility, but sometimes you forget about speed. As your eCommerce business grows, you might not notice that page loading speeds is decreasing. You’re likely focused on the overall design, your web presence, and customers’ satisfaction. But if you dive into the data and happen to see conversions, visitors, and other metrics decreasing, it could be a sign that you need to get Magento speed optimization services.

Do You Need to Improve Magento Speed?

Surprisingly, many people don’t consider their online store slow. When they determine that page loading is a problem, the question “why?” usually arises. Websites can load slowly if their owners have implemented non-compatible extensions in their online store or if they haven’t considered server requirements for the platform. This is when things can get difficult.

Other signs that your website is not running fast:

  • Your site takes more than three seconds to load. After 3 seconds, visitors navigate away from a website;
  • You don’t have a mobile version of your store. This inhibits customers and hinders their interaction with your store;
  • Your store has a low ranking position. Google takes page speed into account when ranking.

To check your page’s loading speed, run the Google Speed Insights test. You’ll see if you need to improve your website performance.

If you have checked your online store’s performance and are not sure how to optimize your website and why it’s necessary, please read over our general tips.

Benefits of Magento Optimization

Let’s consider why it’s important for store owners to optimize Magento. What are the benefits of improving website performance?

Magento Optimization Benefits

  • web pages will load smoothly, and visitors won’t have to wait;
  • it will improve customer loyalty, which may increase your store’s conversion rates;
  • all website parts will work perfectly, and all buttons, navigation, and other interactions will be preserved;
  • the high speed will affect your store’s ranking in search engine results;
  • your online store will run well on all devices.

We have already optimized many of our clients’ Magento-based websites, which has helped them grow their brands and increase their web presence. Improved website speeds bring them more customers. So if you are stuck on a certain problem or have tried everything you could and haven’t seen results, it’s time to ask for professional guidance in optimizing Magento. But before you do that, read over our list of the most common problems and their solutions.

Magento Optimization Steps

First of all, you should start from scratch and understand where your website speed level is now.

Magento Optimization Steps

Test Magento Speed

Website checks are a crucial part of maintaining a store. You need to have the data from previous performance tests to compare to the current situation. You can build your analysis around a speed test. This could be online or A/B testing.

You can use the following tools to check website speed:

Akamai’s research has shown that the eCommerce conversion rates depend on page loading speed. If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, customers navigate away from the store and website owners may see a drop in conversions.

Google Analytics will help you understand if conversion rates are high enough and how customers regard your store in general. Sometimes this isn’t enough to identify a page speed problem, but it can help identify places for improvement.

Choose Powerful Hosting

Having the right web hosting service is an excellent way to optimize page loading. It’s better to focus on hosting resources and quality because Magento 2 requires a lot of server resources (at least 2 GB RAM and a 20GB SSD). Websites should be hosted as close to your target audience as possible. For example, if you are selling coats in Berlin, try to have a powerful hosting in Europe.

When choosing a server, you should consider system packing and choose databases and technologies that are compatible with your store. The dedicated Server or Cloud hosting that meets Magento 2 requirements is generally a good choice for you, too.

Enable Page Caching

In previous Magento 1.x versions, the cache could only be controlled through extensions. Magento 2 enables full page caching, which allows you to cache web pages, so they load faster.

Optimize Images

You can optimize image sizes across all websites. This can be done using online tools, such as TinyPNG.

Optimize CSS and JS Files

The next thing that will help improve Magento speed is optimization of JS and CSS files. Take the time to merge them using the configuration tab in the Magento admin panel. There are some extensions available that help solves this issue, but they’re only available in the latest Magento 2.x versions. This may also require the help of a professional specialist.

As you can see, it’s vital to make Magento faster if you’d like to stay among the TOP eCommerce businesses and satisfy your customers’ needs. It’s a complicated process that requires a professional touch and attention to all details. If you need to improve Magento speed, we are always here to help.

How We Do Magento Page Speed Optimization

As for the lead-time of page speed, we check the general health of your online store. We usually choose a few tools and go through the test process. This will show you average speeds, page sizes, and the overall health of your online store. Some resources can only be checked for a specific geographic location. We also use Google speed tests, because they show the level of your site’s performance used when search engines rank your website.

As for admin panel settings or extensions for better page loads, we have substantial expertise in improving sites’ results. We’ll shorten page loading time, speed up database queries, and optimize server response time. Your website will work quickly and bring new benefits to your eCommerce business. We’ll be happy to provide you with our Magento speed optimization services and help you with the site’s performance.

You’ll get:

  • a fast and optimized website is the key to success;
  • latest Magento version along with the right extensions make your website faster;
  • as a result, all visitors will be satisfied with your online store’s performance.