King Kong

King Kong is s USA sports apparel brand offering high-quality and functional gym bags and backpacks. They are on a mission to help us challenge ourselves and push us to go ahead.

  • Client:
    King Kong, the USA
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  • Services:
    Web Development

Client Goals

King Kong’s team wanted to offer the best gym bag ever and build a community of people who love sports and challenges. The idea was great and promising. They already had an ideal functional product and a website to reach their customers online. Now the company aimed to become a coach and an inspirer connecting people.



Considering why people need a gym bag helped King Kong build a strong image as a coach, and we offered solutions that helped strengthen it with a website. Together we added various features to their website, allowing customers to find the perfect gym bag, choose the product that perfectly fits their needs, and feel a close connection with the brand.


Home Page

The homepage is the face of the entire website. Most of the time, a customer starts their path from the main or homepage.

About Home Page

The homepage features the most popular product categories and their visual presentation and invites customers to check the hottest discounts and offers.

Category Page

The category or catalog page listings give customers an overview of the products with a short description including price, available colors, or other related data.

About Category Page

The listing page has the necessary filters by manufacturer and subcategory. The product grid offers several product views, colour swatches, prices, and abilities to add the product to the Wishist or the shopping cart.

Product Page

The product page consists of a detailed description of product characteristics, usage, and supportive documents.

About Product Page

The product page invites the customer to check the key product information, view it in detail, and read customers' reviews. Also, interesting features are the stock status and the capability to add the product to the Wishlist or ask as a present.

Checkout Page

The checkout page allows the customer to place an order and make a purchase.

About Checkout Page

The checkout page provides a smooth one-page checkout, making the most important step quick and easy.
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  • 1. Custom Stock Status

    Provides the store customers with exact information about the product availability and saves them time for effective shopping.

  • 2. Auto-related Products

    Help up-sell and cross-sell more products with product suggestions and without limits in setting up product relation rules.

  • 3. Friendly Search Suggestions

    Save customers’ time searching for the needed products by offering the most popular items and auto-suggestions.

  • 4. Shop by Brand

    Offers customers to choose products from numerous available brands with no stress and not getting lost in the information.


Now King Kong is a powerful eCommerce brand that helps people believe in themselves and their bag, be ready for anything, and never stop on the way to their goal. King Kong provides high-quality products and keeps promises for its army of brand advocates. All this became possible with a strong vision of their team members and the help of a high-quality, friendly online store in their skilful hands.

  • Development Process
    1 project manager, 1 web developer, 1 QA manager.
  • Works Done
    Migration to Magento 2
  • Tools
    Magento 2
  • Spent Time
    1.5 months

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