Swimwear World is one of the leading international swimwear retailers that has grown over the past 8 years from a fashion store to a leading US swimwear distributor worldwide.

  • Client:
    Fashion Brand, USA
  • Site:
  • Technologies:
    Magento, then Shopify
  • Services:
    eCommerce Engineering

Client Goals

Swimwear World was created with love for women, beauty, and fashion. They decided to select the best fashion products and make them accessible for women from all over the world. The task was to bring numerous pieces made by the top designers to one single place, offer variety, and sell globally.



We were inspired by our clients’ targets and suggested the best possible option for their growth – a powerful Magento-based online store. This store could offer progressive designer swimwear with shipping worldwide to help women give style and sophistication to their look – no matter when and where. We created modern responsive design for their future store, made a structure for their product categories by various features and brands, enabled a lot of features for the international shipping and payments, worked on a user-friendly navigation.


Home Page

The homepage is the face of the entire website. Most of the time, a customer starts their path from the main or homepage.

About Home Page

The homepage grabs attention to the best Swimwear World's offerings, such as new arrivals, and invites checking and shopping the look from Instagram.

Category Page

The category or catalog page listings give customers an overview of the products with a short description including price, available colors, or other related data.

About Category Page

The category page allows the customer to see products from the different angles, select the product size and colour and add it to the cart right on the page. It also showcases prices and provides a friendly navigation.

Product Page

The product page consists of a detailed description of product characteristics, usage, and supportive documents.

About Product Page

The customer can select the needed size of the swimwear top and bottom using swatches, check the size guide, add the product to the Wishlist, and request email notification about the product size availability. Also, the page includes essential features such as price, description, information about shipping, reviews.

Checkout Page

The checkout page allows the customer to place an order and make a purchase.

About Checkout Page

The checkout page provides various payment and delivery options, and also has the opportunity to select the express checkout. At this stage, the customer can also apply a discount code.
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  • 1. Multi Currency Capability

    The key client’s goal was selling products globally. We added multi currency capability allowing to identify the customer’s location and suggest the appropriate currency.

  • 2. Instagram Shop The Look

    This feature is available on the homepage and product pages. The customer can check the look on a real person and make an order right under the fresh impression.

  • 3. Listing Page Swatches

    Swatches allow the customer to see all options available at once without unnecessary clicks. Swatches right even on the listing page shorten the way to purchase even more.

  • 4. Interactive Reviews

    Customers, who made a purchase, can leave reviews on the product page. These reviews are really handy, as they grade how well the product fits and qualitatively-made. This helps build trust with a store.


Over time, Swimwear World has grown into a powerful global brand. After feeling different eCommerce business sides, they decided to move to Shopify and entrust this task to us. We performed the migration. Now Swimwear World is a leading design swimwear distributor famous globally. Their collection has almost tripled from 30 to 80 top design brands, including Charlie by Matthew Zink, L*Space.

  • Development Process
    1 project manager, 1 designer, 1 developer, 1 QA manager.
  • Works Done
    Redesign, creating the website on Magento, later migrating to Shopify
  • Tools
    Magento, then Shopify
  • Spent Time
    2 months








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