What is Magento Business Intelligence for eCommerce Business?

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RJMetrics was known to have insightful business intelligence products. Their expertise went beyond a good RJMetrics review, or two and Magento® purchased them. The goal was to give Magento customers the absolute best in eCommerce solutions. E-commerce has now been accepted as standard practice for most businesses.

Since analytics has become so popular, you should aim to integrate it into your eCommerce operations. After all, analytics helps us make better business decisions. It uses your own business’s data to show the effects of your choices. Magento has the perfect solution: Magento Business Intelligence.

Meet Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence is a revolutionary data analytics tool for eCommerce. It gives you valuable insights that you need about promotions, customers, and products. It should be your first choice if you need any of the following in your business:

Advanced Tool for eCommerce Business Analysis

Business analysis is essential for any business activity, even more so for eCommerce businesses. Magento Business Intelligence has advanced tools to perform in-depth analysis of your data.

Robust Integrations with 3rd Party Services

Magento Business Intelligence can integrate with 3rd party data sources and APIs. You can now use these integrations to do so much more than before.

Powerful Dashboard for B2B Merchants

Magento is an expert in all aspects of eCommerce. Using this knowledge, they have developed useful dashboards for B2B merchants. They know what kind of data is essential to you and what will help your business. Magento 2 Business Intelligence puts that data at your fingertips.

Top Benefits of Magento BI

Here are some ways that Magento Business Intelligence can help your business.

Saves Your Time

Magento Business Intelligence Essentials has automated many features. For example, reports only have to be created once. They will update themselves. This frees up time that can be spent on more important things.

Magento Business Intelligence also saves time by presenting data in informative ways. You won’t have to spend time doing that and can focus on other important things.

Carries Out Advanced Analysis

Magento Business Intelligence performs sophisticated data analysis on your data. This ensures that the report you receive is relevant and practical. All analytics are based on proven informational models. The goal is to show you what your company numbers are telling you.

Provides Magento Reporting Tools

Magento Business Intelligence has comprehensive reporting tools at your disposal. They show you essential key performance indicators at a glance. Magento reporting tools are built to be as easy to use as possible. They provide indisputable facts based only on your company data.

Includes Efficient B2B Features

Magento 2 Business Intelligence has distinctive advantages for B2B. It has new dashboards, and better data analytics explicitly built for B2B. You have access to features like multi-tier data analytics and interactive consoles. They are made to help B2B merchants get the most out of their eCommerce solutions.

Magento Business Intelligence Main Features

Here are some of the impressive features built into Magento Business Intelligence:

5 Ready-to-Use Dashboards

Magento BI dashboards with 75 available reports are already available for use. The Companies dashboard shows customer health using their existing data with your company.

The Quotes dashboard displays data related to quote conversion rates and time spent on negotiation. The Sales Rep dashboard shows sales team performance with using a quote to order rates, unfulfilled quotes, etc. The Catalogs dashboard shows the success rate of your product ranges, based on product sales. The reports are related to each dashboard subject.

As you can see, Magento BI has every aspect covered. Your company overview is comprehensive and thorough.

Integration of Google Analytics and Magento Data

With Magento BI, your existing Magento data can be integrated with Google Analytics. It will show the relationship between your website traffic and your online store. You will be able to learn how best to fine-tune your website configuration to get maximum traffic. You can also see which parts of your website affect your sales negatively and positively.

2 Types of Report Builders

Magento BI gives you two kinds of report builders: SQL and Visual. The SQL Report Builder lets users run SQL queries straight to the PostgreSQL data store. The Visual Report Builder provides an easy way to visualize your Magento data. You can create charts, add metric easily and arrange it in a way that suits you.

Export Data to Excel and CSV

Raw Magento data can be exported into an Excel or CSV file. This data can also be linked to the tables it came from so that it refreshes regularly. This allows you to share this information with other stakeholders in a common format.

Email Summaries

Email summaries are text-based table versions of reports. This allows them to be viewed on mobile devices. Sometimes, mobile devices can distort the visual structure of a report and make it unreadable or confusing. Email summaries solve this problem. It prepares reports more accessible and easier to read if you’re on the go.

Ten User Accounts

Magento 2 Business Intelligence gives you ten user accounts that you can assign as you see fit. All users may have advanced permissions, but you can restrict certain permissions. These permissions allow each user to perform certain tasks or access specific Magento data. Each user can also have their own set of dashboards which can be shared with other users. If the dashboard has data that the receiver doesn’t have permission to see, those reports won’t appear in the Magento analytics dashboard.


This Magento Business Intelligence review makes it clear. If you’re looking for the best in business data analytics and tools, Magento is it. You can try the free 7-day trial to see how much value Magento will add to your business. If you need any more information, you can drop us a line. We would love to help you with Custom Magento Development.

Posted on: March 01, 2018


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