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Client Goals

Our client wanted to elevate the customer’s digital shopping experience, by highlighting the best products from their collections, and by interacting with their customers in the online store. Relying on a previous eCommerce platform that was costly, they needed a complete redesign of the site and migration to another more flexible platform.

Our Approach

We analyzed the client’s requirements and expectations and offered the Magento 2. Its reliable infrastructure allowed us to rebuild the site to high performance and a responsive store that can handle a large number of products and also include a user-friendly interface.

Lots of data were migrated, including customers’ accounts, orders, products, data mapping, variants, and attributes. We customized the default Magento system by adding and modifying essential modules.

CORE Platform:


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Home page

The homepage is the face of the entire website. Most of the time, a customer starts their path from the main or homepage.

About Home Page:

The homepage includes the most important information and offerings so the customer can easily learn about the brand and product range from the main page.

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Category Page

The category or catalog page listings give customers an overview of the products with a short description including price, available colors, or other related data.

About Category Page:

The category page is made simple and allows for customers to browse collections and learn more about the product by criteria, such as price, color, size, and how it looks on a real person, and also add the product to the cart without visiting the product page.

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Product Page

The product page consists of a detailed description of product characteristics, usage, and supportive documents.

About Product Page:

Among the standard functionalities, we’ve added custom services of gift wrapping, and notification about shipping. Also, the page includes essential features such as size, color, description, and reviews.

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Checkout Page

The checkout page allows the customer to place an order from the store.

About Checkout Page:

We’ve created a one-step checkout with convenient payment options, estimated taxes, and delivery that helps customers to get the most suitable delivery terms, and save time for the order placement.


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01. Store Locator

We’ve created a separate page in order to navigate customers to the nearest physical store if they prefer offline shopping, or need to collect their order.

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02. Instagram Shopping Widget

This functionality is placed in the middle of the main page as an interactive element for the customer. It also attracts customers to buy the look which they can see on the real person.

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03. Interactive Swatches

We added interactive swatches on the listing to help customers to see all the product range and simplify time for the choice. This also helps to increase sales.

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04. Visual Navigation

We’ve suggested adding more specific categories with pictures to the top-level menu, which helps to bring customers to the particular products and save their time browsing through the categories.


Currently, our client has a custom Magento 2 site that allows for browsing, quick selection of products, and availability of detailed product descriptions from the product listing. The site now has a refreshed design, it is mobile-optimized, and perfectly showcases the company’s mission, production, and social initiatives. Now, our client has easy access to the key areas of the website, which allows them to focus on customers, and provide them with high-quality customer service. We were excited to rethink the user experience and brand presentation together with our client and co-create.

Works Done

Redesign and migration to the Magento platform.

Development Process

1 project manager, 1 designer, 2 developers, 1 QA manager.


Magento eCommerce Engine

Spent Time

3 months

site speed
conversion rate

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