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Client Goals

Hello Bio team came to us with a great idea to create a user-friendly store to sell their unique life science tools and chemical products. Their dedication to life science research and manufacture of high-quality life science tools at low prices required unique features, and handy design, so their customers can find necessary products for their work.

Our Approach

We knew that the project was unique and required some features to help customers select the products and calculate prices in an easy way.

The initial goal according to Hello Bio requirements was to build a store based on Magento Open Source with the additional features needed for the client business goals.

CORE Platform:


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Home page

The home page is the face of the entire website. Most of the time, a customer starts their path from the main or home page.

About Home Page:

We’ve ensured that the homepage would include all the essential information and categories to find needed products quickly. Page and site colors are performed in a brand’s style, following the same concept in fonts, images, logo, and other elements of the website.

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Category Page

Category or catalog page listings give a customer an overview of products with a short description including price, colors or other related data.

About Category Page:

The design and blocks were performed according to the client's idea to represent their products and company vision. Products are shown clearly, and they are easy to explore and order from the category page.

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Product Page

The product page consists of a detailed description of product characteristics, usage, and supportive documents.

About Product Page:

This page gives an ability to view product details, its description, approved citation by site’s visitors. Also, customers can order a product or its variant and can be redirected to publication pages.

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These are supportive tools for customers to calculate the amount of product needed before purchasing it.

About Calculator Page:

Calculators are custom solutions required for customers who need to know the exact amount of product they need for scientific purposes before making a purchase. This is convenient because a customer can find out all the data regarding the product without going to additional resources.

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User Account

A user account is necessary for most of the stores, as order placement requires customers’ data, and also it is helpful for products and offers’ suggestions.

About User Account Page:

It helps customers to track, manage orders, receive offers, share the information on the scientific topic, and also be a part of the community.


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01. Navigation

Taking into account the uniqueness of the product, we’ve made navigation clear so that a customer can easily find the specific product for their needs.

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02. Search

It plays a crucial role in the website for a customer. According to the clients’ requirements, we’ve performed the intuitive site search in the header.

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03. Quick Multi-Search

Also, a website has the Quick Multi-Search page, which allows searching for multiple products at once.

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04. Product Filters

Filters are divided by categories which are connected to the peculiarity of the product line.

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05. Product Listing & Product Details

Products are shown in detail with a short description, weight, price, and also supportive docs. The client required these features due to the specificity of the products.

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06. Request bulk quote

It gives the ability for customers to send a request that he’s looking for specialist sizes or bulk quantities of this product.

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07. Information Tabs

Two tabs with a product’s information are useful for a user and don’t require page reloading which helps to explore all the data and make a decision faster.

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08. Citation By Product

The form appears upon clicking the button Submit Your Citation Now and gives an ability to showcase scientific publication on one of the products from the website. It is a great way of interaction with customers.

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09. Dilution Calculator

The Hello Bio Dilution Calculator gives you an easy way to work out how to dilute stock solutions of known concentrations.

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10. Molarity Calculator

(Mass = volume x concentration x molecular weight (with a choice of units for each fieldTaking into account the uniqueness of the product, we’ve made navigation clear so that a customer can easily find the specific product for their needs.

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11. Registration page

The form is needed for a customer to register on the website. A customer can accomplished account registration at the customer pages or at the beginning of the checkout page.

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12. Customers Interests Page

Customers are able to manage their interests on the accounts pages, i.e products, research area.


Currently, Hello Bio is a large and attractive store which is based on Magento Open Source. It became a place where people who are involved in science could gain experience and find everything they need for their work. The store corresponds to the client’s expectations and needs to sell their unique life science products and tools. We are glad to collaborate and support this project ongoing.

Works Done

Website design and engineering from scratch, custom Magento module development.

Technologies Used

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX


Magento eCommerce Engine

Development Process

1 project manager, 1 designer, 3 developers, 1 QA manager.

Spent Time

6 months

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